The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 12 Ch. 16

Beginning of the Legend

“Enemy fighter jets from eight o’clock overhead!”

Lin Chucheng’s nerves were frayed to the quick. He constructed elaborate rationalisations for why everything would turn out all right. Still, the nagging voice in the back of his mind refused to calm down ever since entering enemy territory. The appearance of blade-like wings speeding toward them sent his frazzled nerves jumping all together and in different directions.

Beyond-visual-range operation was a key concept to bear in mind when combatting aircraft carriers because both parties could fight without having vision on each other. When the aircraft carrier was in both parties’ field of view, it was virtually a target waiting to be hit. Therefore, both parties were looking to go all out on the offensive and defend their only landing zone.

“Everyone, prepare to intercept. Fighters, please protect us so that we can close in on their aircraft carrier!”

Oraina’s voice evaporated the tension on everyone’s shoulders. Lin Chucheng constantly recited what he had to do, yet it’d escape his mind the moment he moved onto the next item on his checklist. Alice’s clanging chains also did a number on him.

“Visual of target acquired!”

Though the aircraft carrier looked defenceless, it wasn’t going to be so easy to close in.

“Enemy fighters closing in!”

The enemy fighter jets from every direction ascended above the dive bombers. They, nevertheless, trusted the fighter jets acting as their bodyguards.

“Fighter jets into formation! Please escort us to our destination!” Oraina shouted again.

The dive bomber team separated to avoid the enemy charge. Lin Chucheng dove down to shake off his pursuers. He expected their fighter jets to assist, yet they turned around and left the dive bombers in peril.

“Fighters! Fighters into position! What are you doing?! Fighters! Come down!” Oraina thundered helplessly.

The ally fighter jets ignored their dive bombers and engaged the enemy.


“We’ve been hit! We’ve been hit!”

The first cry over the radio didn’t impact Lin Chucheng. What could be worse than despair? His concentration was dedicated to steering side to side to avoid the hail of bullets. Alice fired back for dear life. Both of them could hear the booming wind as planes exploded and plummeted.

Lin Chucheng had only one thought on his mind: do whatever it takes to survive.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bullets hit Lin Chucheng’s wings. Fragments came off hit his side window, making an aperture in it.

“Are you okay, Lin Chucheng?! Lin Chucheng!” Alice stopped shooting and cried.

Lin Chucheng wiped his face and watched the blood trickling from his face to his thigh: “I’m all right…”

Alice resumed returning fire and yelling, “We still need to carry out our mission. We only have one fighter jet behind us, but it’s closing in. Dive now!”

“On it!”

Lin Chucheng shifted his joystick to dive down, wind blowing almost louder than bullets. He could feel the blood rushing to his head, his face burning up and his joystick shaking as though it’d snap.

The enemy fighter stopped firing since they didn’t want to stake their lives diving after Lin Chucheng. He then pulled his joystick to climb back up. All that came to his mind was the picturesque lush lawn…

“Up! Up!” Alice howled.

Lin Chucheng’s aircraft finally ascended, robbing the enemy of their prime opportunity to eliminate him. He then slapped himself out of his daze. His anti-aircraft gun was now useless as it couldn’t stop the enemy. His next nightmare was the shocked countenance of those on the aircraft carrier.

Lin Chucheng raised his eagle and smashed the “bomb” button as he whooshed past the aircraft carrier.

Boom! The shockwave blew Lin Chucheng’s aircraft off balance, forcing him to reposition it as fast as possible.

From behind, Alice cheered, “We did it! We did it! We must’ve hit their hangar and ignited all the fuel! We blew the aircraft carrier in two! We did it!”


Translator note: You may be wondering what happens next. What exactly leads up to the ending in volume 10.5 will be up to you to fill out. I would concur if you say this got axed here. The author stated he has no intention to expand on this as this series financial performance was terrible even though he had more to write.

We do have a Son-con fanfic currently going on the site, so check it out if you haven’t yet. Almighty also has over 100 chapters out now for you to sample. They’re all just a scroll to the top on the menu bar. Honestly, though, I’m not anticipating many of you will like Almighty. I’m happy (maybe) to be proved wrong, nonetheless.

The author is planning to write a wuxia (written in gufeng style) next – by wuxia, I mean wuxia, not what the majority of Reddit and NUF seem to think is wuxia. I don’t know if I will translate it. If this series and other ongoing series is indicative of the financial performance I am to expect, I’m not going to subject myself to the suffering a second time.

For those who remember the two weeks of travel I went on in 2018 for the business side you don’t see, in order to keep up with releases, I was translating and proofreading on all the flights. Some of you may remember a period where chapters had some weird errors, such as nonsensical words. That was a result of me proofreading through the word document app on mobile and suffering from autocorrect. Why would I use the phone version? Because I was working on the series in between meetings and while I was on the loo… I made sure to keep my word no matter the circumstances because I gave my word. I picked my poison, so no complaints. If I have to go that length for next to nothing, I’m not doing it a second time.

I have one more licensed fantasy series coming out in 2021, which will be the last project I pick up if this series’ performance is underwhelming. I’ll post a small preview of things in the comments. Other than that, I will see Martial King’s Retired Life to the end, and that will be it for me as a webnovel translator.

The new series was planned for release in the first half of 2021, but I’m pushing it back to the later half of 2021 due to lack of support for the accompaniment. It will be released, just later than I planned.

Thank you for supporting this series until the very end. I was very hopeful the mind games LDQ played would be attractive, so the flop that it became disappointed me for sure. Then again, even Nirvana in Fire isn’t hot. Nonetheless, I appreciate your company on the 2+ years pilgrimage. Hopefully, I will continue to see you around, especially those who’ve been with me for nearly 4 years.

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