Almighty – Ch. 40

Martial Arts City

Two more days had gone by. Yang Tian had gotten through the mountain and began to frequently encounter people. His disinterested eyes lit up at the scene he took in. In his sights was a tall city wall over three hundred metres. All he could see at the top of the walls and under the rainbow were dark heads, giving the city a stately vibe.

At the front of the city were several towering mountains that reached the clouds. There was a human figure moving in the clouds. There was a Strange Beast traversing it and the sounds of celestial birds chirping!

“I heard there’s a special treasure at Martial Arts Mountain. I suppose the fighting spirit is being emitted by that treasure?” Yang Tian surveyed the peak of the mountain fifteen kilometres away.

Usually, senior disciples from a number of prominent clans used their martial will to train the younger generation. While the energy expense was enormous, the results were remarkable. That was also how the biggest clans managed to stand the test of time.

Cultivators suppressed their cultivation while in the area to avoid standing out. Legend had it that Martial Arts Mountain was a fragment of an ancient dimension, where adepts of ancient eras passed on knowledge. Martial Arts Mountain didn’t belong to any faction, so the mightiest beings of the Eastern Continent acted as administrators based on a rotational system.

“It sure is a gathering spot for geniuses. Even the city guards are in the Warrior Realm. Their leader is even superior.” Yang Tian, donning a black robe, handed over a jade slip to the guard.

“Welcome, Sir,” expressed the guard – Mu Shan. Those who were able to show a Martial Arts Mountain invitation had to be prodigies from some influential group if not somebody who embodied mind-boggling talent. Though the guards were in the Warrior Realm, that didn’t mean they dared to offend those with incredible power and influence. The guard scrubbed the jade slip. When he saw “Green Sun” on the edge, he was startled. He kept looking further down. “Crown Prince’s sign.” With a cupped fist salute, he quickly and courteously conveyed, “I see you are from Green Sun Empire. This one’s name is Mu Shan. If you have any requests, please just voice them.”

“There’s no need to be concerned. Just take me to somewhere I can lodge,” calmly replied Yang Tian, waving his hand as he looked at the bowing guard out the corner of his eye.

“Yes, Sir. Please come in.”

Yang Tian: I wonder what he’d think if he found out I was from an academy practically nobody knew about.

The interior of Martial Arts City was over a hundred times larger than Wild Cloud City, yet it was still densely packed.

The guard led Yang Tian to a stately abode, which everyone with a jade slip was granted, over three hundred square metres in size. Needless to say, an essence spring was indispensible at an abode of that calibre.

Yang Tian sat down in a chair with inlaid gold positioned next to a brazier. Mu Shan told him that there was an auction in two days’ time.

“Martial Arts Mountain is open once every three decades. I suppose the auction will be quite the magnificent one.”

Yang Tian was considered among the richest at Wild Cloud City with his Blood Stones, but it was essentially dirt in Martial Arts City. High-grade items in the world of cultivation would cost tens of thousands of Blood Stones. Yang Tian didn’t even have enough for mid-grade items.

The people in the city, Yang Tian included, kept glancing up at the sky. The figures in the sky were so strong that he felt they were out of his league. He strolled aimlessly through the city for a long time, surveying the various items on stands. The items were valuable, but there weren’t many of use to him. As he slowed his pace, Xiaobai suddenly poked his head out to inspect at a Beast Core on a stand and literally drooled.

“You greedy,” teased Yang Tian, petting Xiaobai’s head.

Xiaobai ate all of the Beast Cores in the former’s interspatial ring already., he went up to the stand. Manning the stand selling several Level One beast cores was a stocky man with a red face.

When he noticed Xiaobai shaking his head, the man stopped belittling Yang Tian as no ordinary man would possess such an intelligent Mutated Beast. “Please choose whatever you’d like. We do honest business here. Our goods are authentic. We are a top store at Martial Arts City…”

Listening to the incessant sales pitching was annoying, so Yang Tian didn’t comment. He picked up ten beast cores.  “How much for these?”

“You have fantastic taste, Customer. These beast cores are rare. It comes to a total of two hundred and thirty blood stones,” replied the man, lips going from ear to ear.

“All right.”

Preparing to leave after paying with a small pouch of bloodstones, Yang Tian heard, “Young Master, you have a very adorable little beast. I want it.”

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