Almighty – Ch. 101

Thunder Dragon Flame Control Technique

Holding onto hope, Yang Tian sent his divine soul energy inside his fire-red jade slip, where it roamed nearby for a while. All of a sudden, he felt a burning sensation that gave him a jolt. As a result, he pulled his divine soul energy back before it was damaged. “Can’t I access either jade slip? Are you playing with me?”

Yang Tian brought out Golden Crow Divine Furnace. His flame seed was a size bigger than its last appearance. Its energy level had also increased, but the thunder around it hadn’t, sadly. He migrated the flame seed to the jade slip. Once the two touched, the flame seed suddenly began to tremble, and the thunderbolts stirred. The jade slip’s energy responded accordingly, spitting out a barrage of flames. “Have I done it?”

Flames burnt his divine soul.

Yang Tian saw the apparition of an elder, the one he saw on the painting except, that he was looking at one without a consciousness.

“This old one is Pill Mystic. If you were able to access the jade slips I left behind, it proves you have obtained the flame seed with lightning and fire properties. First and foremost, congratulations. This old one is the successor to Pill Sect. Nine Dragons Flame Control Technique is the signature flame control technique of Pill Sect. Nevertheless, this old one’s flame seed once mutated. In turn, this old one was able to spread the flame control technique and give it the glory it was owed. Later on, this old one used the remainder of his life to change Nine Dragons Flame Control Technique into Thunder Dragon Flame Control Technique. The new technique will maximise the mutated flame seed’s potential. Young one, this old one hopes you can carry forward the technique. That is his biggest wish!”

In the ancient era, humanity was a united race. It was their unity that empowered them with what it took to drive the hundred races out from Sun Continent and left behind innumerable inheritances. Nowadays, some clans would rather erase their cultivation method than let someone else pick it up.

Yang Tian bowed several times to express gratitude for the generous gift. An electric ball was left behind after Pill Mystic vanished.

“It’s an inheritance, right?” Yang Tian touched it with his finger, transferring magical text from the ball to his soul. As the volume of text increased, Yang Tian’s head began to throb. Unable to withstand the pain, he collapsed on the ground.

After an unspecified time, when Yang Tian accepted all of the contents, the ball was still left with a few purple thunderbolts that were unusual because they entered his Flame Seed.

The air crackled as the flame seed changed under the influence of the lightning. The two fused together. The flame seed‘s energy grew until it mutated.  Once his absorbed all of the lightning inside the flame seed, the energy discharged intensified.

The jade slip cracked, and Yang Tian fell into deep sleep. He slowly opened them and rubbed his swollen forehead later.

Grasping Nine Dragons Flame Control allowed on to use Lightning Dragon Flame Control Technique to refine…

Blaze was the flame produced via refining pills. Thunder Dragon Flame Control turned the flame seed into a Thunderflame for pill refinement. Needless to say, it required a pill furnace to work in conjunction.

Thunder Dragon Flame Control consisted of nine phases. Every time the user moved up a phase, they would gain more control of a Flame. The more Flame one had, the more potent the pills they created would be. A beginner needed to control a thousand types of seals in order to form their first Flame. Every time they moved to the next phase, they would have control over several folds more seals.

“I guess I’ll have to absorb lightning energy from now.”

As Thunder Dragon Flame Control was linked to thunder, if the thunder’s energy was weak, then pills concocted via the flame control method would be poor.

Yang Tian skimmed Flame Seed Summoning., “Could it be the cultivation method doing this, or is it a thunder tribulation Pill Mystic left behind?”

Yang Tian pulled out a Peak Blood Weapon. He moved the purple flame out of the flame seed and placed it on a Peak Blood broadsword, cracking the weapon. His suspicion was on the dot. He pulled out a Mystic Weapon. This time, only thin cracks appeared on the new weapon.

Yang Tian then shifted his gaze to the purple flame to discover energy being drawn in. What made him jump was the lightning’s amazing ability to automatically recover.

“Ancient Li Clan, Yellow Dragon Valley, Yin Yang Cultivation Sect, Jiang Clan, Martial Arts City’s Huang Clan, Ancient Sacred Grounds,” mumbled Yang Tian, figuring out his hit list as he sensed his body’s injuries all healing. “Send them my way, and I’ll knock them down.”

The road to becoming strong needed one to baptise themselves in blood and flames.

Yan Tian had no idea Ancient Sacred Grounds already located him using a Heaven Weapon’s ability.

As Yang Tian was going to get out of the carriage, someone suddenly knocked. “We’re in trouble.”

Yang Tian surveyed the exterior with his divine soul energy before opening up. Seeing Hong Ying’s anxious expression, he queried, “What happened?”

“Brother Yang, Bi Clan has confronted our escort. You should hurry and run. You don’t have any cultivation now, so they won’t hurt you.”

“Calm down. Maybe I can be of help,” conveyed Yang Tian, patting Hong Ying’s shaking shoulders and smiling warmly.

“Bi Clan came with many people to steal the primordial spirit fruit we found. Hurry and run. They won’t hurt you.”

Primordial spirit fruits are one of the miracles for Warrior Realm cultivators to bust plateaus. It was potent enough to help some reach Profound Connection Realm and form a Battle Aura.

“Don’t worry, Hong Ying. I’ll be fine. What? You don’t trust me?”

For whatever reason, Hong Ying felt confident when she saw Yang Tian’s confident look…

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