Almighty – Ch. 649


The Human Grade spiritual water couldn’t help Yang Tian much; nonetheless, the vial of spiritual water admittedly woke him up earlier than otherwise.

Yang Tian was thoroughly impressed with Bai Ningxiu’s control of her purple Celestial Flames on her hand, especially when taking her being merely a Battle King Realm Sixth Layer cultivator into account.

Wu Feng behaved as a refined man would and threw his blue fan around with ease. Bai Ningxiu utilised her impressive Divine Soul sense to predict the blue fan’s trajectory to evade it. A Divine Soul with such enhanced senses would be beneficial in combat and alchemy. As for Wu Feng’s suave, yet peculiar, movements that sent barely-detectable ripples into the air, Yang Tian saw it all. Wu Feng’s movements indicated he could control voids.

Wu Feng: “You certainly are Bai Clan’s genius disciple. Ningxiu, you could match a Battle King Realm Peak cultivator. You’re amazing.”

Bai Ningxiu’s face was stunning. Her curves were enamouring despite her age. She had a mature air about her.

Bai Ningxiu didn’t respond, ticking off Wu Feng. He was angry and lecherous. He generated a ripple beneath his feet.

Yang Tian, therefore, furrowed his eyebrows. “She’s going to be in for it. He’s moved the void. He sped up a lot.”

Bai Ningxiu was well aware Wu Feng was hiding his true skills the entire time thanks to her Divine Soul sense. She retreated, puzzling him. She looked as if she was giving up. He stomped so hard he shook the floorboard, launching himself toward her, angry when he thought she was shaking him off. He was twice as fast as before. The only way to explain the big jump in speed was he used a Martial Technique. She didn’t have a chance to speak because he was that fast.

Wu Feng caught Bai Ningxiu using his blue fan. He extended an arm toward her cleavage. Yang Tian was surprised Wu Clan was so daring. Bai Ningxiu was frustrated she didn’t see through his move. She bit down on her lip. She was going to use a secret technique. Suddenly, an imposing and stern dao voice hit Wu Feng’s mind, freezing him in place.

Wu Feng was scared; he experienced the fear of death. He saw a titan looking down on him. His heart rate sped up. He urinated in his white pants. His urine had a pungent smell. He collapsed onto the ground – unbelievable. People gossiped. People wanted to laugh. People gave condescending looks. People were stunned. Yang Tian was stunned. Yang Tian only wanted to scare him. Who would’ve thought Wu Feng was so pathetic?

Wu Feng panted heavily as he rose slowly. He looked scared silly. He was awfully embarrassed when he noticed his stench. He had too many things on his mind that he just wanted to hide his face.

Suddenly, an elder in white furiously demanded, “Shut up!”

The elder was livid to see Wu Feng’s state. Yang Tian recognised the elder to be Wu Yu, one of the people he scared off at Thundercloud Sect. Yang Tian chuckled to himself, recalling Wu Yu tried to offer a marriage proposal that time.

Wu Yu swept his violent gaze over those present and pointed to Bai Ningxiu. “How dare you do that!”

Giving Bai Ningxiu no chance to verbally defend herself, Wu Yu slashed a wind breaker at her. A middle-aged man jumped in and palmed the wave, vanquishing it. “Elder Wu, why are you so angry over a sparring match?”

A gaunt elder emerged in the void and snickered. “She used unorthodox skills. This old one would like to see if you can defend her.”

Two Almighty adepts attacked. Bai Clan was upset. Wu Clan wanted to erase the shame. Bai Clan’s Almighty adept stood up for Bai Ningxiu. “Please wait, Elders. Why do we need to get physical?”

Wu Feng: “Wait my foot! Capture that slut! I’m going to personally interrogate her!”

Bai Clan wasn’t strong enough to fight Wu Clan alone. Elder Bai made an appearance and attacked.

“Haha, her unorthodox techniques truly are profound. I want to see them for myself.” The gaunt elder reached for Bai Ningxiu with his wrinkly hand.

Yang Tian: Fine, I’ll give you a hand.

Everyone was shocked. Divine Soul’s shook. The god in the sky looked down on them. God-like Yang Tian said, “Have you no shame, bullying a girl as an Almighty Realm cultivator?” and dropped a black seal on them.

Yang Tian’s cultivation was too amazing. He erupted the gaunt elder’s Divine Soul. The elder coughed blood; he weakened. One move and he almost killed an Almighty Realm cultivator – amazing! Yang Tian’s Divine Soul then instantly vanished.

Everyone was amazed. Nobody dared to curse in case he was acquainted with Bai Ningxiu.

Wu Yu flicked his sleeve and commanded a retreat.

The middle-aged man wasn’t convinced somebody would help them and offend Wu Clan out of pure good will. Bai Ningxiu discerned the Divine Soul was similar to the one scouting a while ago. She quickly realised he had to be on the ship because he couldn’t have tailed their ship. She wondered if it was the young man they saved. What a miracle he survived those injuries. She glanced over to the storage room and went over. She found an amazing catch if he was the one she saved.


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