Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 643

I’m Going to Use it as a Potty

“Brother Helian, who do you think will make it out of the palace first?” queried Gui Yuzi.

“Why is that even important?”

“It’s really risky for a Spirit Severing Realm cultivator to venture in there,” Gui Yuzi explained with the corner of his lips barely rising.

“How does that conclude in Body Synthesis Realm cultivators having better chances?”

“Gui Ximing has a bad temper. I pray for your junior’s sake that he does not provoke Gui Ximing. Otherwise, you will never see him again,” sarcastically expressed Gui Yeming.

Helian Kong certainly was worried for Mu Yu after sensing the oddity the six twins created. Nonetheless, he argued, “I like to think I have good judgement.”

“How about we wage our soul items? You bet on Mu Yu returning first, and I’ll bet on Gui Ximing returning first. If both come out together, then it’s a draw. Whoever wins gains the right to the soul item of the other,” proposed Gui Yuzi. Not receiving any response, he taunted, “Didn’t you say you have faith in Mu Yu? Your hesitation is saying otherwise.”

“Fine! I’m adding another condition, though. Once I win, you are not to lay your hands on Mu Yu. Else, I’ll wipe out your juniors can all stay on this island until the end of time.”


“Take out your soul item before you go back on your word,” demanded Helian Kong, summoning his soul item. Seeing Gui Yuzi just standing there, he asked, “Where’s yours?”

“I gave mine to Gui Yuzi. It’s sad that your soul item can’t be taken into Fiend King Yujiang’s palace. You might have a chance of winning, otherwise. Such a pity.”

“You have no shame!” lashed out Helian Kong, fully aware how disadvantaged Mu Yu was if Gui Ximing had Gui Yuzi’s soul item.

“Don’t be like that. If you have the guts to gamble, you have to have the courage to face your losses. I’ll be waiting for your soul it-”

Rumble! The mirror entrance started waving.

“For what? A soul item? This one?” Mu Yu questioned, embellishing his face with an innocent smile as he waved the black soul item around. Gui Yuzi’s scowl motivated Mu Yu to throw the bone onto the ground and stomp on it several times. “You talking about this one? Your soul item sure is sturdy. It’d make a good bench.”

“Didn’t you say you were giving it to me to use as a potty?” asked Xiaoshuai.

Gui Yuzi raised an arm, spurring Helian Kong into action. Helian Kong passed his soul item to Mu Yu to guard the attack. At the same time, Helian Kong stood beside Mu Yu, stopping Gui Yeming in his tracks.

“How kind of you to give Mu Yu such a precious item to protect himself with. Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I almost thought you were trying to harm him,” mocked Helian Kong.

There was nothing Gui Yuzi could do to vent for Bo Hong and Mu Mengfei were witnesses to the bet.

Mu Yu gave Gui Yuzi’s soul item another two stomps. “You know, I feel Elder Helian’s femur is nice, while this black thing looks like something someone pulled out of a latrine.”

“Of course, hahaha, we get along,” enthused Helian Kong.

Gui Yuzi finally caved in and tried to snatch back his soul item, only for Helian Kong to stop him. “What are you doing? It’s no longer yours. If you have the guts to gamble, you have to have the courage to face your losses.”

Helian Kong jabbed Gui Yuzi’s bone and deposited his own soul energy, cutting off Gui Yuzi’s link to the bone. “Does honour no longer exist after five thousand years on this island, or is everyone from Ghost Gate cut from the same mould? I’m really struggling to trust Ghost Gate’s visitors.

Mu Yu hooked the bone up with his foot and foot tapped it over to Xiaoshuai. “Free potty for you.”

Xiaoshuai jumped inside the bone and started putting on a show, ignoring the soul energy roiling inside Gui Yuzi.

“By the way, where is your junior? Mu Yu, you didn’t kill him, did you? You may be superior, but be kind; don’t be a murderer. At most, leave him in a vegetative state, understand?”

“Yes, Elder Helian, I shall do as you say next time. As for Gui Ximing, he is kindly taking care of the imperial city.”

“He’s stuck? Oh, what a pity. I will have to close the gate, then.”

“Helian Kong, you’re not closing any gate until my junior comes out!” brayed Gui Yuzi, dying to find out what happened.

“Don’t make me seem heartless. I’ll wait another two hours. You know how tiring it is to maintain this gate. I’m getting too old for this,” conveyed Helian Kong, thumping his lower back.

“That’s a pretty long wait, so I guess this skull will have its first chance to serve as my stool now.” Mu Yu actually sat down on Gui Yuzi’s skull, then inquired, “Elder, what are you doing about the daily skeleton soldier wars if you are all here? It has been three days already, has it not?”

The reason Mu Yu spent three days inside was because he was learning to harness natural energy.

“No, we are taking a break from it. They came to have a discussion with us yesterday.”


“They also want to enter Fiend-Sealing Pagoda.”


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