Almighty – Ch. 799

Devil Mountain

The girl couldn’t commit suicide despite her desire to. She fearfully watched the urine splash down on her. Chubby shouted, “Seal,” summoning Yin Yang Divine Disc in the void and slowly hiding it. While the others left, Chubby stayed down there to form a small vital essence collection formation, allowing her to live for longer.

All the ordinary folks hurried to the latrine when they saw Yin Yang Divine Disc. They brought the noise to the party. Yang Tian glanced over and smiled before sighing. “Yun’er would happy to see this.”

They weren’t far from South Divine Dynasty. Hou Tianhe’s village was there.

They returned to Star and Moon Hall. The girl in silver hurried over to greet them, wondering if they went to a latrine in the end. Yang Tian demanded, “Take us to the transportation formation.”

Usually, the formation was only activated when all passengers were present. If it was activated beforehand, it would cost a big sum. As such, the girl asked, “Did you want to use it yourself?”

Yang Tian nodded. He didn’t have time to wait. The girl poked her tongue and nodded. They headed to an underground room. The formation down there allowed the user to travel fifty thousand kilometres. He passed her an interspatial ring containing three thousand high-grade bloodstones. She wished she could find a man as wealthy as the great Yang Tian.

Yuan Xia pursed her lips. She wanted to say something to Yang Tian, who had his eyes shut, but decided not to in the end. It was obvious he’d go for Yun’er’s sake when he cared for her so much. That was not to mention his parents were held captive. Sensing the concerned gaze on him, Yang Tian opened his eyes and met with her gaze. She blushed. He grabbed hold of her hand and gave her a smile. “Don’t worry… It won’t be so easy to kill m-”

Yuan Xia covered Yang Tian’s mouth before he could finish. She rested her head on his shoulders. The two never spent long with each other, but every meeting was breathtaking. Their embrace only lasted for ten minutes because they arrived at a strange place by then. Yang Tian immediately began to traverse the void to head to Southern Divine Dynasty.

Half a day later, Yang Tian had spent a big sum. Chubby remarked, “All the clans must be rich just renting out their transportation formations.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Something misty began to collect in the void. The energy would reach the South soon. The energy was Dragon Qi. The appearance of Dragon Qi suggested the world was entering another era after it was recreate.

Hou Tianhe scratched his head. “What is Dragon Qi?”

Chubby explained, “It’s a material of the dragon lineage, if you will. Every sect and imperial dynasty can collect it; however, it’s not simple. It’s connected to a dynasty’s rise and fall. Southern Divine Dynasty must have a skilled deduction master. Since they’ve managed to seize the initiative thanks to their deduction master, they’re likely going to rise.”

There were no sects under Southern Divine Dynasty’s jurisdiction, only clans. They put away all sects that tried to rise because they wanted to rule with an iron fist.

Yang Tian thought, I hope Sword Void Elder manages to escape so that he can reinforce Eastern Alliance.

Since clans were going to collect Dragon Qi, lots of clans would be exterminated for them. There was nothing Yang Tian could be worried about in chaotic eras. His priority was to rescue his parents. He wanted to live a carefree life one day after reuniting his family. He wanted to wait for Yang Xiao to heal, but the caveat was letting Divine Devil return to the mountain. He didn’t know if his ancestor’s plans would succeed.

Devil Mountain was the ruin of a formation to seal the devils that was once erected. There was also a mountain of corpses there. Humanity won the fight there back then. It was called Devil Mountain as countless of them perished there. The aura there was violent, for the reason so many died there. There were venomous insects and dangerous beasts lurking in there.

The group exited the formation a few hours later. Primitive Forest was in the distance. They were at the forest at the outer perimeter to Devil Mountain, according Hou Tianhe, who pointed to Primitive Forest. He said people avoided going in there.

Yang Tian nodded and clenched his fists. He surveyed the area, then headed to a large cultivation room. He asked for the highest-grade cultivation room. He sat inside. A white smokescreen appeared. Yang Tian emerged as the girl from the devil race.

“Wait here for me. I’ll go scout the route. Even if my clone is taken out, this body will only suffer minor injuries,” said Yang Tian, heading out with a smirk.

Yuan Xia: “I’ll go with you…”

“Stay.” Yang Tian shook his head.


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