Almighty – Ch. 94

Absorb Heaven and Earth

It seemed as though somebody was controlling it because it wasn’t supposed to be able to absorb energy.

“Yang Tian, you have to hang in there! Hang in there!” shouted Qing Yuan, powerless to aid his friend.

“Why is this happening?” Yang Tian struggled to sit in a cross-legged position. He dripped a few drops of vitality water. Sadly, the lightning’s damage exceeded his recovery rate.

Xiaobai tears welled up in his eyes as he paced around, unsure of what to do. Gu Mo didn’t want Yang Tian to die because he wanted the latter’s cultivation method.

Had it not been thanks to Ancestral Dragon Ring holding down the fort, Yang Tian would’ve already been zapped to death.

“I can’t keep this up, or my life will fade until I’m in strife. Heavens Conqueror Manual Forbidden Technique, Absorb Heaven and Earth!” Yang Tian’s body tripled in size due to qi expanding it and his veins until they rose to the surface. “Power that refines heaven and earth, temper my body and swallow heaven and earth!” He opened his nasal cavity and mouth to suck in a huge influx of the sea of lightning.

Heavens Conqueror Manual’s Forbidden Technique, Absorbing Heaven and Earth was a technique used to absorb any form of energy.

“Come on, refine, refine!” Yang Tian pushed Heavens Conqueror Manual to its limits, growing over three hundred metres tall. Energy whirlpools in his body rotated around to refine the energy at the cost of damage to his body. “Refine! Refine! … What? It’s still growing stronger!”

The sea of lightning was still absorbing energy despite all of the ancient qi Yang Tian absorbed. Meanwhile, his life force was quickly fading. He didn’t want to give up. He didn’t want to die. He hadn’t avenged his clan. He still needed to find his parents. Yang Ba was still waiting.


He was in a place where there were mountains of blood. His five-coloured spear cut down everything in his way. Dark shadows with dark qi zipped back and forth to evade his attacks.

A man in black possessing immense energy crossed the mountain and genuflected. “They have all been slain.”

“Retreat now,” said the man with the five-coloured spear, with a nod. When he went to leave, he sensed a threat. “What’s this? It’s this feeling again?” He frowned and peered into the distance with nostalgia and yearning surfacing in his mind.


Back on Martial Arts Platform, a small river of blood had nearly formed.

“Haha, he’s dead now,” remarked the jubilant Li Hongtao, noticing Yang Tian’s energy fading.

“If he dies, I’ll bury you with him. That’s not an empty threat,” threatened Qing Yuan. If they were allowed to fight on the platform, Li Hongtao would already be dead.

Yang Tian wrestled with himself endlessly, doing everything he could to not give in. Suddenly, one faint trail purple blood appeared in his veins. His Ancestral Dragon Ring in his body jolted and circulated the purple blood throughout his body.

The aura suddenly seeped out of his body. The air rumbled. Stars dimmed. Yang Tian’s aura was just so overwhelming that everyone could feel themselves edging on asphyxiation.

Gu Mo stood up and mumbled, “This is the power of his blood lineage? He hasn’t reached Transcendent Realm, so he shouldn’t be able to activate his blood.”

“Is this the feeling of ‘Desolation’? Impossible.” Dan Qu’s face froze. “Someone with ‘Desolation’ shouldn’t be here. It should be exclusive to people in the Central Plain.”

“Dan Qu, what’s the matter?” asked Xing Hao.

“Oh, nothing.”

“It appears Yang Tian will survive the ordeal for today,” Qing Yuan commented. “But what about tomorrow?”

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