Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 348


“Elder, do you have another daughter looking for a groom?”

“Yeah, a niece would be fine, too.”

“You lot are painfully ignorant. You do realise he’s the famous Eternally Youthful Ku Mu? You know Mu Yu? The handsome, cool, awesome disciple of True God also calls Eternally Youthful Ku Mu ‘Shifu’!” Mu Yu shouted, trying to defend Eternally Youthful Ku Mu… and boasting about himself.

Eternally Youthful Ku Mu smiled to himself.

“Oh yeah, I did hear Eternally Youthful Ku Mu regressed to Golden Core Realm.”

“I get it now. He’s basking in the glory of True God’s disciple. Now I get why Daoist Yuan De accepted him as a son-in-law. He owes Mu Yu.”

Ku Mu’s lips turned back down.

Mu Yu held his head in his hands and mumbled, “I’m sorry, Gramps. I was sincerely trying to help you. I can’t cure their narrow minds, though.”

Daoist Yuan De cordially clarified, “Ku Mu may be Mu Yu’s shifu, but he’s also my son-in-law. Am I right, Ku Mu?”

Unlike Mu Yu, Ku Mu was emotionally attached to Pill Cauldron Sect in his own way. After all, it was where he started. Consequently, protecting the old bugger’s image equated to shielding Pill Cauldron Sect’s reputation. If he lashed out at Daoist Yuan De, the sect would be judged as a place where anyone could run amok. If Mu Yu, who couldn’t care less about the sect or old bugger, could put aside his dislike, Ku Mu also could.

“Yes, Father-in-Law,” Ku Mu stiffly replied.

“We’re family. Just call me ‘Dad’.” Daoist Yuan De stroked his beard with a sly smirk.

“Yes. Dad,” Ku Mu responded through his teeth.

“Okay, let’s go, Son-in-Law, hahaha.”

To be fair, it wasn’t an unreasonable request on Daoist Yuan De’s part.

Man, I didn’t see this coming, Mu Yu said to himself. “Well played, you fraudster.”

Ku Mu shot Mu Yu, who was grinning, a vicious glare before departing.

Upon looking up from where he stood to see Heavenly Restaurant’s plaque, Mu Yu immediately slipped into the crowd.

“Daoist Yuan De is leaving together with Ku Mu? Damn it!” Tian Budai glugged his drink then put his chopsticks down gently.

Mu Yu soon found his way to Tian Budai’s empty seat and dishes. He pulled his eyebrows together and contemplated, “Who exactly are you?”

Mu Yu was more sensitive to changes in the atmosphere since acquiring the black and white spiritual energy. He picked up Tian Budai’s hostility as Ku Mu was leaving. The hostility was so faint that Mu Yu wouldn’t have detected it if it wasn’t for him focusing on Ku Mu in that instant.

Mu Yu ambled to the window and looked down. He felt a little better with Daoist Yuan De sticking to Ku Mu. He clenched his fists and muttered under his breath, “You’re in over your head if you think you can harm Ku Mu under Elder Leng’s watch.”

Tian Budai left the corner he stood at not long after arriving. Wanwan came out from the same corner in a foul mood. “Consider yourself lucky. If I find out who you are, I’ll give you hell for targeting my Uncle Ku Mu!”

Wanwan then turned her attention to Ku Mu and drifted off into fantasy land.

Tian Budai walked along Ten Kilometre Street, unperturbed in spite of nearly being caught twice. He didn’t leave when his target, Mu Yu, approached him out of fear but to avoid alerting Daoist Yuan De, who had only just left. Being ranked on Ultimate Immortals Ranking provided him with a form of protection. Even so, Daoist Yuan De could’ve given him hell all the same. Plus, breaking the no-fighting rule in the area would’ve caused him trouble in addition to impacting Celestial Star Sect.

True God’s disciple’s cultivation pales in comparison to mine, yet his senses are incredible. If my senses haven’t dulled, he’s changed somehow, mused Tian Budai, chin in his hand. He raised his head. “Regardless, I will take my time returning the favour before I kill you!”

There was a small abandoned house in a lane at Twenty-Five Kilometres South Garden – dark and empty. The cobwebs hung like great sheets of hair from an ancient hag, dirty and tangled. The arrival of a certain individual illuminated the white cobwebs and room. He didn’t exude any spiritual energy, and the white light enveloping him masked his face. Soon after his arrival, another identical individual arrived, albeit less imposing.

Voice deep and firm, the second individual to arrive questioned, “Your Eminence, Sword Shadow Dust Gale has acquired dark herb’s life qi. What is our next move?”

“He wishes he could take me down,” responded the first individual, voice raspy, young and echoing. His tone constantly changed.

The first person to arrive was Third Heaven Palace’s formation guardian.

“Your Eminence, how do you intend to deal with Sword Shadow Dust Gale?”

The formation guardian didn’t answer. Instead, he lamented, “Sword Shadow Dust Gale, Illusionary Clear Rain and Evil Shadow Eternally Youthful have defied nature. The entire world of cultivation is mine, yet nature binds me. Why is fate so unfair? Hahaha, Sword Shadow Dust Gale certainly is prudent. He set up everything beforehand. No matter. He will never have expected there to be flaws in his plans.”

“Your Eminence, are you referring to Hou Tu’s host, Xiang Nan?”

“It’s not just Xiang Nan. We already have him in the bag. There’s one more person we need to lend a hand.”

“You mean…”

“Mm… I want Daoist Yuan De at Third Heaven Palace as soon as possible. You know what I mean?”

“But the time is not r-…” Once the epiphany hit him, the second individual replied, “Understood, Your Eminence.”

“Sword Shadow Dust Gale, I’ve been at this with you for all my life. It’s time I won for once. I have the entire world of cultivation in my hands. I am the rule. How will you fight against me when my army is every cultivator?”

In a flash, the room was engulfed in pitch black again.


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