Almighty – Ch. 102

Primordial Spirit Fruit

By estimation, there were thirty-odd people up ahead. Judging from his appearance, twenty-one year old Bi Jian was their leader.

“See? She’s Hong Xue, Hong Clan’s beauty. It’s said that she’s a Warrior Realm Ninth Layer cultivator.”

“Hehe, beauty, yes, but she has no right to have the Primordial Spirit Fruits. They’re the tickets to Profound Connection Realm.”

“You can’t allow them to have it when you came all the way out here, Young Master.”

Up ahead was a small green tree with three green fruits growing on it. The fruits were almost ripe and potent enough to be detected from a distance.

“Xue’er, the Primordial Spirit Fruits are almost ripe. Are you not going to fight us for it? How about I give you one later?” sarcastically asked Bi Jian, stripping Hong Xue’s white robe with his eyes.

“Go ogle your grandma, you lot of despicable scums, acting as if tailing us is something to boast about,” cussed Tie Da.

“Come do something about it if you have what it takes.” Hong Clan wasn’t going to let someone insult their goddess.

Hong Xue was indifferent to all of the cursing, but her eyes darted back and forth between the fruits and the enemy.

Yang Tian muttered under his breath, “She must be Hong Xue.”

Yang Tian swept his gaze over to the yet-to-ripen Primordial Spirit Fruits and grinned. He went over to Hong Xue. In his mind, he said, “It appears they’ll be ripe in two hours. Lucky me.”

Hong Xue approached the duo. “Ying, didn’t I tell you to hide? Why have you come out again?”

Upon shifting her gaze to see Yang Tian’s calm expression, she pulled her eyebrows together and looked cold again.

Hong Ying clasped her hands. “I… I…”

Bi Jian: “Oh, talk about being in luck. Both sisters are here. I never thought I would have such luck with the ladies.”

Hong Xue: “Uncultured swine. You think you can do whatever you want just because you have a bunch of guards?”

“Ooh, feisty! I like that. Just don’t beg for mercy later, kekeke.”

“Pounce your grandma! Starch them!” brayed Tie Da.

“Talking crap when you can’t back it up. Kill them,” ordered Bi Jian, derisively shaking his head. “You two capture Hong Ying. Leave Hong Xue to me. Don’t hurt my concubine.”

Bi Jian sprang over to Hong Xue, throwing a palm strike.

Ying, be careful.” Hong Xue then took off and intercepted Bi Jian’s palm with a double palm.

Bi Jian’s arm slightly bent, forcing him half a step back. Hong Xue, on the other hand, didn’t budge from her spot, gaining the upper hand in the first exchange. She immediately chased him down to prevent him from having a chance to catch his breath.

While Hong Xue and Bi Jian were engaged in combat, two individuals surrounded Yang Tian and Hong Ying.

“Haha, what are you scared of, Pretty? I’ll only make you feel good.”

Hong Ying staggered a few steps back and tugged Yang Tian’s clothes. “Yang Tian, run…”

“Don’t worry, leave it to me.”

“Haha, I see Hong Clan’s third daughter has a boy toy. Colour me impressed,” insulted the stocky man.

Hong Ying pointed at him and thundered, “Th-that’s nonsense…”

“Nonsense? She said I spouted nonsense,” jeered the man, laughing along with his friend. He then looked over to Yang Tian and smiled creepily. “Hey, twerp, who said you could lay your hands on my woman?” The stocky man summoned a bronze broadsword and imbued it with qi and blood. Then, he hurled the crimson broadsword toward Yang Tian’s head.

“Brother Yang Tian, get behind me.” Hong Ying summoned her energy and a short cyan sword.

Yang Tian grabbed Hong Ying’s arm and smiled. “Leave it to me.” Yang Tian extended an arm.

“Does he think he’s a Fierce Beast or something?”

“Idiot.” Hong Xue palmed Bi Jian back then went to rescue Yang Tian, but she stopped in her tracks.

Without even making contact with the Peak Blood Weapon, Yang Tian crushed the blade mid-flight. The rainfall of metal fragments was accompanied by a rain of chins onto the ground.

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