Almighty – Ch. 648

Nerve and Marrow Cleansing

To explain how Ning Xiu detected his Divine Soul, Yang Tian surmised she might’ve been proficient with her Divine Soul control.

A day went by. Yang Tian gradually learnt more. The ship belonged to Bai Clan, an alchemy clan from Central State. They went out on a mining mission at a small island around Eastern Sea. He was surprised to learn half the small island was a mid-grade bloodstone mine with some high-grade bloodstones in the mix. As for the ship, it was headed back to Central State.

There was only a month left until the alchemy convention began. That saved Yang Tian the trouble of risking his life to cross Eastern Sea.

Three days went by in the outside world, but half a month had gone by inside Ancestral Dragon Ring. Yang Tian recovered and jumped cultivation layers, reaching the gates of Almighty Realm Peak. To his disappointment, he couldn’t access the Dao Scripture he risked his life for.  He tried multiple times before concluding his level was the limiting factor. It was startling, yet delightful, news, because it suggested the skill was that advanced.

Yang Tian was in a good mood since he believed he could ascend to Half-Step Autarch Realm soon, allowing him to control his Source’s energy and improve his alchemy skills. Meanwhile, Ancestral Dragon Ring burnt. Lightning flames played. A cauldron emitted a scent. He gained a lot from a Fiend Emperor Realm’s interspatial ring. There were almost ten thousand high-grade bloodstones and three fist-sized premium-grade bloodstones. There were precious refining materials, rare precious herbs and two nigh Celestial Rank items.  He touched his nose and smiled as his herb requirements for the pill convention were covered with that.

Yang Tian shook some jade slips in is hand. He placed a golden jade slip and copper ring together.

Yang Tian decided to save his jade jar of the kui dragon’s divine blood vital essence for when he ascended to Autarch Realm. There were only six drops available, since their ancestor used up a big chunk of it.

Half a day later, the big cauldron began to shake. The kui dragon’s meat was ready. The monkey went to sleep after having a small piece. Yang Tian contemplated it before give up in the end. If he ascended to Almighty Realm Peak, the entire ship would’ve been shocked.

Yang Tian rested in the storage room. Gao Da gently opened the door and poked his head in. He chuckled upon seeing Yang Tian. Yang Tian flicked the golden jade slip copper ring over to Gao Da. “Brother Gao Da, those are my gifts to you for saving for my life.”

Gao Da was at a lost for what to do. After interacting with Yang Tian for a few days, he had a feeling Yang Tian was extraordinary. As such, Yang Tian wagged his hand. “You cultivate your body, so the jade slip should be useful to you.”

The jade slip contained a rare cultivation method from the kui dragon.

Yang Tian: “As for the copper ring, it’s best you don’t use it in other’s presence, or people will hunt you for it.”

Gao Da stored the two items in his interspatial ring in the end. “All right… All right… Thank you, Brother Meng Tian.”

Yang Tian scratched his head and smiled. “That is all I can offer in return for saving my life, Brother Gao Da.”

Gao Da grinned and looked to the jade slip out of instinct. He saw bean-sized golden ancient text. It was amazing. It was Star Rank Mid-Grade cultivation method: Golden Body Refinement Technique. Gao Da was astounded. His Mystic Rank low-grade Martial Skill was garbage compared to Golden Body Refinement Technique. According to his knowledge, not even Bai Clan had many skills on par with it, and it was a body refinement technique. He would never be able to afford it from an auction company. He said, “It’s too valuable, Brother Meng Tian.”

Yang Tian shrugged and chuckled. “Which is more important: my life or the items?”

“Haha, your life would be more important, of course.”

Bringing out such amazing items so casually, Yang Tian had to be part of some super power.

Gao Da: “By the way, Brother Meng Tian, are you leaving?”

“Yes. I’ve healed, so I’ll be leaving right away.” Yang Tian nodded. If he wanted to leave, not even everyone on board could stop him together.

Gao Da furrowed his eyebrows. “We are still two days away from Eastern Sea. It is not easy to cross over. I think you should wait.”

Yang Tian pursed his lips but didn’t respond. He pointed at thin air, summoning a piece of meat wrapped in golden light. No energy leaked. Not wanting to owe a favour, he decided to help cleanse Gao Da’s marrow and nerves, something he could do at his level.

Gao Da didn’t hesitate. He was elated. He ate the meat without worrying about poison because it was an amazing opportunity. Insane Vital Energy burst as soon as the kui dragon blood entered his body. He trembled. He bled from his pores. He scrunched his face up. He sweated. He almost passed out.

Yang Tian: “Don’t resist. Allow the ingredients to circulate into your body.”

Boom! Golden wisps of light shrouded the room to prevent vital essence leaking out. Black blood spilt from Gao Da’s pores. His bones crackled. In just a few seconds, his combat abilities improved by leaps and bounds. His body underwent a transformation.

Yang Tian poked the air, subjugating the shaky energy. It’d have been unfortunate to break through to Battle King Realm when Transcendent Realm was the important foundation. He was cautious when he sent out his Divine Soul energy since Ningxiu detected him last time.

Ningxiu was the third eldest daughter of Bai Clan and a Battle King Realm adept.

When he noticed Wu Feng, Yang Tian felt the former was familiar. He thought about it, but nothing came to might, so he shook his head and looked to Bai Ningxiu. He thought well of her.


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