Almighty – Ch. 93

Sea of Lightning to Earth

A sea of lightning flooded about three hundred and thirty metres of the sky.

“Brother Yang will be all right,” prayed Yun’er.

Qing Yuan and his group kept silent for they couldn’t distract the individual undertaking the tribulation during the attempt. Otherwise, the magnitude of the thunderbolt could very well be amplified.

“Round nine, is it?” Yang Tian slowly got to his feet, clad in silver lightning. He shut his eyes and churned all of his qi and blood. If his qi and blood used to be a spark, it had transformed into a candle flame. His aura was able to bend space. “Let’s see what the ninth bolt offers.”

The pent up power in the sea of lightning finally erupted and struck down.

Yang Tian launched Scorching Sun into the sea of lightning. “Explode!” roared Yang Tian, clenching his hand vigorously to set off the sun. Fireballs shot through the sea of lightning, erasing half of the sea of lightning.

“Wait. The sea of thunder is recovering… it’s recovering!”

Qing Yuan belted, “This is impossible. How can lightning absorb energy?”

Yang Tian tried to make sense of what was going on as he popped a handful of pills and summoned Golden Crow Divine Furnace. The furnace’s divine markings woke. “Go!”

Golden Crow Divine Furnace began to violently assault the sea of lightning. The mighty flames within clashed with the sea of lightning in ear-splitting exchanges. Every layer of the sea of fire was formed over months. They started as the lowest flame and developed into their almighty flames today. Gradually but eventually, the flames brought down the sea of lightning’s power.

Yang Tian had almost gone through all of his qi and blood, yet the lightning continued to rebuild itself after his attacks. He, therefore, summoned Golden Crow Divine Furnace back. He questioned if he had to face the lightning with his own body. In the end, he sat down and grabbed his arm.

The sea of lightning speedily recovered its energy by absorbing ancient energy. Roil, roil and shoot! Another thunderbolt came down toward Yang Tian, who opened his eyes and charged into the sea of lightning, then attempted to rip the sea of lightning apart with all of his might. His body’s sturdiness could rival the deities of sacred grounds. Alas, he only lasted a few seconds before his skin began to split as the thunderbolts struck him.

Xiaobai, who watched the entire time, zipped out without the lightning catching him.

“Argh!” groaned Yang Tian.

Thanks to a few drops of vitality water, Yang Tian felt his newfound strength returning somewhat, only to feel the pressure of the lightning again as it absorbed more ancient qi around.

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