Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 646

Second Heaven’s Demise

“What’s this battlefield littered with yellow, green and red liquid supposed to imply? Based on my analysis of the corpses here, it doesn’t appear as though humans and fiends allied to fight elemental demons. The rotten, disgusting odour oozing out of their wounds tells me Chi Yue’s energy entered their wounds.

“If my guess is correct, humans, fiends and elemental demons teamed up to fight another race we’ve yet to identify. My other question is, when did this battle occur? More importantly, did it really happen? I thought humans hated elemental demons more than anything. I’m positive Chi Yue is involved somehow.”

Mu Yu started moving toward an audible fight across a series of mountains. The sparks, flitting energy and battle cries were expected, but what he did not expect was to hear the white ape fiend king’s voice!

Upon arriving on the scene he made haste for, Mu Yu saw the fiend kin at a muscular, staggering several hundreds of metres tall. His swings parted clouds. His impact broke the ground. Yet, the seven flesh-winged horny monsters were unfazed.

“Sheeeeeet, that rainbow septet is… too damn strong compared to Chi Yue to assign a number! Judging from the corpse water they spit, they must’ve been the ones who killed those cultivators, fiends and elemental demons we saw back there.

Boom! White Ape Fiend King punched a hole in a flesh-winged horny monster and brayed, “I run this world, you ugly inbreds!”

White Ape Fiend King exploded one monster with his next punch and nimbly strafed off the blue monster’s lunge. The fiend king quickly caught the green monsters wing, then ripped it in two, flooring it. Soon enough, he had torn all of them apart. Interestingly, the monsters didn’t leave a corpse behind, turning into puddles of rancid corpse water of their body colour, instead.

“Man, I didn’t know he was so darn strong during his prime! I have to count my blessings for surviving all those times I insulted him.”

“White Ape, you shouldn’t have killed them. Now we’re in trouble.”

An individual in blue and as strong as the white ape fiend king, yet looked in his twenties, came from afar to confront the fiend king.

“That’s illusion spirit!” Xiaoshuai exclaimed, pointing to the clouds around the individual in blue. “That’s the blasted illusion spirit!”

“The clouds?”

White Ape Fiend King stared back at the individual and, in an aggressive tone, questioned, “Illusionary Clear Rain, do we have to take it lying down just because you and your pals don’t want to resist?”

“We are this world’s guardians, not participants,” calmly explained Illusionary Clear Rain.

“You and Sword Shadow Dust Gale may be its guardians, but I’m not! If the lunar race wants us to submit to them, I’ll be the first to protest!”

Illusionary Clear Rain cast his gaze down on the pitiful landscape. “You went to war inadequately prepared and have already lost.”

“I’d rather lose trying than live an ignoble existence!”

“… I must seal you for your sake. Else, they will kill you if they find you.”

“I don’t need your protection!”

“As immortals, we are all paramount existences to our respective races. Sword Shadow Dust Gale and I will help you hide your whereabouts. Your seal will drain your qi. The process is excruciating, but it is the consequence of your thoughtless actions. I’ll stress it again: this is the best way to protect you.”

“I won’t be a sitting duck!”

“You’re already gravely injured and in no shape to offer me a challenge. Once your seal comes undone, the lunar race will leave you alone.”

Illusionary Clear Rain created distance and generated clouds around the fiend king. The furious fiend king rammed the clouds with his fists to no avail as they absorbed all of his force. Within time, Illusionary Clear Rain’s formation lines shrunk the proud fiend king down to human size, also reverting him to human form.

“Are you going to seal all ten of us?!” belted White Ape Fiend King, from his cage.

Illusionary Clear Rain didn’t answer.

“I will make you pay for this!” swore the fiend king, spitting out a white core.

Illusionary Clear Rain didn’t stop the fiend king.

After their departure, a force ripped through the sky, permeating throughout every inch of land.

“Eradicate all three races on Second Heaven,” a lunar race member commanded in a chilly voice.

“Just who in the world was Chi Yue?”

“The world of cultivation has never been as simple as it’s claimed to be. Everything in existence exists within a cage. The fiend race wanted to break free. Alas, they weren’t prepared for what was coming. We cannot let White Ape Fiend King’s mistake be repeated at Third Heaven.”

Mu Yu turned side on to face the elder placing his hands behind his back. “Elder Xuan Jizi, what exactly is the lunar race?”

Apparently, Reverend Xuan Jizi couldn’t sense Mu Yu’s presence. The elder activated a formation on his hand, then departed.

“Did he just cast a teleportation formation in his hand?!”

“Yep, and he’s gone to Third Heaven,” replied Xiaoshuai, from Mu Yu’s shoulder. “Old White Beard said that lunar sect is an ancient clan that’s mighty enough to obliterate the entire world. He alone isn’t strong enough to stop them.”

“Is Third Heaven their next target?”


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