Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 647

Sword Spirit

Mu Yu had plenty of questions to ask after witnessing the battle on Second Heaven. There was no point dallying there for no answers would just pop up. He found the exit was the light beam that appeared threateningly destructive after a futile attempt to control the illusion formation. Passing through one humid illusion led him to yet another battlefield – Desert Forest.

Standing atop Gui Ji, Desert Eagle Fiend King, mature, yet unfettered, confronted human cultivators with his own army. Reverend Xuan Jizi solemnly expressed, “You shouldn’t have threatened White Ape Fiend King. Your race’s decision is jeopardising Third Heaven.”

“The ten of us decided to resist and have no regrets dying for the truth.”

“The freedom and truth you covet will plunge this world’s order into chaos and ruin Third Heaven!”

“If you humans are with us, we can discuss with the elemental demons. There’s still hope!”

“All of the races on Second Heaven have been wiped out because they allied. Have you learnt nothing from that?!”

Purple cracks on the sky drew the attention of the two leaders upwards. An overpowering sword streaked through the sky, burying the purple lightning underneath it. The two leaders gave each other a nod and jumped into the thirty-three kilometres long sword qi.

“Shifu…” Mu Yu muttered, watching a young Feng Haochen exude the aura of a world saviour from his white robe.

Reverend Xuan Jizi bowed to Feng Haochen, who looked calm despite what transpired, greeting, “Greetings, Sir.”

“Sword Shadow Dust Gale, I always thought you were a mere Ascension Realm cultivator, but it appears I assumed wrong. I can no longer definitively say what sort of man you are.”

Feng Haochen lifted the corners of his lips and then cast his gaze on the purple light. “You’re not alone. I doubt the human race knows me. Honestly, I sometimes question who I am.”

“You speak in jest, Sir. You merely do not wish for your renowned name to be a burden,” expressed Reverend Xuan Jizi.

“I don’t want to involve myself in the world’s matters; however, I don’t want to see this world fall into ruin. Desert Eagle Fiend King, as an immortal, you have a duty to live on. The only way to protect you from lunar race is to seal you.”

Already expecting to hear that, Desert Eagle Fiend King cordially questioned, “Where do you plan to seal me?”

“Where nobody can find you.”

Feng Haochen caged Desert Eagle Fiend King with a formation made from sword qi. Desert Eagle Fiend King put up a futile resistance, exclaiming, “Why don’t you fight the lunar race when you’re so strong?!”

“I’m merely a visitor of this world, watching the world continue to move. All I can do is prevent evil invading Third Heaven.”

Shifu,” Mu Yu muttered, trying to touch Feng Haochen, only for his hand to go through. “You protected the entire world, but you couldn’t protect yourself. Why did you erect Celestial Prison when you could easily seal a fiend king and defeat the five elemental demons? Why did you put your faith in Third Heaven Palace?”

Feng Haochen flipped his hand, summoning World Manifestation Reincarnation Seal to the sky.

“S-Sir, th-that is W-”

“It’s a dangerous item. Use it to seal Ocean Fiend King. Do not kill him for he must be released in the future,” directed Feng Haochen, passing the seal to Reverend Xuan Jizi.

“… He must be released in the future?” Reverend Xuan Jizi turned to walk off, only to turn back to ask, “Sir, you have already done so much for humanity; why do you not want to help with this and wish feign your death, instead? You could have exterminated Shadow Syndicate when they sent the group of elite assassins, so…?”

“I don’t want to participate in the conflicts of this world. Things are more complicated than you may imagine. Go on,” answered Feng Haochen, with a tinge of loneliness in his eyes.

Feng Haochen split his sword into nine and spawned Xiaoshuai on his shoulder. Mu Yu turned his head to his left shoulder to see Xiaoshuai also narrowing his eyes, bemused.

Feng Haochen caressed Xiaoshuai and, sounding hapless, queried, “Sword Spirit, do you think involving ourselves in this world was the right thing to do?”

“I don’t know. All I know is there are a lot of delicacies, and I like eating,” responded Sword Spirit.

“Yeah, it’s hard to not get involved once you’re emotionally attached,” replied Feng Haochen, taking off with the sealed fiend king.

“I don’t remember any of that,” remarked Xiaoshuai. “I didn’t know my name was Sword Sprit, either. That sounds lame. Xiaoshuai is much, much better.”

Mu Yu laughed, feeling closer to Xiaoshuai more than ever before. In a way, he felt bad for being rough on Xiaoshuai when his shifu entrusted his precious friend to him.

“Mu Yu, let’s find Qiao Xue already. I’m feeling deprived of her hugs.”

There went Mu Yu’s positive and childish impression of Xiaoshuai.

“I’m the only one who gets to have her hugs.”

“I can, too!”

“Nah, you have Momo,” responded Mu Yu, entering the purple lightning in the firmament.


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