Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 133

Divine Blade

Besides Xiao Huangquan, Abels and the some others nearby, those far away had no idea who the white-haired youth was.

Ming Feizhen released Shen Yiren, then walked toward Luo Ming: “That’s… a pretty wicked broadsword.”

“It’s a sword.”

Unless their name was Bodhi Abels, they would think the two were swinging their weapons at each other, not staring each other down, as they could feel the wind around stirring unnaturally.

Shen Yiren could feel adrenaline flooding her system and showing no signs of stopping until a dose of qi came through from her toes, relieving her contracted muscles. She could tell it was him who helped her. Although she felt her heart thumping fast again, it didn’t come with the ominous tension this time.

Smiling, Ming Feizhen remarked, “Patriarch Luo, what reason is there to get others killed as collateral damage in our duel?”

Sort of odd for two armed individuals to try and stare each other down instead of fighting, but it was one way of separating those who couldn’t withstand the pressure from the mayhem brewing to ensue. Additionally, it reduced the risk of distractions. It only took a moment of distraction for combatants to lose their life, after all.

Ming Feizhen’s sonorous voice might’ve startled anyone but Luo Ming for the latter finally had a chance to put his new sword to the test. Furthermore, precisely transferring his voice into ears was a sign that Ming Feizhen’s control over his internal energy was as advanced as humans could imagine it being.

Smiling back, Luo Ming responded, “A perfect suggestion.”

Without taking his eyes off Luo Ming, Ming Feizhen ordered, “Everyone behind me, get away as far as you can.”

“Luo Clan descendants, assemble in the east and await orders!”

“Yes, Patriarch!”

Shen Yiren only opened her eyes once she had turned her back on Ming Feizhen: “Can you win?”

“I promised not to lie to you.”


Luo Ming paid particular attention to only Shen Yiren among those who departed: “She will be able to revive Liu Shan Men.”

“I agree.”

With that, falling leaves froze, and the world was put on mute.

By the time the two were within sight again, the only things between them were their weapons. A windstorm cleaved the silence and stillness. As if their energy transformed into hundreds of wind blades, the ring that was once one block was now strewn concrete fragments.

“Really impressive,” Ming Feizhen commented with delight. “Abels would be out for the count now if he didn’t have Sea Deer Hunter. It’s only been a few days, yet you’ve levelled up even without the poison.”

“The sword was originally designed to purge evil. I need to do some introspection. Mount Daluo has always produced exemplary individuals. I should never have questioned if a man of Ming Huayu’s calibre would produce a useless disciple.”

Ming Feizhen pushed his black blade forward a little: “Don’t be so modest, Patriarch Luo. Few souls could possibly trap me. You deserve to be proud of your accomplishment.”

“There is no greater honour than to receive praise from Master Ming. It seems you do not learn from mistakes, though. You still have… Emotion Barrier Stone on you.”

A crimson energy manifested on Luo Ming’s sword as he cast Seven Emotions Theory, prompting Ming Feizhen to imbue his blade with more energy. Luo Ming flexed his wrist at an angle, dragging his sword back along Ming Feizhen’s blade, and then the two jumped back to give themselves room.

Emotion Barrier Stone enhances the strength of Seven Emotions Theory multiple folds, yet Ming Feizhen broke out without any help. It’s going to take more than what I used on Abels to beat Ming Feizhen.

“Hahahaha, congratulations on overcoming your emotional obstacles. There is one thing I am curious about, having said that.”

Ming Feizhen raised his blade at Luo Ming: “As long as I know the answer, I shall indulge you.”

“While I am surprised you broke free on your own, I am sure I trapped you. I don’t understand how you managed to survive the heat of the cauldron, however.”

“My clothing is sewn from celestial spider silk. The cold from venom of celestial spiders’ is as cold as anything will get. If I don’t supress it with my internal strength, everything within thirty metres will be solid ice in three days. In my moment of panic, I coated myself in cold qi. Thanks to the heat, I did not freeze. My hair dye can’t withstand heat, sadly, so it’s melted off.”

Not even Luo Ming thought it could be celestial spider silk because, as it’s one of the four treasures in smithing, it’s incredibly rare, yet Ming Feizhen had enough to sew clothing out of it.

“You can’t complain, though, can you? I mean, you have an armoury of special weapons.” Ming Feizhen cast his eyes to Luo Ming’s sword. “The name of your broadsw-”

“The sword’s name is Purple Forbidden Enclosure Dragon Slayer. It took this old one ten years to collect the rare models, majestic qi for the core and countless battles for its nerve. We needed the core of the earth’s fire and the blood from the hearts of five Spirit Realm swordsmen to forge.” Luo Ming returned the favour, asking of the unblemished black weapon, “May this old one ask what the name of your weapon is?”

Ming Feizhen held his blade overhead and grinned: “Beat me, and I’ll tell you.”


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