The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10.5 Ch. 03


The girl didn’t have the privilege of enjoying a peaceful night of sleep owing to the complex string of vents that transpired. She thought she was indifferent to everything, but the aroma by her nose aroused her palate, cuing her in to wake at daybreak. She groggily propped herself up and inspected her surroundings.

The girl ambled barefoot to the kitchen to see what was known as breakfast on the table for the first time. Sizzling meat, ham, poached eggs and honey bread on the table had her brother heaping praise as he inhaled the food.

The girl scrutinised the food. The man had finished cooking and was gazing out the window. He was a heroic spirit in the past, but he already adapted to the current era judging from his appearance style – a black, casual set of clothing – demeanour.  Howbeit, he still draped his sky-blue cape over his shoulders.

“What… are you doing? What… is this…?”

“Don’t forget the catalyst you used to summon me.” He turned to greet the girl with a smile. He reached into his pocket and placed several gold coins that were worth an outrageous amount in the current era then informed, “I bought some goods and stocks for you. Here is the invoice. My conjecture is that the chemical goods will drop drastically after April due to the value of oil fluctuating. If you buy to add to your stash, you’ll earn from the difference. The stock is unlikely to jump up exponentially or plummet drastically. When you need money, you can sell the stocks.”

“H-how much did you buy?”

The man rubbed his chin and chortled. “Not much. Speaking in your terms, it’d be roughly six hundred thousand.”

“With a single gold coin?!”

“Do you know what the serial number of the coin is? … Don’t forget that all coins now have a serial number except for that coin as Lin Dongqing produced it specifically for Queen Sisi. That is the only copy in the world and only exists in historic papers until now. I auctioned it off on the internet for your breakfast.” The man tapped his cane.

The girl sat down and began indulging bread. He smiled as he watched her lick the honey. Noticing the gaze on her, she slowly raised her head and locked eyes with him. He averted his gaze and fiddled with his hair: “Sorry, you remind me of someone I once knew… You remind me of Queen Sisi… Sorry… I got the wrong person.”


“We’re Queen Sisi’s descendants, so of course my sister resembles her! Her name is…”


Lin Manor

There was only one clan that carried the surname “Lin” in the kingdom. They were the wealthiest and, arguably, the most influential clan. Put it this way: when the leaders of the kingdom convened, Lin Clan was always watching from the shadows. They had been in power since the first prime minister. Their reign lasted for as long as the kingdom had been around, or so it was claimed.

The matriarch of Lin Clan gave up her seat. Lin Clan’s wealthiest and most graceful lady, sitting on the master seat, was served a cup of tea. Veirya picked up her tea cup and gave it a gentle blow. She told the woman, “I’m surprised Leah is the one continuing the clan…”


“I know it’s my responsibility.” Veirya placed her teacup down and continued, “You need the grail. I also happen to need it. Tell me: what is it that you want me to win for. My husband is no more; however, I don’t see why you covet it when you have kept the clan’s business running smoothly. “

“Long-story short, we want to raise our standing. We wanted to have ultimate control over this place forever. Sisi’s household fell from grace, while other households lack the resources to climb. We, like Lord Lin, should be the rulers. We want to take the clan back to its peak, which was during you and your husband’s time.”

“Lin Dongqing won’t be happy about that; he never had that desire.” Veirya picked herself up and flapped her cape. She strapped her sword to her waist and coldly added, “Nevertheless, it has nothing to do with myself or my husband. I also need the grail as I said. I want to return to the time before I ended my life to right my wrongs. My impulsive decision surely left him wallowing in anguish. I want to accompany him for the entire journey even if our son is no longer with us.”


“Let’s go find out who the opponents are. I want to end this as fast as possible. I will cut down even Queen Sisi if it’s for him,” commanded Veirya, smashing the ground with her scabbard.

Lin Dongqing changed Veirya in many ways after their marriage, mainly getting rid of her indifferent attitude. She was aware that she wasn’t in the same era, but it was the same place she spent the twenty happiest years of her life and was the place she dealt her beloved man the most painful blow. She wanted one more chance to give him a warm hug instead of her frozen and lifeless body…

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