Almighty – Ch. 796

Amazing Artefact

Chubby scratched his head. “What trouble did I cause?”

Xu Yan wanted to put them in their places to win Yuan Xia’s heart.

A middle-aged man sitting in the void appeared. He was a Quasi-Autarch Realm cultivator and the second floor’s guardian. “What? How dare you?!”

Xu Yan looked up. “Sir, the fat bloke insulted Ling Xiu. You should kill him!”

“How dare you start trouble at Star River Sect?!” The middle-aged man instantly launched a hand at Chubby.

“How dare you?!” Yang Tian stepped forward and manifested Dao patterns in every inch of the void using Soil Series’ Rule power!

Yang Tian’s energy incarcerated the void. The middle-aged man shuddered. Yang Tian’s stomp broke the man’s ribs. He coughed blood. Xu Yan’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. Ling Xiu, who dropped to the ground, looked ghastly pale.

“Fifth Elder!” Second Elder, who was on the stairs, approached. “How dare you?!”

Second Elder punched at Yang Tian. Yang Tian snorted and clenched his fists. He punched out a golden divine dragon. Second Elder felt the impact shoot up his arm. His arm bled, and he staggered back five steps.

First Elder: “I’ll make you pay today no matter who you are!”

Yang Tian flicked his sleeve: “Hmph, Star River Sect is nothing impressive.”

Yang Tian had Void Trap Formation’s flags, so he wasn’t worried.

“You!” First Elder clenched his fists and punched.

“How dare you hurt our elders?!”

A river of seven stars above Yang Tian locked down the area. The technique resembled Star Diagram, which he taught Yu Yao. It was a surprise to see it being used against him. As the beams shot down, Yang Tian stomped. Golden energy spread. Footprints were left as a result of Rule power. Yang Tian chuckled and sped around, shaking the building and shattering the seven stars. The elder in white fell from the void.

Second Elder: “First Elder!”

First Elder wasn’t in horrible shape since Yang Tian held back.

Yang Tian yelled, “Rule!”

First Elder was amazed. Yang Tian was comparable to a god at Immortal Cave Realm. First Elder wondered if he was looking at someone from the Eight Great Clans. When he saw Yuan Xia, he greeted her with a fist and palm salute. “It has been a long time, Miss Yuan.”

Xu Yan was shocked. Yuan Xia just nodded. If it was anybody else, they would’ve massacred Star River Sect for their insolent behaviour just before. First Elder awkwardly pursed his lips with a grim expression. Second Elder used Voice Transmission to explain what happened to First Elder. First Elder, therefore, glanced over to Xu Yan and quickly identified him. First Elder glanced back at Yuan Xia.

Yu Yao suddenly appeared with a giggle. “What are you doing here, Sister Yuan?”

Yuan Xia smiled. “Sister Yu Yao, I just arrived.”

Xu Yan was scared out of his wits since he wasn’t even qualified to carry Yu Yao shoes, yet Yuan Xia referred to Yu Yao as a senior referred to a junior.

“Hihi…” Yu Yao looped her arm around Yuan Xia’s and looked around. She thundered, “Who started it? See if I don’t beat the snot out of him.”

Yang Tian touched his chin and shrugged.

Yu Yao glared, “You!”

Xiaozi pointed at Ling Xiu and raged, “Sister, she refused to sell me an item when she’s a clerk here.”

“Where do you think you’re going?!” Yu Yao raced to the stairs and stomped on Xu Yan.

Ling Xiu pointed to Xu Yan. “It was his idea. He told me to not sell it.”

Xu Yan: “Ah, you!”

First Elder finally understood what happened, so he shook his head. It was Xu Yan’s fault for choosing the wrong time and place. First Elder then handed the purple hammer to the septet. “You can have it for free as my way of apologising.”

As soon as Xiaozi took the hammer, boom! Purple lightning burst from the hammer and shot vertically.


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