Almighty – Ch. 793

Sun Divine Stone Awakens

The man in white’s imposing aura descended with him. Yang Tian was delighted and surprised to see his ancestor. Yang Xiao shared Yang Tian’s sentiments. Fengzi thought it was unreal to witness the will of the worlds. Divine Devil couldn’t believe the man in white was still alive. The tortoise behaved himself in the ultimate cultivator’s presence. Every clan was shocked and awestruck. The devil adepts were terrified.

The man in white generated light at his feet. He instantly flashed over to Divine Devil and swung down at the latter’s head. Divine Devil slashed out Sword Aura at the Qi current coming down on him. The ordinary-looking Qi current cut through the Sword Aura.

Divine Devil raged, “You won’t do nothing, you fragmented soul! I have Destiny! What can you do about me?!”

Divine Devil blasted Sword Aura as he broke out in cold sweat.

Divine tortoise: “I think humanity’s supreme cultivator has a divine power!”

Miracle stone: “The Divine Devil can’t use his full power after being sealed for countless years. Why didn’t the man in white recreate the world, though? He is in Deity Realm, after all. That would’ve prevented the devil race from gaining the upper hand.”

Divine tortoise: “Hmph, he set the restriction in this world. According to my great calculations, he came for the devil race’s Destiny!”

Divine tortoise’s claim was unverified.

“Really?” The miracle stone knew the tortoise was an encyclopedia of skills, since he linked up with River Diagram.

“When have my great self ever lied? To recreate the world, nine Destinies will descend. Whoever gains them will have the heaven’s Destiny boosting them.”

“Are there only nine, Elder?” Yang Tian wanted one. Yang Xiao might’ve been able to reach Divine Realm once he had a physical body.

Divine tortoise: “There are nine here, but that’s not all. Lots of prodigies are born with Destiny. You could steal theirs for yourself.”

Yang Tian scratched his head to mask his excitement.

Miracle stone: “I wonder if humanity’s supreme cultivator can take it from the Divine Devil.”

It would spell trouble for the world of cultivation if the devil race possessed Destiny.

“Don’t jinx it!” The divine tortoise pulled his limbs into his shell and smacked the stone.

The miracle stone didn’t fire back, surprisingly. “What’s going on?”

Divine tortoise: “Devil race adepts are coming. Those sealed have manifested Deification to kill the man in white!”

Yang Tian: “What do we do?!”

Divine tortoise: “Oh, shut up. Take River Diagram out first or the devil race will get their hands on it!”

“Aren’t you coming with me?”

Yang Tian had the stone and tortoise to thank for helping in the recent fights.

Miracle stone: “We can’t. You’ll understand when you gain an opportunity.”

Divine tortoise: “God damn it, I have to stay here. The beauties out there are waiting for my love.”

Yang Tian glanced at the tortoise, thinking, How would you do that in your shape?

Yang Tian wanted to ask the tortoise to read Yun’er’s fortune, but he decided he needed to walk his own path and find out for himself!

Divine tortoise: “Get going; this place will be sealed soon!”

“How do I get out with all the killing formations around? Elder, can I take my friend with me?”

Miracle stone: “Yes. Take the Houtian Divine Body owner, too.”

Divine tortoise: “Take the two demi-fiends, too…”

Yang Tian nodded and rushed over to Sword Void Elder. “This place is going to be overrun by mayhem in a moment. I can take your disciples out. What do you think?”

Sword Void Elder’s eyes widened. “Really?!”

Yang Tian nodded. “We do not have much time. If I can escape, I can search for your disciple at Central State.”

Sword Void Elder rubbed the two kids’ heads since it could be their final farewell. “All right, Xiaozi, Xiaojin, you must obey him.”

Yang Tian glanced up at his ancestor, thinking, Maybe he knows…

The ginger tree coiled branches around the group to avoid anyone spotting them. The miracle stone’s slots illuminated light. Bodies of Qi shot out from the slots. The bodies of Qi transformed into ugly ghosts the size of a human hand. The ghosts picked the group up.

The miracle stone commanded, “Go!”

The five ghosts tore through the void. Sinister winds blew. The man in white’s eyes lit up. He flicked his hands, summoning Sun Divine Stone from Yang Tian’s Ancestral Dragon Ring. Boom! The divine stone woke up as loud as an avalanche. The stone glowed. Energy spread.


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