Almighty – Ch. 42

Myriad Auction Company

Inside Ancestral Dragon Ring, Yang Tian had his eyes shut tight as he performed hand seals, coalescing heaven and earth vital essence overhead. As time passed by, the energy in the river became more and more ferocious, while the wind blew louder.

An hour later, Yang Tian opened his eyes, revealing a red pair of glowing eyes for a split second. Yang Tian stretched out his back and then left Ancestral Dragon Ring.

Myriad Auction Company, a company that stayed out of conflicts on the continent out of principle, had branches all over Eastern Continent. The identity of their owner remained a mystery. Besides their immense wealth, the fact that each branch hired elite cultivators for their security details deterred anyone from even thinking of stirring the pot at their place.

Myriad Auction Company was built in the richest area in Martial Arts City. Their company occupied over six million square metres, reached up to the clouds and their exterior was cast in bronze, and it was enclosed in a huge formation. They used glass for flowering and a fist-sized inlaid bright moon pearl for lightning.

People passing by wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to check it out; however, the two intimidating guards scarred them off immediately. Myriad Auction Company forbade anyone with less than ten thousand bloodstones or lacking and and/or those without an invitation.

Yang Tian headed up since there was no line, but a guard immediately stopped him. Yang Tian, therefore, showed his jade slip.

The guard bowed. “Please enter, Sir.”

Seeing Yang Tian enter through the door for the affluent and elites, the female clerks tidied up themselves and said, “Welcome to Myriad Auction Company.”

Yang Tian showed his jade slip. A girl frantically, yet respectfully, expressed, “Please head in, Sir.”

Yang Tian: What grade is the invitation Qing Rufeng gave me? Hasn’t he overdone it?

There were as many esteemed guests who visited Myriad Auction Company as one would find grains of sand on a beach. The girl in red gradually reduced her speed not long after they left. She looked at Yang Tian every now and then. Her flushed gaze was rather captivating, giving her a different demeanour. He had a hint as to what she was thinking.

Similar girls were sold to the company. Winning a man’s heart so that they could leave was the skill they cultivated. In the worst case scenario, they’d be auctioned off. When they arrived at Heaven room, room number nine, the girl bitterly and furtively sighed for Yang Tian still wasn’t entranced by that point.

The room had a soundproof formation cast on it. Hence, all the noise in the world inside wouldn’t be heard on the other side of the door, though hardly anybody would’ve dared to harbour any ideas for Yang Tian’s room.

“Sir, this is your box. Sir, if there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to let me know. I shall do my best to satisfy your needs.”

“I don’t have any. You can leave,” absentmindedly responded Yang Tian, scanning the expensive Mutated Beast fur floor and tea set on the sandalwood table.

“Yes, Sir.” She left the room in a curtsy manner, albeit showing some resentment in her gaze.

Yang Tian shut his eyes to rest until a live broadcast of the auction venue was projected onto the purple screen in front of the table that was powered using mid-grade bloodstones. “Tsk, tsk, now this constitutes a treasure.”

The main hall was split into three floors. The second floor was Earth room. The third floor was Heaven room. The people sitting on the bottom floor were Warrior Realm or above cultivators. The majority of people present donned black robes to conceal their appearances.

A gorgeous woman with a regal demeanour exuded a sensual aura as she took to the platform. “Welcome to Myriad Auction Company, everyone, I, Hongji, shall be your host this time. Please do show our business some love,” she announced prior to covering her beautiful mouth to giggle.

Hongji prompted a man in a black simple, fitting and unadorned black robe to come up with her clap. He carried a jade case in his hands. “This is this auction’s fist treasure. It is a special one,” declared Hongji, opening the nephrite case to reveal three bells that were held together with a bronze strap.

The woman gently shook the bell and smiled. “These are known as Soul Devourer Bells, a High-grade Mystic Level weapon that is best used for divine soul attacks and others that use sound.”

