Almighty – Ch. 95

Warrior Realm Fourth Layer

The sea of lightning inside Yang Tian’s body went spastic, separating into thunderbolts, incinerating flesh, radiating bones, clearing qi and blood, altering his marrows, forming scars, expediting vitality growth

Gu Mo leapt to his feet. “Yang Tian shouldn’t be transcending.”

“Transcending? No way.”

“Transcendence is the Fourth Realm. Don’t make things up.”

“You lot don’t know quat. He’s transcending on a small scale by borrowing the power of lightning,” disputed Gu Mo.

Yang Tian’s mind was on the exalted will, so he didn’t feel the pain of transcendence. Thunderbolts entered his transparent qi and blood, then roiled. A flame was born from his qi and blood river overhead. Lightning flashed, while a purple flame flickered. With each thunderbolt that entered, the flame would grow stronger.

As the heavenly tribulation disappeared, the ancient qi around vanished.

As night fell, stars came out in the sky. Martial Arts Mountain was scheduled to close soon.

His body glowed. His qi and blood river was crystal clear. The quirk within was amazing. Every inch of his body underwent an upgrade. That was the sign of transcendence.

After a day of modification to his body, the thunderbolts weren’t much use anymore. They rushed into Yang Tian’s thumb-sized flame. He continued for four hours until he gradually regained his senses when his divine glow shone as brightly as possible.

The lightning appeared as Yang Tian leaked qi and blood. He overcame everything thrown his way over the course of the day. The thunderbolts suddenly escaped and ravaged the air. A gradual silver fist formed along with a powerful aura. If he threw a full-pelt Scorching Sun, the silver fist would completely crush it. He realised that he’d need to absorb energy from thunder going forward. It was possible for his qi and blood river to accept it at this point.

“Since it requires lightning to use, let’s name the style Thunder Tribulation!”

The sky and earth didn’t contain lightning energy. In other words, Yang Tian needed to collect lightning energy when he wanted to use the skill. That said, there might’ve been special alternatives. There were plenty of items that allowed one to store energy, such as Xing Hao’s rose gold gourd.

“Vanish!” The silver fist vanished, turning into a silver light, which Yang Tian absorbed back into his body.

Yang Tian sat down, then focused inward. When he felt the energy in his body, he grinned. He had more than enough energy inside to open multiple vital points.

The purple flame seed had only begun to grow. Nonetheless, it contained thunderbolts within, so there was a massive energy boost. Yang Tian then recalled the exalted will and overpowered will before. He saw the faint blood circulating inside him.

“This is my Yang Clan’s blood!” Yang Tian felt proud.

Yang Tian dove into the blood. He tried to move it, only to find that the purple blood didn’t obey him. “I must learn about the mysteries behind Yang Clan.”

Yang Tian blew out a breath of air after some deliberation. The reason he couldn’t command the purple blood was simple: his cultivation wasn’t up to par.

A qi and blood figure spawned next to a vital point brimming with powerful energy.


The figure began to use the nameless discipline to punch the vital point open. The energy poured out from the opening as he punched. All one hundred and eight vital points quaked. The figure picked up the pace until he tore one open. The force of his punch didn’t stop there.

Third. Fourth. Fifth… Yang Tian broke through fifteen vital points! The qi and blood river expanded. The quirk grew more powerful. Yang Tian reached Warrior Realm Third Layer!  Fortieth!  Forty third, opened! The small figure punched and punched, sending the soothing sensation through his body. Though the technique itself improved, he didn’t have much energy left in his body.

“Forty-eighth vital point, open!”


Since the figure was tired, Yang Tian consumed an ancient pill. When the last gap vanished, he had managed to reach the Fourth Layer.

Yang Tian broke through Three layers consecutively! Sitting around and absorbing energy would take about a year to break through three layers, yet Yang Tian accomplished the feat in just an hour!

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