Almighty – Ch. 100

Hong Ying

Yang Tian spent the last three days healing his cultivation – nine days inside Ancestral Dragon Ring and was about fifty percent his prime condition; however, he was reluctant to use high-grade healing pills due to the risks associated others finding out he possessed them.

Hong Clan was a small clan located at Demon Subjugation City, a place several times larger than Martial Arts City, which was the corner of Hundred Thousand Mountain. Hundred Thousand Mountain was the gathering spot for Devil Beasts. The outer perimeter of the mountain was several million square kilometres wide. Low-level Fierce Beasts were found at a glance. Beast riots were commonplace at the mountain. Demon Subjugation City was where most mercenaries were gathered.

The team Yang Tian met with was a team that went in search of a type of herb found in Second Tier High-Grade Pills. What bewildered Yang Tian was why both of the clan’s daughters were part of the team. He had yet to meet the eldest daughter, Hong Xue. According to Hong Ying, her sister, Hong Xue, possessed profound skills and was the strongest in the team.

The team set up camp under the starry sky at night.

Xiaobai was attracted to the smell of grilled meat. “Stay inside,” said Yang Tian, voice soft. He stuffed Xiaobai back in after opening his eyes.

Hong Ying, who had grown close to Yang Tian, knocked on the door and smiled. “Brother Yang, it’s time for dinner.”

Yang Tian walked side-by-side with Hong Ying to join the group of men. Yang Tian couldn’t do much about her calling him “brother” so affectionately.

“Hmph, eating for free here daily as if he’s the young master of some clan.” Wang Mo’s ridiculing voice induced laughter. They obviously wanted the entertainment.

“Wang Mo, grilled meat not enough to keep your mouth busy? Look, if you don’t want to eat, go on patrol duty.” Tie Da glared at Wang Mo.

Wang Mo, afraid, chuckled resentfully and remained cold with Yang Tian.

The abrasive man then turned back to give Yang Tian a smile and passed him a piece of meat. “Brother Yang, don’t be petty like him. Come eat.”

Yang Tian smiled as he accepted the meat. “Thank you, Brother Tie Da.”

Tie Da was the leader of the team’s bodyguards. He was already a Warrior Realm Seventh Layer cultivator. The majority of the others were in the Fifth Layer.

“Yang Tian, what plans do you have?”

“Nothing for now? I’ll decide on it once I’ve recovered.”

Tie Da tore off a piece of meat and laughed. “You’re one lucky kid to come through after suffering those injuries.”

Yang Tian glanced over to Hong Ying and smiled gratefully. “I have to thank Miss Hong Ying. Otherwise, I would’ve been dinner for several beasts back there.”

“Hey, what right do you have to be calling her Hong Ying?” Wang Mo started. “You’re just a cripple. What right do you have to be addressing her by her name? Don’t go conjuring up crooked ideas just because she’s nice to you.”

Yang Tian clenched his fists a little as he glared at Wang Mo out of the corner of his eyes.

Wang Mo’s mind shut down when he saw Yang Tian’s cold expression. Before he could vent, however, Tie Da shot his intent down with a glare. Noticing the tension permeating in the atmosphere, several people intervened with laughter.

Yang Tian gradually warmed up to the team – save for Wang Mo. The former noticed the latter’s possessive desire for Hong Ying. Hong Ying, to the contrary, didn’t care about Wang Mo.

“Keep your eyes and ears peeled on patrols tonight. We’ll be arriving the day after. Don’t go messing up now.”Tie Da began drinking after the meal.

“Be careful, punk. Don’t end up in a wolf’s jaws at night. Nobody is going to collect your corpse for you.”

Whilst watching Wang Mo leave, Yang Tian simpered, calling yet another person an idiot before returning to the carriage.

The herbs Yang Tian obtained from Martial Arts Mountain could grow inside Ancestral Dragon Ring, albeit slow. Still, they grew several times faster than in the outside world.

Once Yang Tian consumed a star pill, hundreds of stars fused with his body, healing him. He consumed another Star Pill. His qi and blood recover at the snap of a finger, levelling up his body, in addition to his qi and blood. Thanks to the stars’ tempering, his body glowed similarly to stars. Thunder and stars were active in his qi and blood river.

In the past, powerful individuals with unfathomable skills plucked stars for their power. They fused them with ancient qi and created Star Pills. If one was fortunate enough, they’d be able to form Shining Star Illuminates the Blue Sky.

Two days went by. Yang Tian opened his eyes to notice stars on his body. Alas, they were very dim and almost invisible to the naked eye.

If I can form Shining Star Illuminates the Blue Sky, I won’t need to temper my body with star pills in the future. All the stars in the world would be an infinite energy source for me. It can’t be that easy, though.

Yang Tian picked up two jade slips from Star Sect by the side and decided to plant his divine soul energy into them.

“Why was it rejected? Could my divine soul energy be lacking?” Yang Tian pulled a star out from his body and stuck it onto the jade slip. More and more stars gathered. The jade slip generated a ripple that quickly vanished, and the jade slip returned to normal. “This jade slip should be connected to stars. I suppose I might need to form Shining Star Illuminates the Blue Sky before I can access it.”

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