Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 650

Dragon Scale Vital Spirit (Part 2)

Mu Yu imbued his right arm with life qi and left arm with death qi, both feeling as though they were burning to burst through the dam. Long Xingyun showed dark delight as he turned his green open right hand into a cannonball, concentrating more energy in his right fist to explode Mu Yu’s hand.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Spiritual energy emanated comparably to tornadoes from the two’s point of contact.

Long Xingyun had trouble believing he didn’t smash Mu Yu’s arm apart, redirecting the green scale back to his forehead.

Mu Yu performed wrist circles, relishing the new experience of a flesh fight. “That’s it? I thought you dragons could do better.”

“Mu Yu, true dragons are formidable, but his impure kind is our embarrassment,” disparaged the dragon vine.

“I’ll be a full-fledged dragon once I get my hands on you.”

Mu Yu switched his death qi in his left arm to his right arm and extended it to catch Long Xingyun’s forceful pelt. The death qi in Mu Yu’s arm stopped devouring his arm and went for the force still blasting out from Long Xingyun’s claws.

Long Xingyun yanked back his hand from the vortex that was stealing his dragon vital sprit and the force of his punch. “What did you do?!”

“You’ll find out.”

Mu Yu directed the dragon vital spirit he absorbed to his arm fist and slammed it into Long Xingyun’s chest, winding the latter. Long Xingyun had no means of shielding himself with the dragon scale for Mu Yu’s other hand was occupying it. Long Xingyun felt his ribs crack as he bounced off the wall.

That’s a more effective way to use Gentle Wind Graft. Lucky my life qi can heal my arm, or I’d lose it. I have to be careful with the balance, thought Mu Yu.

Long Xingyun, wheezing, hauled himself to his feet. He bellowed as he transformed into his black dragon python form. The green scale multiplied, giving him the same appearance as the dragon vine.

“Mu Yu, get that fake out of my sight before I go blind.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll get rid of both of you before you do go blind,” brayed Long Xingyun, perking up.

Long Xingyun coalesced green energy to his head for a dragon breath, firing out a myriad of python fangs.

“Mu Yu, let me give him a dragon breath clinic.”

Mu Yu cast Gentle Wind Interlinked Hearts for the dragon vine, supplying the latter with sword qi to transform into a Body Synthesis Realm dragon vine, riling Long Xingyun up further. In saying that, the dragon vine was only a Body Severing Realm dragon vine, and the discrepancy in cultivation wasn’t going to magically be equalised.

This is what you call dragon breath!”

The dragon vine’s dragon breath morphed into more small dragons than Long Xingyun’s fangs. Mu Yu cast another formation behind the dragon vine to stop it from reeling back from the shockwaves generated each time the mini dragons and fangs clashed.

“Big Earthworm, don’t you usually fire your dragon breath as a sword? Where did all the mini earthworms come from?!”

“I’m schooling him how a true dragon fights!”

He accuses Long Xingyun of basking in his grandpa’s glory when he borrows my spiritual energy to fight. I guess I still like him better than Long Xingyun, silently lamented Mu Yu. “Since it’s a battle between dragons, Xiaoshuai, bring out the melon seeds and spring water to enjoy the show.”

Mu Yu hopped to the edge of the room, spawning two small stools. Xiaoshuai pulled out a pile of melon seeds for Mu Yu, while he enjoyed an apple. Mu Yu cast a barrier so that the fight wouldn’t hurt them.

“Show him who’s boss, Big Earthworm.”

Long Xingyun had no choice but to admit the dragon vine rustled his scales whenever it roared.

“You have a dragon fetish or something? What’s with that look?!” griped he dragon vine.

“Well, ‘Intrigue of the Warring States’ has the ‘dragon’ character in the phrase for ‘gay’, so what’s so surprising? Just finish him already,” commented Xiaoshuai.

“I’m not gay!”

The dragon vine wrapped its limbs in and used itself as a drill, launching at Long Xingyun. Long Xingyun responded in kind!


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