Once one cultivated to Warrior Realm, they could train their divine soul, which commoners coined souls. In turn, that would boost their combat prowess markedly. Lots of special items required one’s divine soul to power the items. A Nascent divine soul was weak. As a consequence, defence items, attack items or heaven and earth medicines related to divine souls, were absurdly pricey.

“All right, I shall not hold you up any longer. This item’s starting price is forty thousand low-grade bloodstones. Every successive bid must be greater than one thousand or more.”

Forty thousand bloodstones was a sum large enough to cover the expenses of a middle-class family for years.

“Forty one thousand bloodstones.”

“Forty two thousand bloodstones.”

“Forty three thousand bloodstones.”

Several factions made offers. The opening of Martial Arts Mountain was right around the corner. Possessing the item would increase their repertoire of defence tactics reasonably well.

“Tsk, tsk, the people here sure are wealthy. Several thousands of bloodstones and not a blink.” By the time Yang Tian finished his remark, the price of Soul Devouring Bell had shot up to sixty thousand bloodstones.

“Seventy thousand!” said a lazy voice, from the second floor box, while the people were bidding.

Upon seeing that it came from Earth room, a number of people had to retract what they were about to blurt.

After waiting but not receiving another offer, Hongji faced up to a specific direction on the second floor and courteously declared, “Soul Devourer Bell is hereby sold to Earth room.”

Hongji dimpled since she was bound to receive quite the handsome bonus from seventy thousand bloodstones. “Next, is our second item, cyan light glaze tower…”

The second item up for grabs was lame compared the previous item. Out came dozens of Mystic Items. Though severely lower in value, the price still wasn’t one that the average folk could accept.

“Hehe, wait until I break through to Warrior Realm. I’ll be able to become an alchemist, I bet. I need to find a way to control my flame,” Yang Tian mumbled.

It was quite the daunting task to be able to master one’s control of their flame without tutelage. Furthermore, an alchemist also needed to manage the intensity of the flame. Yang Tian had absolute faith in Heavens Conqueror Manual and, therefore, rationalised that he’d be all right with flame condensation.

Six hours had gone by from the time the auction commenced. There was even a heavenly heart lotus, an ingredient used in Level Six pills offered. That ingredient incited a war for it. In the end, the individual in Earth room won the bid for eighty thousand mid-grade bloodstones! Converting that sum to low-grade bloodstones would amount to eight hundred thousand.

“This time, we have the final pill, a holy elixir for injuries, Level Four High-Grade Pill – heavenly sovereign’s sacred heart pill!”

Yang Tian didn’t mind exchanging his pill for bloodstones if he found something he fancied.

“We have a total of three heavenly sovereign’s sacred heart pills for this auction, each of which the distinguished Level Six Alchemist, Alchemist Li, personally produced. The starting price will be twenty thousand mid-grade bloodstones!”

Life-saving items were much more valuable than strengthening items in the world of cultivation.

“Twenty-one thousand.”

“Twenty-five thousand.” The individuals at Earth room repetitively offered bids, subsequently raising the price to forty thousand mid-grade bloodstones really quickly.

“Be quiet. I’m offering fifty-thousand bloodstones!” arrogantly yelled Yang Tian’s neighbour.

“Li Hongtao, you sure are arrogant. Sixty thousand bloodstones,” suddenly said another, voice scornful.

The ruckus immediately died down.

“I heard Li Clan’s younger holy son was participating in Martial Arts Mountain’s opening, but who’s the other one? Whoever it is, is also in Heaven Box.”

Li Hongtao, who suppressed his cultivation to participate in Martial Arts Mountain’s event with a huge advantage, was Li Xuan’s younger brother.

A fourteen to fifteen-years old individual dressed in a resplendent long purple robe heard the voice containing disdain. “Yuan Ling, whether or not I’m arrogant will be revealed soon. I’m offering seventy thousand bloodstones!”

“Primordial Yuan clan? That’s another ancient clan. This Martial Arts Mountain event is going to be more interesting than previous ones. That’s two holy descendants now.”

“Ninety thousand!” yelled Yuan Ling, not hesitating and even laughing in a soft tone.

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