Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 649

Dragon Scale Vital Spirit (Part 1)

“Xiaoshuai, you know World Manifestation Samsara Cycle Seal, so what do you think?”

“Where did that come from?! The old man was right, though. An accidental revision could lead to world destruction.” Switching to a deep and raspy voice, Xiaoshuai continued, “If truths are destined to be covered, then they should remain secrets.”

“The hell was that? That last line can’t possibly be your line,” commented the dragon vine.

“My eloquence and education are reaching new heights. You have a problem with that?”

“My life says you copied it from Sword Shadow Dust Gale. I still don’t understand why we can’t change the past. We can avoid killing people.”

“That has to be the stupidest thing said that I can recall in recent years. Let’s say I went to the past and carelessly threw a rock onto a street that an elder eventually tripped over. A pregnant woman helped her, yet the elder framed the woman for knocking her over to extort the innocent woman, leading to a magistrate penalising the woman for two hundred taels. The innocent woman couldn’t pay it, so she hung herself. The woman was Mu Yu’s mother, but Mu Yu died because she died. Because he died, she can’t exist in history, which means Mu Yu would also vanish in this timeline. You’d end up in someone’s cauldron instead of trying to infect me with your stupidity right now.”

“Xiaoshuai, why’d you use me as example? You want me to put you on a fast?” Mu Yu threatened.

“Oh, I get it now. Basically, you’re a prick who can’t tell where rocks are supposed to go, leading to Mu Yu’s death,” responded the dragon vine.

“And you completely missed the point? It was a damn example. I could’ve caused heaven warming in Third Heaven with a couple of farts and ruined your habitat. Consequently, you wouldn’t have lived long enough to evolve. The reason we can’t change the past is because of unpredictable consequences like that. Can’t you see how many contradictions could arise?” Xiaoshuai cursed.

“Let’s focus on getting out of here, shall we?” Mu Yu suggested, sitting down to study the hint Reverend Xuan Jizi provided.

The candles gave Mu Yu a clue on how to get out. He visualised the swinging candles in his mind and two doors. Xiaoshuai hung upside down, drooling, picking his nose and scratching his bottom. The only amendment he could make to the door was the number twenty-seven on it.

“Mu Yu, since when do I look so ugly?”

“I just materialised you exactly how you look,” answered Mu Yu, leaping to the door with the two.

I’m guessing the left door leads up, and the right door leads down. Well, we can just go the other way if I’m wrong,” opined Mu Yu, checking out the windows and ceiling over twenty metres above him.

“Look who we have here. You got lucky this time, but there’s nowhere for you to escape to this time.”

“We have a half-witted dragon. Just my luck…” Mu Yu sarcastically responded.

“You again? Just seeing you spoils my mood,” grouched the dragon vine.

“You’re dead!”

“If unoriginality could kill, I’d have died dozens of times to your kind. You know Long Yeli had to pick his teeth up off the ground after I stomped him? If you want to go next, walk your pompous behind over here. Otherwise, go somewhere else to play house.”

“That was merely due to him being careless. Just so you know, I’m far stronger than him.”

Long Xingyun roared, materialising a green dragon scale that he planted on his forehead. The spiritual energy deposited in the scale raised his cultivation level an entire realm.

“Isn’t that Big Earthworm’s scale?”

“Its aura is the same as mine but stronger!”

“Of course it is. It’s my grandpa’s dragon scale true vitality. There’s nobody more qualified to succeed him than I am.”

Long Xingyun refrained from relying on the scale for true vitality couldn’t replenished once used. This time, however, he was determined to steal the dragon vine’s blood to purify his own.

“Guess this means I have no choice but to school this wannabe,” remarked Mu Yu, using Helian Kong’s soul item to push his cultivation to Body Synthesis Realm.

Mu Yu coated himself in a formation, then summoned Shadow Splitter Sword from an oscillating void to parry Long Xingyun’s black claws. In spite of the impact they generated, the walls didn’t even feel the beating.

Long Xingyun aimed his next attack at Mu Yu’s throat, sticking close, as he was a close-quarters combat specialist. Mu Yu simultaneously side stepped and jammed Long Xingyun’s knee with a stomp, rotating after to impale Long Xingyun’s shoulder from behind.

Long Xingyun smirked, shifting the dragon scale from his forehead to Mu Yu’s target to deflect it. Long Xingyun, therefore, afforded himself time to swing at Mu Yu’s thigh; however, Mu Yu turned his leg while it was still in the air, cutting down the centreline, ramming into Long Xingyun’s face. Alas, Long Xingyun shifted his scale up to send all the force back down Mu Yu’s leg. Long Xingyun quickly caught Mu Yu’s leg before the latter could chamber and ran his claws into the exposed leg, injecting Mu Yu with dragon vitality from the dragon scale.

“You’re finished!” Long Xingyun flashed his pearly whites and thew a left overhand.

Mu Yu hastily cast Gentle Wind Graft, creating a black vortex to absorb all of Long Xingyun’s force. While that was happening, a white vortex spawned above Long Xingyun’s right arm, returning the overhand back to him, removing his hold on Mu Yu’s leg and granting Mu Yu a moment to reset.

Long Xingyun smacked the two vortexes into oblivion, then advanced again, disregarding defence because of the green scale he possessed.

“He’s just relying on his grandpa’s power,” scoffed the dragon vine.

“When are you going to give me a scale, so I can fight with reckless abandon as he is?” Mu Yu questioned.

“I’ll give you a few once I’ve grown up.”


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