Almighty – Ch. 28

Primordial Li Clan

Li Xuan, a youth who couldn’t deal with anything that didn’t suit his demands, rode his Unique Beast, Aureate Flame Divine Beast, covered in golden scales, armed with two golden horns and sported a golden tail. Riding on the single-horn Unique Beast behind him was Li Qingxue, another divine child

Primordial clans, as their classification suggested, were clans that had existed since the days of old and inherited foundations that didn’t pale in comparison to Green Sun Empire. They were considered the top powers on Eastern Continent. To put it into perspective, they were on par if not superior to the biggest sects. Divine children were on par with Green Sun Empire’s Prince.

Muffing his voice, the man in white asked, “Do we need to inform our leader? Why is Li Clan in our territory?”

Suddenly, Li Xuan scornfully discharged qi from his gaze.

The man in white suddenly coughed blood and went pale in the face just moments ago when he was red.

As soon as the man in black took out a jade talisman, it created an undetectable ripple before vanishing without a trace.

“Calling for back up, I’ll kill you.” Li Xuan generated several corporeal swords overhead.

“Li Xuan, we have business. There’s no reason to get into a fight with them. Teaching them a lesson is plenty.” Li Qingxue brushed her strands of hair off her shoulder.

Putting on his refined façade, Li Xuan smiled. “Sure, I’ll do as you say and not deign.”

Though they were from the same clan, they were allowed to marry each other. Li Qingxue wasn’t interested in Li Xuan’s affection for her.  Li Qingxue’s proud demeanour turned on Li Xuan; he literally stripped her with his gaze.

On the continent, the top tiers were: Blood Refinement, Warrior, Profound Connection, Manifestation and Battle King Realms.

Beasts that could rival the Battle King realm were classified as Spirit Beasts. They are the evolution of Third Level Fierce Beasts that developed intellect during their evolution. They possessed frightening combat prowess and could level Wild Cloud City with a single stomp.

The Aureate Flame Divine Beast was displeased with the people below staring at it. In the meanwhile that its criss-crossed golden horns emitted a dazzling golden light, it discharged its exceptional aura, sending heat waves rippling through the air and bending space as a result. It brought down its incomparable pressure as if a boulder of a hammer was swung down.

Yang Tian, who was busy recovering his qi and blood, parted his eyelids and looked up to see the two Strange Beasts.

“Unrefined bumpkins would have the audacity to vie for my steed?” Li Xuan snickered and patted his beast’s head.

“Who is that? How insolent!” Kuang Lang and Hua Die took in a deep breath. It literally took all they had to resist the pressure.

“Enough. Are you trying to infuriate every adept in Green Sun Empire? Stop already,” demanded Li Qingxue, frowning at the sight of Li Xuan’s insufferable arrogance that preceded the fame of his talents.

“Hehe, I was just kidding with them. Don’t be angry, Qingxue.” Li Xuan awkwardly patted his Aureate Flame Divine Beast on the head as a gesture to reduce the pressure.

Sensing the gaze on him, Li Xuan cast his own gaze down down to see a young boy whose clothing was in tatters.

“Crap, he noticed.” Yang Tian sensed danger of a magnitude he had never sensed before. He quickly looked over to Lin Yuan and conveyed, “Father, regardless of what happens in a second, do not make an issue out of it. I have an idea. Do not make a deal out of it.”

“What?” Lin Yuan’s arm gently shook at the sight of Yang Tian’s seriousness. He had never seen that side of Yang Tian, but clearly Yang Tian wasn’t sure he had it in the bag.

“You. Raise your head,” commanded Li Xuan, unable to deal with anyone who didn’t bow their head in his presence.

“Big Brother, think of something. We can’t let any mishap befall Yang Tian, or we’d have come here for nothing,” quietly said the man in white, watching Li Xuan and Yang Tian face off.

A boy, who was only sixteen and grew up in a rather primitive place, being able to be able to kill a Half-step Warrior was an outlandish accomplishment. Should he receive the training under Green Sun Empire’s system, he would unquestionably distinguish himself and bring honour to the empire.

“Don’t panic. Our leader will soon be here. We won’t be of any help. Just watch for now,” quietly suggested the man in back.

Li Xuan pondered to himself for a brief moment, which somehow resulted in him looking livelier all of a sudden. Li Qingxue, on the other hand, was surprised and somewhat flustered.


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