Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 826


Though technically a search, calling them home invasions would have been more apt. Believing the Ascension Realm cultivator would not cower before the eight great sects, the cultivators barbarically raided buildings, leading to Mu Yu contemplating if ruling through fear was perhaps the best option. He bore witness to all of their actions as he and He Jinglong went along with the search parties.

Tian Ziming did not hesitate to haul even Ms. Xuan out of bed to interrogate. “What’s that in your hand?”

“The Heaven Level fire demon burnt my wife during the last attack, so we have provided her with an ice stone to alleviate the pain,” explained Xuan Zhengtang.

Tian Ziming held his nose upon seeing the burn marks. “Why did they attack you of all people? Are you the one they’re searching for?”

“We were merely lucky to survive because we were far away from the centre of the chaos, Sir. If you do not believe us, you can ask others as there were plenty of witnesses.”

A cultivator testified via a whisper to Tian Ziming, yet the latter questioned, “Elemental demons don’t spare anyone, yet your wife is the lone survivor. Doesn’t that imply something?”

“Sir, we are a small sect that has resided at this city for years now. We are but common cultivators. If we are associated with the elemental demons in some capacity, that would be enemies.”

“Her survival would be a blemish on their resume. If they come back to attack the city to clean up, it’ll be your fault.”

“Wh-? Are you implying that dying to them is the only correct outcome?”

“Are you questioning me right now?”

“Sir, if they really are here for my wife, why would they have waited until now?”

“How should I know what’s on their mind? As this city’s lord, I must prioritise the big picture. If they are after your wife, you must sacrifice your lives for all of the people in the city.”

“Yeah, let’s capture her!” shouted a cultivator.

“You… You… Nobody will take my wife!” snapped Xuan Zhengtang, standing in front of his wife.

“Nobody will lay their hands on my mother!” roared Xuan Sitong, guarding her mother’s side, with Xuan Chisan guarding Ms. Xuan’s other side.

“Elemental demons will only be satisfied once they’ve killed a human. They’ll feel equally satisfied killing any one of you. Why don’t you go sacrifice yourselves if you think it’s so clever?” Mu Yu sardonically asked.

“Who are you? You want an early funeral?” threatened Tian Ziming.

“A clerk at Mystic Beast Store,” answered Mu Yu, staring straight back at Tian Ziming.

Thinking the raw aggression from Mu Yu’s stare was just his imagination, Tian Ziming deliberately blinked. “I guess I should offer you to the elemental demons, as well!”

“Not now,” reminded Xiaoshuai, pulling Mu Yu’s finger. Using Gentle Wind Interlinked Hearts Formation, Xiaoshuai said, “I’ll kill him at night.”

“Sir, Sir, we should be trying to find the cultivator. How about you let me handle this trivial matter?”

“Who are you?” inquired Tian Ziming, turning to the bald elder.

The elder bowed. “Ehehe, this one is Inferno Sect’s supreme elder, Gao Yixing. They are members of my sect. You should find the individual as soon as possible. I will ensure they get their just desserts. They have no means of escaping from the city, so there is no difference even if you arrest them in two days’ time, right?”

“I remember you now. You’re the one who gave me the idea yesterday. Fine, but don’t disappoint me.”

“Of course, of course. I am flattered you remember me.”

Once Tian Ziming led his group off, Gao Yixing unfolded himself and turned around. “Third, that was embarrassing.”

“When did you arrive in the city?!” blurted Xuan Zhengtang.


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