Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 100

Evil Eminence’s Fire (Part 2)

“Set goals that are suitable for your level.” Luo Ming pierced the dark-blue field with a red beam.

Abels, still disregarding defence, forged forward. Even with his excellence, Luo Ming would have trouble against a strong opponent who just charged forward with total disregard for his life.

The constant sparks generated from their Enlightenment clash created a little starry world of their own in the room. Those above ground could feel the floor shifting beneath their feet, but the walls of the chamber remained unmoving.

“You’re deliberately goading me into attacking?”

“Brother Bodhi, what good does being so aggressive do you?” Luo Ming’s calm demeanour was the best indicator that Abels had fallen for Luo Ming’s ploy.

Luo Ming turned his dark-red energy into a luminous red energy, then launched it off his sword. Abels held his weapon as a shield to prevent gaining another hole in his body, but the impact had him skid back several metres.

“That is from God-Shocking Theory – one of the six theories I mentioned to you.” Luo Ming ran his hand over his cracked sword. “Sea Deer Hunter, huh? Only several exchanges and this one’s sword is already done. This one expects nothing less from one of the Nine States Enervating Blades.” Watching Abels’ face turn pale as he spat out filth and get back in position, Luo Ming added, “As for you, you underestimate yourself. You’ve always been on this one’s list of worthy opponents to kill.”

“I’m not after your head. Verily, you are a dormant problem; however, you are public enemy, so Jiangnan’s martial artists will hunt you for me. Your Sea Deer Hunter is a treasure for us fighters because it’s like having a second life.

“Brother Bodhi, you’re a great man, brave, smart and strong. This one respects you as a person. Regrettably, you’re too hasty and neglect details. By the way, that’s what Ox Demon shared. Your brothers and woman didn’t need to die. I even had to execute River Monster in public to draw you out. Thankfully, all the effort has borne fruit.” As Abels didn’t fire back, Luo Ming went on condescendingly, “You needed three to five years to recover from the injuries suffered at Shaolin. I then hurt you again; how much is left of you? Without your Sea Deer Hunter suppressing your internal injuries, you wouldn’t survive one trade with me. Your assassination has failed. What do you have going for you now?”

“Anyone ever told you that you talk too much?” Never had Abels wanted to tear a head off so badly. His desire for vengeance had found him once again. “I told you I don’t have any desire to listen to your mindless rambling.”

Abels hoisted his weapon up and imposed his pressure once again.

“Hmph, I told you it’s us-” Luo Ming hastily started up Abyss Theory to stop the blue wave with his own version. Alas, Abels broke through, prompting Luo Ming to diffuse the crisis with Mountains Theory. “Evil Eminence Scripture’s seventh level’s mental cultivation?”

Luo Ming could only imitate up to the sixth level as the seventh level went against the grain of everything he had learnt all his life.

Pinned inside Abels’ territory, Luo Ming could only use God-Shocking Theory to slash back at the barrage Abels’ offered. Abels lunged in closer to take Luo Ming’s attempt at escape head on. Luo Ming twirled his sword horizontally to hook onto Abels’ hilt, and Abels let Luo Ming disarm him so that he had a free cannonball to ram Luo Ming with.

Luo Ming, believing Sea Deer Hunter was keeping Abels’ internal injuries in check, focused on securing Sea Deer Hunter in his left hand. Once he was certain Luo Ming couldn’t evade, Abels expanded the surface area of energy on his fist, knocking the blood out of Luo Ming.

Injured for the first time in a serious fight, Luo Ming blurted, “Your internal injuries…”

“Brother Bodhi, your internal injury is pretty bad. Let me see if we can do something about it.”

Abels didn’t know what Ming Feizhen did to him after their drinking session, but his injuries healed noticeably on a daily basis. The residue energy of Yijin Jing gradually excreted from his body without deliberate effort on his part, empowering him to reach higher levels of Evil Eminence Scripture.

“Brother Ming, I shall repay the favour in our next life.”

“Luo Ming, you’re finished!”

Moments ago, he was flustered. As Abels forged forth once again, though, Luo Ming cracked a bitter smile. “You know, this isn’t the first time I’ve failed. If there’s something I learnt after my failure… it’s how to be underhanded.”


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