Almighty – Ch. 103

Awe and Fear

Noticing Bi Jian spacing out, Hong Xue quickly attacked him. By the time he recomposed himself, she was already in his face.

Before charging into the enemies with his blazing energy, Tie Da enthused, “Nice going, Brother Yang. Now, light them up!”

The stocky man and his friend fled.

“Life doesn’t work that way.” Yang Tian dashed over, cutting them off and tugged up a corner of his lips.

The two immediately ran as fast as their legs could take them.

Utilising Wind-Splitting Palms, Yang Tian threw two blades in an arc to slice their skulls down the centre.

“Ah!” shrieked Hong Ying, witnessing an act of murder for the first time.

Yang Tian walked back to nervous Hong Ying and smiled. “Don’t be scared. They deserved to die.”

Hong Ying in a deep breath and patted her chest. , “Yang Tian, you’re incredible. You just killed the two bad guys.”

Yang Tian didn’t know if it was appropriate or not, nor did he want to be stuck on the topic. He looked over to where the other battles were taking place and mumbled, “Consider it my repayment for saving my life.”

Thanks to Yang Tian’s cultivation development, he was much more proficient with Unfettered Omnidirectional Steps. Every step he took left ditches fifty metres long.

“Brother Tie Da, move aside.” With one shockwave palm strike, Yang Tian sent Tie Da’s attackers back.

Receiving a morale boost, Tie Da pumped himself up and went on the attack.

Owing to his sheer brute force, Yang Tian was able to defeat anyone below Fifth Layer with a single punch.

Bi Jian glanced over to the almost-ripe Primordial Spirit Fruits. “I suggest you stay out of this. We have a Profound Connection adept in our clan. I suggest you leave while you are ahead.”

Yang Tian laughed the threat off and put another three away before turning to give Bi Jian a simper. The five immediately around him tried to capitalise on Yang Tian’s moment of distraction and slashed toward him with their long broadswords.

Yang Tian didn’t bother looking. He shook his head and stomped his foot, quaking the earth and generating a shockwave that tore through the trees around. The shockwave put the five on the ground.

The five individuals Yang Tian defeated were Warrior Realm Sixth Layer cultivators, so Tie Da wasn’t confident he could defeat them.

Yang Tian sent more men flying with every punch he threw. Not one of them even had the chance to strike. Though the men didn’t die, they would still require months to recover.


Hong Clan turned up the dial upon hearing Bi Jian’s command. They stopped a few Bi Clan members, but the majority of them escaped. As Hong Clan attempted to give chase, Hong Xue yelled, “Come back. Don’t chase them.”

The primordial spirit fruits were the priority. Once they ripened, they had another issue to focus on.  Tie Da clenched his broadsword. He didn’t want to, but he knew how to prioritise.

Yang Tian focused his gaze on the forest and pinched his brows together.

Hong Xue sheathed her sword and walked over to Yang Tian. “Yang Tian, thank you for helping us. We would’ve been in trouble otherwise.”

“There’s no need to thank me. Consider it me helping Hong Ying.” Yang Tian still fixed his gaze on the forest.

Hong Xue frowned grumpily because she never had anybody speak to her without even looking at her. All men she met thus far fell head over heels for her. Fortunately, she was an astute individual. She tracked along Yang Tian’s line of sight and peered into the forest in the distance. When they sensed the hostiles, Bi Jian’s bloody corpse was thrown at them.

The leader of the trio was a man with a scar. “If it isn’t Old Coward Hong’s daughter. We’re in luck, brothers.”

A man next to him hit pause on his attempt to tease Hong Xue, as well, when he saw the almost-ripe fruits. “Primordial spirit fruits!”

The third man laughed maniacally as though he was brushing the group off. “Big Brother, we’ve scored ourselves a beauty and a treasure.”

“Three primordial spirit fruits. That’s perfect. We can look forward to breaking through to Profound Connection Realm any day now.”

The three of them plateaued at Warrior Realm Ninth Layer long for three long years already.

“We can’t let them take the fruits,” thundered Hong Xue.

The three were quite the notorious figures at the outer perimeter of Hundred Thousand Mountains for their cunning killing methods. If the three joined hands, they’d pose a problem for a Profound Connection Realm cultivator.

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