Almighty – Ch. 194

Big Secret

The atmosphere in Demon Subjugation City was suffocating unlike before. Li Clan spread word of Yang Tian resurfacing. Although others had yet to verify it for themselves, lots of people calling themselves “the chosen ones” rushed to Hundred Thousand Mountains. Some of them wanted to defeat him to make a name for themselves on Eastern Continent.

Invincible Yang Tian attracted lots of attention, especially since he had plenty of accomplishments credited to his name when he still had plenty of room left to grow. All of the rumours of him thus far depicted him as a talented individual.

Ten or so guards, each being strong in his own right, stood at the doors of Demon Subjugation City, which was supported by a towering tall.

Yang Tian, donning a black robe, adopted a casual pace. When he noticed the desolate doors, he mumbled, “Why is there nobody at the door?”

Yang Xiao: “Haha, they’re hiding up above. They’re putting you on a pedestal; there are two Battle Emperors!”

Recalling the recent events after a few steps, especially the item that rendered his Shape Shifting Technique useless, Yang Tian asked, “Uncle Xiao, will they detect me this time?”

“No. That item is called Eye in the Sky Seal. It’s an imitation. They can track you, but your skill with Shape Shifting Technique is proficient enough for you to avoid detection now. There’s no need to be worried.”

“Eye in the Sky Seal?”

Yang Tian confidently went to the door. When the guards armed with iron spears saw him approach, they emotionlessly watched him. He presented the token Meng Yunxi gave him and safely headed in while smiling along with everyone. Once he reached the streets, he snickered to himself.

Keep waiting. Let’s see if you’re patient enough to wait decades!

Young individuals wearing their auras as coats and walking majestically, precious rare and old-age herbs on stalls were abound.

Yang Tian made a beeline to Myriad Auction Company. When he got to the door, he showed the guard his token, who respectfully responded, “Please go on in, Young Master Meng Tian.”


The atmosphere inside the venue was energetic. They sold items much more precious than places outside.

A maiden in red fixed up her attire and approached Yang Tian. “Young Master, are you Meng Tian?”

“Yes, take me to your mistress.”

“Please follow me inside.”

The gentle knock on the quaint door disturbed the unfettered melody Meng Yunxi was humming. She pursed her lips into a charming smile when she noticed who was outside. “Come in.”

The girl in red opened the door, gave Meng Yunxi a smile, then left.

Yang Tian’s immunity to women dropped significantly after he helped Yuan Xia treat her wounds.

“Hehe, you managed to sneak in when so many people were lying in ambush at the doors. Not bad, Brother Yang Tian,”

Yang Tian sat down in a chair smugly. “What do you mean sneaked in? I strutted through the door with my head held high. They wouldn’t be able to tell it was me.”

“Hehe.” Meng Yunxi was aware seven Celestial Weapons were deployed in the last assault on Fallen Devils’ Grounds. In other words, literally half of the super adepts took part, yet they failed to get anything. “What is hidden at Falling Clouds Mountain Stream?”

“Haha, you looking to thank me?”

Meng Yunxi meandered over to Yang Tian. She gently squeezed his shoulder. Leaning to his ear, she whispered with a warm breath, “Of course, Brother Invincible.”

Yang Tian felt all but one part of his body grow limp. When some uninvited thoughts surfaced in his mind, he cleared his throat and awkwardly chuckled. Noticing his reaction, Meng Yunxi licked her seductive lips.

“Tell me. I promise not to tell anyone. If you tell me, I’ll share a big secret with you.”

Yang Tian shivered when Meng Yunxi’s warm breath grazed his ears. She was too much for him to handle. However, her usage of the term “big secret” threw him off his game. “What big secret? Let’s hear it.”

“You should be decently talented with Pill Concoction. What rank alchemist are you now?”

Yang Tian’s divine soul wasn’t capable of handling anything higher than a Rank Three Mid-Grade pill. Furthermore, he never tried it before. He was sure that Myriad Auction Company would definitely want to establish a connection with him since every clan would do anything for an alchemist, he decided not to hide too much. “A Rank Three pill at best.”

Yang Tian knew he had to attribute his rapid progress to Ancestral Dragon Ring. He only managed to learn to control two Flames after spending the equivalent of two years, after all.

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