Almighty – Ch. 41

Picking a Fight

A young man in white, Huang Hai, came up to the stand, waving around a folding fan. Behind him was a group of daunting guards. “Stop right there. Did I say you could go?” His bodyguards surrounded Yang Tian and stared the latter down.

Yang Tian turned around with cannon balls for hands. “What is it?”

“What is it? Didn’t this beauty right here just tell you? Give me your little beast. I’m buying it off you for one blood stone,” replied Huang Hai, giving Yang Tian a vicious look.

“Sorry, I didn’t hear that. Could you repeat yourself?” Yang Tian touched his head and opened his hand.

“Haha, did he just ask me to repeat myself? He wants me to repeat myself?”

Xiaobai jumped up to Yang Tian’s shoulder from his palm. His adorable hooting won the girl with Huang Hai’s affection.

“Young Master, I want him. I want him,” coquettishly pleaded the girl, eyes gleaming as she shook Huang Hai’s arm.

“Shut up! Kill that stupid beast and that fellow!” commanded Huang Hai, livid over Xiaobai not bowing to him.

Huang Hai’s bodyguards looked reluctant, but they had to grit their teeth and follow orders due to the way Huang Hai looked.

“You want to get physical?” Despite the group of guards discharging their qi and blood, Yang Tian folded his arms and stood in place without a shred of fear.

Everybody in the city knew that physical fights were forbidden in Martial Arts City, so the local Huang Clan couldn’t go breaking the rules.  At some point in the past, a Profound Connection Realm adept encountered an enemy in the city. The second he went to attack, a hand came down from the sky and turned the Profound Connection adept to mincemeat on the spot.

No one faction could run rampant in the city. Huang Clan wasn’t among the top clans on the Eastern continent, so they had no business stepping out of line.

Huang Hai walked up to Yang Tian and patted the latter’s shoulder. Snickering, he said, “All right. Don’t leave the city if you have balls.”

“My legs are attached to my body. You can’t control what I do with them, can you?” Yang Tian strutted off.

“Damn it!” cursed Huang Hai.  Huang Hai lashed out at the girl next to him, leaving her with red marks; however, she didn’t dare to protest. She clenched her teeth and bore with it. Her tears made one feel sorry for her. “Find out who he is. I want him dead! Dead!”

Yang Tian leisurely strolled back to his guesthouse with Xiaobai back in his black robe. On the way back, he occasionally checked behind him. He was very eager to kill Huang Hai just as the latter was. Huang Hai’s guards tailed him closely. When Yang Tian entered his guesthouse, the leader of the guards suddenly halted in his tracks.

“Captain, what do we do?” asked a panic-stricken guard next to him, tugging on his clothes and speaking in a shaky voice.

Anybody who could legally enter that particular guesthouse was undoubtedly someone with an incredibly exalted status.

“How am I supposed to know? Piss off!” The captain raged, kicking the other guard off him. He ran back to Huang Clan as fast as his legs could take him without any hesitation.

Yang Tian shut the door and placed Xiaobai on the table. He knocked Xiaobai on the head. “You trouble maker. You’ve already accosted someone on our first day here.”

Xiaobai lowered his head and hooted. He then pitifully looked at Yang Tian and drooled.

“Make sure to hide properly in my clothes from now on, or you won’t have anything to eat,” warned Yang Tian, hopelessly shaking his head, yet still giving Xiaobai a beast core.

As Yang Tian watched Xiaobai chew, he sighed. He went up to the window and gazed at the flowers outside. “I hope Huang Clan won’t start with me on Martial Arts Mountain.”


At Huang Clan’s estate, the previously aggressive Young Master Huang’s attitude was on the opposite end of the spectrum than not long ago.

“Imbecile! Who did you offend?! Anyone who is allowed into a manor with the “Heaven” word is someone at the top of the power ladder on the Eastern continent,” shouted one of the elders.

Huang Hai offered the ground his knees and confessed to everything.

“You piece of trash! Why do I have such a stupid son?! You offended him just for a girl?” The furious elder went to throw a palm strike.

Huang Hai quickly kowtowed to beg for mercy.

“Get out of my sight!” The elder was enraged over Huang Hai’s spineless behaviour.

“Big Brother, calm down for now. The man in black may have entered the guesthouse, but he may not be someone with influence,” an elder in black calmly suggested.

“It doesn’t matter if he is or not, because he’s unquestionably connected to the upper echelon,” argued the angry elder.

“If he is connected, all the more reason we cannot let him live. Martial Arts City is our clan’s territory. Moreover, our clan is Yellow Dragon Valley’s outer disciple.”

“You mean… Martial Arts Mountain?! … Our Huang Clan has stood firm for millenniums. All threats must be eliminated.”

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