Almighty – Ch. 647


Yang Tian was unconscious in a dark, lonely and cold prison. When he felt a weak trace of energy circulating around his body, he did his best to escape. Gao Da was the only one to visit him during the three days he was conscious in there. Gao Da was astonished the human-grade spiritual water, a rank two high-grade spiritual water, couldn’t heal Yang Tian’s wounds. That was how amazing Yang Tian’s body was.

After another two days, Yang Tian’s eyes budged after his umpteenth attempt to escape. He opened them slightly when light shone in. Then, he woke up. Everything that transpired at Eastern Sea Divine Mountain was fresh in his memory. When he tried to use his Divine Soul to search for Yang Xiao, the sharp pain knocked him out. He was relegated to being half awake and half unconscious. He was aware somebody saved him, and he was aware Gao Da fed him the spiritual water daily, so he was grateful. He couldn’t enter Ancestral Dragon Ring until three days later.

The pure life vital essence astonished Yang Tian. It cleansed his body, allowing him to feel alleviated considerably. He took in a deep breath and looked around. A clothed small monkey climbed onto his shoulder as though they were closest and squeaked. Yang Tian smiled upon seeing him. The cowardly monkey was able to handle some adepts.

Yang Tian stood in place for a long while. The pain subsided substantially, relieving him. He then went around hastily. When he noticed Yang Xiao’s dim body, he hurried over. His voice was shaky. He barely uttered “Uncle Xiao.” Yang Xiao was incredibly weak. The soul nourishment divine tree transferred Soul Qi to Yang Xiao, but the results were slow. Out of the blue, the monkey took out a jade slip and tried to articulate himself using hand gestures.

Yang Tian sent his Divine Soul energy in. He heard Yang Xiao sigh and said, “Tian, I’ll keep this brief. My seven souls are injured, including my Source. I’m lucky I cultivated a Life Soul, or I’d be dead. That being said, my Life Soul is nigh dead. I need to sleep for some time, and it could be a long time. There’s no need to worry about me. It’s fine if you can’t find a yin yang revitalisation flower. If you find a soul fusion pill formula, that’d be great.”

Yang Xiao relaxed after.

They had Fengzi to thank.

Yang Tian took in a deep breath. “Lucky Uncle Xiao reached Sage Manifestation Realm and used his Life Soul to defend himself. It’s going to be hard to find a soul fusion pill. I guess I’ll see what fate has in store.”

Yang Tian sat on the ground and entered his body. He clenched his teeth when he saw his broken bones. Grasping Fortune and having Fortune Divine Qi saved his body. He found his qihai was empty. His Dao Bodies were almost thin air. He was glad enough they were still intact. He smiled when he saw his slightly damaged Divine Soul. He would be scared of Almighty Realm adepts as long as he had his Divine Soul. He smacked himself on the head and hurried over to his field of herbs.

Two herbs spat vital essence and vitality. He wasn’t after an herb king. He took a black rock underneath and smiled. The original plan was to use it when he ascended to Autarch Realm, but he could use it to heal himself given his priorities. “I almost forgot about you. Now I can recover swiftly.”

Yang Tian looked to the kui dragon’s corpse and shut his eyes. He no longer had the strength to cook it to eat. He sat back down and ushered vital essence around into his body. The divine stone emitted red light and roiled. He moaned when the divine attribute light entered his body. It could refine his body to a new level. The lights escaped his body and lit up the dark room. He transformed his swollen and wounded body in the divine sea. The swelling subsided, and the majority of the wounds healed within only half a day. The lights then dimmed away, turning the room dark again.

Gao Da was heard cursing as he opened the door and came in. Yang Tian’s recovery amazed him. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Yang Tian smiling. He finally scratched his head and said, “You’ve come to…”

Yang Tian nodded and gave a friendly smile. Grateful, he said, “I just woke up. Thank you for taking care of me. I will not forget your kind deed.”

Gao Da thumped his chest. “Hehe, it’s nothing. It’s a miracle you could wake up after suffering such severe wounds!”

Yang Tian smiled. “The heavens looked after me.”

“All of your bones are broken. I’m afraid you’ll never be able to practice martial arts again.”

“Haha, I’ll let fate run its course.”

Gao Da left after a chat. Yang Tian’s dormant Divine Soul energy sprung to life. In a single second, he enveloped the entire ship thanks to his Divine Soul cultivation. He sensed three Almighty Realm adepts on board. He touched his nose, curious as to where he was. He then sensed a weak Divine Soul energy, so he pulled back.

Xiu Ning, sitting inside her pink, decorated and fragrant room, opened her eyes in amazement. How amazing was Yang Tian’s Divine Soul energy?


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