Almighty – Ch. 795

Small Purple Hammer

Yang Tian could hear all the quiet gossip clearly. Not sure how to react, he touched his nose. The people were clearly stuck in the old era. Young prodigies were a dime a dozen in this era; it was almost time for the older generation to step off the platform.

The girl in silver hurried over to the group. “Senior, only Almighty Realm adepts can go to the second floor.”

Xiaozi curled her lips. “We insist on going up!”

Girl in silver: “Young Missy, those are the rul-”

Xiaozi glared and stood akimbo with an aggressive look. “Who you calling Young Missy? I’m over twenty this year; I’m older than you.”

Girl in silver: “Huh…? Over twenty?”

Xiaozi pointed to an elder hiding in a corner. “And you, you old fart, what are you staring at me for?!”

Yang Tian and Yuan Xia exchanged a smile. Xiaozi surprisingly had an unexpected fiery side to her behind her well-behaved demeanour. The girl in silver went pale in the face when she heard Star River Sect’s elder called an old fart.

The elder said, “Ignore them!”

“Elder!” The girl in silver couldn’t believe the elder used Voice Transmission with her and let them head up. She politely expressed to them, “Please head up, Seniors.”

“Hmph!” Xiaozi stuck her nose up and glared. When she was a step away from the second floor, she shot a glare at the elder hiding in the void.

Xiaozi was only twelve yet she passed through the barrier, startling the elder who spent centuries to reach Almighty Realm. Everyone else in the hall watching engaged in their own back and forth commentary of how amazing Xiaozi was.

The second floor was the same size as the first floor. Although there were very few people there, there was an abundance of treasures. Yang Tian spotted several Dao Rank Peak items. Every soul up there was amazed with every single person in the septet as if they saw gods and goddesses.

Eyes on a small purple hammer, Xiaozi whispered to Yang Tian, “Senior, the small purple hammer is the one calling me…”

Yang Tian looked up at the ancient hammer. The patterns on there were dao patterns.

Xu Yan gave in to his urge and approached Yuan Xia with a smile. “May I ask for your name, Miss? I am Xu Yan. I hail from Xu Clan.”

Yuan Xia: “Xu Clan’s second young master is said to be skilled. Seeing as you are already at Almighty Realm, I see the rumours are true.”

Hearing the people behind him praise him, Xu Yan grew more confident. Yuan Xia looked at him out of her peripherals. She couldn’t be any more used to being hit on. She shifted over to stand in front of Yang Tian. Xu Yan frowned as a result and frigidly scanned Yang Tian. He clenched his teeth and looked to the girl in red by his side. He sent the flaming-hot girl an eye signal. The girl shot Yuan Xia a vicious glare. Should she not have been angry when Xu Yan suddenly changed his target after pursuing her for the last few days? Plus, she wanted to leech off his status.

The girl in red calmly asked, “What can I help you with, customers?”

Xiaozi asked, “What’s the price of the small hammer?”

The girl in red looked up and furrowed her eyebrows, unable to comprehend what they wanted the useless hammer for. The hammer had been at the store for millenniums, but nobody ever bought it. Hence, Xiaozi’s desire for it led to the girl hesitating. If she sold it, her sales numbers would improve considerably. On the flipside, giving Yang Tian grief would put her in Xu Yan’s good graces.

Xiaozi complained, “Hey, say something. I want the pretty hammer!”

The girl in red didn’t like Xiaozi shouting at her. Besides cultivation rank, customers could come up to the second floor if they had a specific token. She didn’t know of any customer with higher standing than Xu Clan. Thus, she replied, “Hmph, it’s not for sale.”

Xiaozi glared: “Huh? It’s not for sale?”

Yang Tian frowned.

Chubby fired off, “You dead in the head?”

Girl in red, “What did you just say?!”

“I can’t allow you to insult a girl like that. She may be a servant, but you have no right to insult her!” Xu Yan reprimanded Chubby with the expression of the bigger man.

Chubby: “You deserve a beating.”

Voice stifled, Xu Yan responded, “What was that?”

“I said your face needs to be rearranged. What are you going do?”

“You asked for it, fatso! You asked for it!”

Chubby glared back. “Say what?”

Yang Tian rolled his eyes, sarcastically thinking, You sure know how to pick your fights…


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