Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 827

First Elder

“Shouldn’t I receive a ‘thank you’ first before you start asking questions?” griped Gao Yixing.

Xuan Zhengtang rolled up his fingers. “Thank you for your help, First Elder.”

As much as Xuan Zhengtang hated to admit it, Gao Yixing did just save them from a pinch.

“First Elder, what were you implying before? You don’t mean to tell me you’re going to turn my mother over to the elemental demons, do you?” fumed Xuan Sitong.

“I would never do such a thing. Had I not said that, would Lord Tian have let you off?”

“He looks like he has a beak for a nose, ape checks, and those few strands hanging from his chin he calls a beard looks ridiculous. The lack of brows and his slits for eyes irks me. He’d find better employment as a thug than a cultivator,” commented Xiaoshuai.

“Yeah, I do feel like ripping his fake smile off his face,” Mu Yu replied.

“First Elder, why are you only here now when you were evidently in the city for, at least, three days already?” asked Xuan Zhengtang.

“I only arrived yesterday. Before I had time to do anything, the city was on lockdown. Last night, I was busy finding out what was going to happen.”

“Busy brown nosing Tian Ziming more like it,” scoffed Mu Yu.

“Know your place, Clerk! Xuan Zhengtang, how do you expect business to go well when your clerk doesn’t know what manners are?”

“Any business you stick your nose in is doomed to fail?” Xiaoshuai ridiculed.

“Kid, you want to know how death feels?”

“First Elder, they are actually our guests, not clerks,” Xuan Zhengtang clarified.

“I don’t care what they are. The only reason Yan Hanyu is still here is because the current lord of this city trusts me.”

“I hope kissing his behind will keep you alive when the elemental demons get in,” Mu Yu commented.

“I dare you to say that again!”

“You’re eating dirt next.”

“First Elder, you must be tired from your journey. Have a seat first,” interjected Xuan Zhengtang, trying to avoid a hail of blood.

Gao Yixing meandered over to a stone seat. “You not going to serve your guest tea?”

“Chisan,” called Xuan Zhengtang.

Gao Yixing had a mouthful of the tea Chi San brought from the kitchen and then spat it out. “The water isn’t even boiled. Don’t you know how to brew tea?”

“First Elder, the water from the kitchen is always boiled prior to being used. You are cognisant of the fact that we sometimes need to use boiling water to clean the fiend beasts’ fur, which is why we have a constant supply of hot water,” explained Xuan Chisan.

“You’re serving me tea using water for cleaning fiend beasts?!”

“Chisan, go brew a new pot.” Xuan Zhengtang wagged his hand for Xuan Chisan not to waste time arguing.

“Slave driver, always making a fuss out of everything,” inwardly cursed Xuan Chisan.

“First Elder, could you please put in a good word for us seeing as you are acquainted with Tian Ziming?” Xuan Zhengtang requested.

“Third, he may be willing to lend me an ear, but you shouldn’t be asking for difficult favours. Would I not be letting him down if I give him grief in this crisis?”

“Hanyu is one of us. You have to protect fellow disciples, do you not?”

“… Of course. At the same time, you need to have social proficiency if you want to get anywhere in life, right? Lord Tian is not as approachable as you might believe. If you want my help, you have to equip me with the means, understand?”

“Could you be more explicit please?”

“Which is to say, you want to bribe him with spirit stones, correct?” verbalised Mu Yu.

Gao Yixing gave Mu Yu a pleased grin. “The young are quicker to catch on than you are. You’ll need to do better if you want to go places, Third.”

“How much… do you think is appropriate?”

Gao Yixing started fiddling with his cup of tea. “Since he is a Body Synthesis Realm adept, you would need, at least, a million.”

“But… I have only just collected give million and intended to purchase a Taishi purple sky pill with it to treat Hanyu. I have no means of giving you another million.”

“You haven’t spent the five million yet, have you?”

“Not yet. Hundred Herbs Hall does not have a pill in stock.”

Gao Yixing pretended to clear his throat as a means of suppressing his delight. “The elemental demons are right outside. You need to prioritise chasing them off first; else, there’s no way of getting the pill, right? If you cling to the five million and Hanyu is taken away from you, it’ll be too late for regrets.”

Gao Yixing poured himself another cup of tea leisurely once Xuan Chisan brought a new pot of tea up. “Give me the five million, and I’ll go put in a good word for you. If Lord Tian is pleased, he might spare Hanyu.”

“That is blood, sweat and tears in addition to five million. How will I make another five million again?!”

“You can always make more money, but you can’t revive the dead. You collected five million in a mere two months. Therefore, you can do it again. Think about it.”

“What you’re saying is, instead of figuring out a way to get through this, our great lord is more interested in counting spirit stones? Why don’t you just offer the elemental demons all of the spirit stones in the city, and they’ll go home?” Mu Yu sarcastically commented.

“Keep your nose out of our business. Third, I’m only going out of my way for you because we’re fellow disciples. Don’t blame me if you fail to see the bigger picture.”

“I bet your wallet will be five million spirit stones heavier after Mr. Xuan gives you the five million. If you want to be oh-so holy, why don’t you stop bothering him?” Mu Yu ribbed.

Immediately after Gao Yixing slammed the table, Mu Yu coldly declared, “You’re not worthy of breathing this oxygen.”

Gao Yixing fell out of his chair as Mu Yu summoned Shadow Splitter Sword to his hand and undid the seal on his cultivation.

“Please wait!” Xuan Zhengtang jumped in. “Please do not kill him.”

“He’s going to bully you until the day he dies.”

“Even so, he is my martial sibling. If he dies here, I will not be able to absolve my involvement.”

“He doesn’t deserve pity.”

“Th-Third Brother, help me,” beseeched Gao Yixing, tugging at Xuan Zhengtang’s clothing.

“Gao Yixing is a Spirit Severing Realm cultivator, so he would be helpful in this battle,” Xuan Zhengtang opined.

Mu Yu slowly pulled his arm back and shifted his gaze to Gao Yixing. “This is the only time I’ll let you get lost. Next time, I’ll send you off.”

“Th-th-thank you, Sir. Please forgive my impudence,” stuttered Gao Yixing, kowtowing.

“I said, get lost!”

Mu Yu swung his arm, throwing Gao Yixing out of the estate and into a rock via the wind he generated. With broken ribs, Gao Yixing crawled to his feet and brayed, “I’ll remember this!”

“Xiaoshuai, let’s go.”

“Master Mu, where are you going?” asked Xuan Zhengtang, concerned.

“Checking out the situation. Keep Elder He safe, and don’t leave Mystic Beast Store if you don’t need to,” Mu Yu ordered, stepping outside with Xiaoshuai.

“Let’s also kill Tian Ziming while we’re at it,” recommended Xiaoshuai.

“Those who deserve to die will die,” Mu Yu agreed, hunting down Gao Yixing. “Is it just me?”

“You sense someone spying on you again?” Xiaoshuai queried.

“Behind you,” called the owner of the raspy voice.


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