The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 12 Ch. 10


“Mm… You feeling better?”

Alice wasn’t sure what to do after giving Lin Chucheng’s head a hug. He didn’t speak, sob or sulk, triggering an awkward silence. He was a grown man at the end of the day, so embarrassment eventually manifested in her. Was she being violated, or was she violating him?

Alice sniffed her arm for sweat and then let her apprehensions melt away. She returned to hugging Lin Chucheng’s head and conveyed, “I don’t know what’s wrong, but I don’t see a reason for you to be so in the dumps. I’m pretty sure we’re only here for one day; we might even be awarded with a medal tomorrow. We were in the wrong in the first place. Pick yourself up.”

Lin Chucheng snuggled up in Alice’s embrace. She could feel his touch so vividly that her cheeks were seared.

Is he taking advantage of me?

Alice took in a deep breath and stroked his head. “You’re the best pilot I’ve seen. Don’t spoil it now. It’s not going on our records, so relax. Pick yourself up, my pilot.”

I don’t know what’s wrong with him, but I can tell his despair, fear and misery are genuine, just like my brother… I can’t leave him now, or he might break down.

“… Who am I?”


Is he playing with me? I thought he was miserable, but he’s been pondering about life, and now he’s questioning his identity…? You’re just trying to get a touch of my breasts, aren’t you, twerp?!

“Who am I? Everyone calls me Lin Dongqing’s son. Nobody acknowledges me as Lin Chucheng. Why does Lin Dongqing control me wherever I go? Why won’t anyone acknowledge me no matter where I go? Why?”

Heaven forbid Alice understood what Lin Chucheng was rambling about. The three words “Lin Dongqing” was alien language to her and outnumbered the number of bizarre things she’d heard all month. Unsure how to respond, she dryly chuckled: “Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. All I know is that you’re Lin Chucheng, an excellent pilot who is in detention due to opposing orders and has snuggled up on my chest for what I think has been an hour.”

Lin Chucheng turned his head nice and steady, then sniffled. Speaking as if he had a bone in his throat, he stuttered, “Y-you don’t know who Lin Dongqing is?”

“I don’t, but I feel as though I’ve heard the name somewhere. Is he a celebrity? I didn’t spend long in school, so…”

“You’re not worried I’ll die?”

“Of course I am. If you’re dead, I’m most likely also dead. Therefore, make sure to do well in the sky. I would slap you right now if I wasn’t concerned about you harbouring a grudge.”

“You want to slap me?! You want to slap me?” Lin Chucheng’s eyes sparkled.

Alice felt her skin crawling when she saw Lin Chucheng’s smile.

Lin Chucheng grabbed Alice’s shoulder and encouraged, “Slap me! Come on, slap me!”


What’s his issue? The academy needs to have stricter mental screening assessments. He must be the son of some minister. I can’t imagine them qualifying a nut case for a pilot job. He must’ve been trying to molest me all this time!

Seething, Alice slapped Lin Chucheng’s head from the front of her to the iron door. Realising how hard she hit, she jerked her hand back, and her anger turned to regret as well as panic.

“You’re not afraid to hit me, right? You don’t know Lin Dongqing, right?! I’m just Lin Chucheng to you, right?!”


Lin Chucheng pulled Alice into a hug. Shocked, she tried pushing him away to no avail. His shampooed hair with a mix of sweat had her heart drumming. While she wanted to pull out of his arms, she couldn’t resist staying there…

“I want to be your pilot. I don’t want to be Lin Dongqing’s son. I… I just want to be your pilot…”

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