Almighty – Ch. 193

Fallen Sacred Copper Coin

Li Dong panicked after learning Yang Xiao had Soul Searching Technique at his disposal. “Hahaha, the technique went extinct ages ago. Are you trying to fool this old one?”

“Hahaha, I guess we’ll find out. I’m sure you’ll remember the pain.” Yang Xiao flicked a finger, ejecting several black chains from his body. The black magical text on the sturdy chains glowed.

Li Dong was in disbelief. He didn’t have the right to learn such a secret technique even within his own clan. If Yang Xiao’s technique really was Soul Searching Technique, Yang Xiao would take all of his memories, thereby revealing all the secrets he knew. He bit down on his lips and called on his divine soul. His soul aura began to leak into the atmosphere.

“Haha, you think I can’t stop your attempt at self-destruction?” jeered Yang Xiao.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication; Yang Xiao blasted a ray of energy from his finger, stumping Li Dong’s Divine Aura and binding him to the void. Li Dong tried to break out, only to realise his energy was sealed in a void. He

“Soul Refinement!” Yang Xiao propped himself on the ground and performed finger seals, consequently making the chains illuminate a black glow and submerged Li Dong in a black mist.

Li Dong’s divine soul began to fade. His livid gaze gradually faded. Yang Xiao went ahead and absorbed Li Dong’s potent soul aura.

Yang Tian was happy to see Yang Xiao’s divine soul glowing with life again. Li Dong, to the contrary, screamed with his face scrunched up from within Ancestral Dragon Ring.

Xiaobai woke up when he heard the crying. He flashed his teeth at the one who disturbed his sweet dream and then hopped onto Yang Tian’s shoulder.

Li Dong’s divine soul shrivelled rapidly. Once it was a mere blob, Yang Xiao absorbed it and performed hand seals. The secret technique allowing him to devour memories didn’t have a very high success rate, not to mention in relatively fragmented parts.

“Search!” Yang Xiao released a black soul aura that rushed toward the remainder of Li Dong’s Divine Soul. The small blob quivered as the aura approached.

Li Dong’s screaming carried on for about half a minute. When it finally came to an end, Li Dong’s divine soul was erased.

Yang Xiao shut his eyes and spent three breaths in silence before opening his tired eyes. Soul Searching Technique certainly took its toll on him.

“Uncle Xiao, what did you find?”

“… The devils have returned. It was they who were responsible.”

Sure, Yang Tian was shocked. And sure, he knew of the mighty and seemingly indestructible race. Question was, “What did it have to do with his parents?” Hence, he queried, “How are they connected to our clan?”

Fists clenched, Yang Xiao vengefully replied, “Hatred? Our Yang Clan’s grudge with them dates back to the ancient era. They couldn’t ask for anything more than to gnaw our heads off.”


“Don’t worry about it for now. Your parents are fine. The most logical explanation is that they captured your parents to procure our bloodline!”


“The devils targeted every strong clan’s bloodline when they were active. They audaciously kidnapped people to achieve their ends. If I’m correct, they’ll come after you, especially since you could activate Ancestral Dragon Ring and possess an exceptionally powerful bloodline compared to your parents. It’s only a matter of time.”

“Me? Where are my parents?”

“I don’t know. Somebody pulled some strings, paying a hefty bribe, to prevent Li Clan from interfering back then. The devil race’s forces shouldn’t be too big. Else, they wouldn’t have sought outside help.”

Yang Tian was infuriated to learn Li Clan never informed Yang Clan of the incoming danger and for a bribe, no less. He gradually eased up after spending some time to himself.

Big Brother must be in danger. If the devils have their eyes on him, he won’t be able to escape their grasp. I must find him.

The fatty went over and inquired, “Hey, brother, what’s your name?”

“Meng Tian. How about you?” asked Yang Tian, smiling. He didn’t think too poorly of the fatty, but better safe than sorry.

“Meng Tian? Nice name. I’m Qin Zuyin,” said the fatty, smiling and touching his head.

“Qin Zuyin…” repeated Yang Tian, with a nod. Smiling, he asked, “You’re not from the Eastern Continent, are you?”

“No. I came to the Eastern Continent to participate in Pill Valley’s Pill Concoction Convention, only to have those buggers chasing me around…”

Qin Zuyin, clueless, targeted the wrong family and was complaining they chased him…

Yang Tian harboured an interest for the so-called Pill Concoction Convention. Pill Valley was the most ancient clan on the Eastern Continent that rarely involved themselves with the rest of the world, so it came as a surprise to hear them conducting a pill concoction convention.

Qin Zuyin elucidated, “Pill Concoction Convention is held once every thirty years. Participants have to be twenty or younger. There are about five more months until it begins.”

“Oh…” Hands in a palm and fist salute, Yang Tian smiled. “Brother Qin, I have business to attend to; let us meet again another day.”

“All right, see you next time.”

Qin Zuyin took out three copper coins with text imprinted onto them once Yang Tian vanished out of sight. “Luobao copper coins, my boys, I risked my life to save you from a grave. Show me what you got out here in the cultivation world. Don’t slack off on me…”

Qin Zuyin began to perform hand seals and light the coins up. They radiated their own light, spawning a mirror image in the void. Qin Zuyin rubbed his hands again and pulled out a strand of hair he just took from Yang Tian. He smirked and threw the strand of hair at the mirror.

The mirror trembled alongside Qin Zuyin’s chubby cheeks. He began performing a series of hand seals. The energy increased more and more until blurry text surfaced on the mirror. Before he could do anything, a force descended, trashing the mirror to fragments. The reciprocal damage caused his body to freeze. Eventually, he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“What the? What’s obstructing me?”

Qin Zuyin wiped his blood at his mouth. But nonetheless, he was still excited as always. The next moment, however, he recalled something. He looked down at the three purple and gold copper coins to surprise himself. They were cracked. Their power dropped an entire notch.

“Give me a refund!” belted Qin Zuyin, scaring off the birds, beasts, and breaking off rock chips.

Yang Tian heard the ear-splitting cry from a familiar voice behind him. Unable to recall who the voice belonged to, he scratched his head and complained, “Who the hell was that?”

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