Almighty – Ch. 887

The Power of Belief

The two in support of a nuclear attack already furtively notified someone to execute the attack. Yang Tian never expected someone to flatten an entire city out of fear they conjured up in their own minds.

The cult leader explained lots of collectors possessed similar treasures to what he did. The items came from world wars. Yang Tian looked forward to finding more for their Rule Powers.

Mid-thought, Yang Tian gazed up at the sky to see the stars rattling and moving. That was a sign of a calamity. He clenched his fists and looked around.

“Why do I feel the earth is quaking?” Qing Xiaoyue mentioned the earth was quaking. The cult leader agreed. Other pedestrians on the streets began to feel the disturbance, too.

Yang Tian stomped lightly to reinforce the ground that almost crumbled.

Qing Xiaoyue: “Oh my god, what is that?!”

The cult leader noticed a blinding white light exploding violently in the sky. “Oh, they’re crazy. That’s a nuclear bomb! A nuclear bomb!”

Pedestrians screamed and fled helter-skelter.

The cult leader knelt down and said to Yang Tian, “Messiah, please save your people.”

Qing Xiaoyue shook Yang Tian’s arm. “Yeah, Brother Yang Tian, destroy it.”

People could only vaguely see Yang Tian’s golden hand stretch several kilometres along the sky. He mustered up his qi and blood. The golden hand covered the city. The nuclear bombs were deflected. The citizens were awestruck of the so-called god who saved them. They knelt down to kowtow and offer their gratitude.

Yang Tian’s injury opened up again. He coughed mouthfuls of blood. He fired a golden ray from his eyes. He saw rays of unidentified energy gush into his body! Pure was the adjective to describe the tremendous influx of energy. His injury rapidly healed. He ascended into the sky. He glowed. The energy was the same as the one found at Mount Tai! The planet was different to Sun Continent! The energy was Power of Belief! He could protect the world with the power of the many citizens! He found a new path! The nightmare dragon could not believe it! The copper statue from Mount Tai automatically collected energy! Yang Tian could create a golden body!

The citizens thought they saw god. God was in their hearts.

The three in the research room were shocked, in disbelief, frozen and speechless.

“Haha, that’s what happens when you challenge God, tards.”

Yang Tian lifted the golden hand. He transformed the qi and blood into a mighty golden body. Every citizen prostrated themselves before the statue of God. People raced up the mountain to worship god! Since people bowed to God himself, Yang Tian decided he had to bless them.

Yang Tian sent a portion of his mentality into the statue. Anyone who bowed to him would receive some of his power, albeit only a tiny amount. He was so amazing that his energy could eliminate countless ailments.

Yang Tian sealed the statue of himself. Nobody could damage his godly statue unless they were strong enough.


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