Almighty – Ch. 797

Depressed First Elder

Lightning coiling, the purple hammer resembled a lightning god waking from his slumber. The energy was immense enough to destroy the building. Thus, Yang Tian used Unfettered Steps to climb to the top of the lightning and palmed down on it. Soil Series’ markings spread across the void. He used his qi and blood combined with Rule to contain the lightning.

To Yang Tian’s astonishment, it wasn’t enough to contain the lightning. He tried using Eastern Sea Divine Jewel at full power, firing a stream of Chaos Qi. Countless streams followed suit and tried to erase the purple lightning.

Hearing all the compliments for Yang Tian, Yuan Xia smiled.

Seeing Xiaozi enjoy herself, Xiaojin wanted to play with it. Yang Tian hopelessly said, “Xiaozi, stop playing…”

Xiaozi poked her tongue and switched off the hammer’s power, returning it to the state of an ordinary hammer. First Elder pursed his lips as he tried to conjure a reason to ask for it back. Yang Tian quickly pulled a hold-fist salute on him and smiled. “Thank you very much for the gift, First Elder!”

Since Yang Tian called it a gift, First Elder couldn’t ask for the hammer back without dragging his reputation through the mud.

Yu Yao curled her lips. “Hey, you have to pay me back, Yang Tian.”

First Elder was shocked to hear the name. He understood that comparing oneself to others was a recipe for creating negativity towards oneself.

Yang Tian replied to Yu Yao, “I’m poor. You wouldn’t be able to use the hammer even if I gave it to you. Only Xiaozi can use it.”

Xiaozi laughed. “Exactly.”

Xiaozi stored away the hammer. A white lightning symbol appeared on her forehead to Yu Yao’s amazement.

First Elder decided to switch tactics and establish a cordial friendship with the genius. “I did not know you were Yang Tian. I apologise for causing you trouble before.”

Yang Tian blazed his own trail, and he was going to climb even higher. Plus, he passed on Star Diagram and Star Token.

Yang Tian chuckled. “Pay it no mind, First Elder.”

Yu Yao furrowed her eyebrows. “I heard a big change took place in that small area. Did you go in?”

Yang Tian: “That place is the ruins before Great Annihilation!”

“What?! That’s the era’s secret realm. Unreal. Too unreal! No wonder why the foreign adepts risked everything to come here.”

“The devil race has occupied it, unfortunately.” Yang Tian proceeded to generate exclamations from his listeners as he recounted the events.

Whether or not sects could continue passing on Inheritances depended on each sect’s fate.

“First Elder, my friend’s disciple needs to make a trip to Eastern Continent. Would your sect happen to have a Transportation Formation?”

Yu Yao thumped her chest and laughed. “We do. Leave it to me!”

First Elder was reluctant to let Yang Tian use it owing to the cost of bloodstones, but he couldn’t stop Yu Yao.

Yang Tian told the two kids to go to Hundred Thousand Mountain and told them a bunch of other things. The two kids promised to not hurt people, to which Yang Tian nodded. The two deemed him trustworthy since their shifu trusted him. They were relatively safe with the hammer on them; only an Immortal Cave Realm adept would have had a chance against them.

Yang Tian took out a vial of Sun Divine Water. His friends were trying to raise their cultivation levels as fast as possible, so he wouldn’t be penny-pinching. Smiling, he said to the two kids, “Cultivate diligently, and don’t cause trouble.”

Yang Tian let out a relieved sigh as he watched Yu Yao lead the kid away. “I bet Xiaojin isn’t any inferior to Xiaozi. The divine tortoise is good at his craft.”

First elder pulled over a maid. “Where is the latrine for mortals?”

“Ah…” The girl in silver answered, “There are a lot of them…”


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