Almighty – Ch. 192

Soul Searching Technique

The fatty: Who is he? He must’ve fought Qin Shi, since he has his aura inside him.

Dubhe Divine Sword looked exquisite after absorbing potent qi and blood. Notwithstanding its improvement being hardly noticeable, it did improve.

Some scores can only be settled with bloodshed.

The sword’s signalled its bloodthirsty will. Yang Tian left skeletons behind him. Eyes on Li Hongtao, he sneered. Li Hongtao was close to wetting himself. Yang Tian chortled. Dubhe Divine Sword glowed red in front of Li Hongtao to express its desire for his blood.

“We meet again. I did say I’d kill you sooner or later.”

“Who are you? I deserve to know why I have to die!” Li Hongtao’s divine soul wanted to kill Yang Tian.

“Haha, I won’t kill you. I know there’s divine soul inside you protecting you. Still…” Yang Tian stunned Li Hongtao with the appearance of Golden Crow Divine Furnace. When the latter went to speak, Yang Tian threw him into the furnace, then stored it inside Ancestral Dragon Ring. “Let’s find someplace to hide. I dare say there are people on their way here.”

“Sure,” agreed the fatty.

Ten minutes after they left, an elder appeared in the firmament. He identified that their fallen members had their essence and blood drained. He used his potent divine soul energy to search the surrounding area. Several Mutated Beasts rushed over after he arrived.

Looking at the scene, one of the elders belted, “Who did this?!”

“Was it Devil Slaying Army?”

Li Clan’s blood flowed in branch disciples, so they couldn’t just brush it off.

An elder’s apparition: Where is Tao’er?

The apparition began a search for Li Hongtao by calling the divine soul within Li Hongtao. The others noticed him scowling. They had a bad feeling about it. The elder was a respected elder in the clan. If he was so furious, Li Hongtao was most probably in trouble.

“What is this?” muttered the corporeal elder. Feeling uneasy, he remembered the very same energy blocking him a year ago.

“Elder, what is the matter?”

The corporeal elder gnashed his teeth. “It’s him! Yang Tian!”


Yang Tian sat on the ground inside Ancestral Dragon Ring. He destroyed the divine soul residing within Li Hongtao’s interspatial ring and poured the contents out. Yang Tian found pills, bloodstones, herbs and everything else he expected to find. He was quite surprised Li Hongtao had so much after being robbed of everything during their last encounter.

“Tsk, tsk, three hundred High-Grade bloodstones. I’m putting this toward any potential treasures I need. It sucks, but I can’t see any of the contents in the jade slips. Given how primordial era clans protect their jade slips with sophisticated means, these are probably going to be destroyed if I open them.”

Yang Tian could refine some Rank Three pills with the herbs available, fortunately. He stored them away and brought out his Golden Crow Divine Furnace. Right at the bottom was Gu Mo and Li Hongtao lamenting they should’ve met sooner. Gu Mo was extremely weak by this point but was far from dying. Yang Tian knocked on the furnace and laughed. “You two seem to be having the time of your life.”

Li Hongtao glared up with his resentful and vindictive gaze. “Eat a dick, Yang Tian. Let me out, so I can kill you.”

“Hahaha, I already killed your older brother. Were you looking to join him?”

“Kill me? You don’t have the balls to,” taunted Li Hongtao.

“Haha, you’re just counting on the divine soul inside you, aren’t you…?”

Yang Tian reached inside the furnace. From Li Hongtao’s perspective, the hand appeared akin to a giant’s hand. Yang Tian jammed his finger into Li Hongtao’s forehead and dug the divine soul out while putting up with the latter’s raging.

Li Hongtao yelled, “Grandpa!”

“Tao’er…” The apparition was startled for a second. He scanned the interior of the furnace. To his amazement, he found several more miserable individuals inside.

“Hahaha.” Before exiting the furnace, Yang Tian jeered, “Now what? You’ve lost your only hope. Enjoy life inside. There’s no free lunch in life.”

“An entire dimension?” exclaimed the Battle Emperor apparition.

“Li Dong, you done peeping? You don’t want to lose any eyes now, do you?”

Li Dong used to often visit Yang Clan. Just as Li Dong hated Yang Tian’s father, Yang Tian, Li Xuan and Li Hongtao always hated each other from back to front and head to toe. Like father like son, they say.

Li Dong thundered, “You want to know why your parents were captured, you little twerp?!”

Li Dong’s remark stirred Yang Tian emotionally. Nevertheless, his expression remained the same after going through so much.

“Tell me, and I might give Li Hongtao a quick and painless one. If you be wishy washy, I’ll keep him here for eternity.”

“Ahaha, if anything happens to Hongtao, you can forget about finding out why. Let me tell you, though, they’re still alive! … You want to know where they are?”

Yang Xiao casually strutted over. “Haha, what a coincidence. I happen to know Soul Searching Technique. How about I search your memories?”

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