Almighty – Ch. 29

Overwhelming Rage

Li Xuan questioned, “… You’re Yang Tian?”

“He didn’t offend Li Xuan, did he?” inquired the stunned man in white. “If Yang Tian offended Li Xuan, not even our leader would be able to save his life.”

“I bet he did,” replied the man in black. If he was in Yang Tian’s shoes, he wouldn’t dare to admit he was Yang Tian.

“What? You don’t recognise me anymore?” asked Li Xuan. “Haha, you really are Yang Tian. Haha, your entire clan is dead, yet you’re still alive. Haha.”

Lin Yuan felt melancholic when he saw Yang Tian’s reaction. He never dared to ask in the past, but he finally learnt how much Yang Tian shouldered all those years. “Now this is just great. That young man on the Strange Beast definitely has a grudge with Yang Tian.”

“Big Brother, what’s going on?” queried the man in white.

“Don’t ask. Let’s see if Yang Tian can survive first!” replied the man in black.

Yang Tian scoffed, “You must be happy, huh? It must felt great having my brother own you when we were young, huh? You must think you’re hot now, huh?”

In the past, Yang Clan was only one step behind Li Clan. Further, the two families were the closest, therefore often associated with each other. Both families were friendly with each other, further evident by their numerous marriages with each other. Eight years ago, when Longyang massacred Yang Clan, there was no doubt Li Clan knew about it taking place. Yang Tian prayed for Li Clan’s reinforcements that day. Alas, they never came. Yet, Li Clan never arrived on the scene even by the time Yang Tian was sent into the dimension, and his kin were on the ground as corpses. Had they assisted, Yang Clan would not have ended so miserably. As such, Yang Tian resented Li Clan. However, there was a pure and forgiving part of him that bothered him for the past eight years.

“Yang Tian, you don’t sound afraid of death to me!”

Yang Ba’s talent knew no limits back in the day; he was so skilled that he could match Li Clan’s next candidate. Being as haughty as he was from childhood, Li Xuan often sparred with Yang Clan, but Yang Ba always beat him, often leaving him with a bruised and swollen face.

“You can’t control my life or death for that matter.” Yang Tian frigidly enunciated, “Li Qingxue, I never expected to see you here today. You’ve changed quite noticeably over the last few years.”

Every cold enunciation caused Li Qingxue’s heart to throb. She blankly looked at Yang Tian. She couldn’t find it in her to be proud in the presence of his resentful gaze.

“Y-Yang Tian, are you well?”

“I am. Thanks to the both of you, I’m doing fantastic.”

Li Qingxue clasped her hands, unsettled, because she didn’t uphold her promise to him from back then.

“Yang Tian, shut up!” raged Li Xuan. “Wait a second. I almost forgot that you’re no longer a young master. You’re not even qualified to carry my shoes now. You haven’t even broken through to Warrior Realm. What right do you have to be giving me attitude?! None!” Li Xuan sent his blasted his energy toward Yang Tian. “Yang Tian, if you can handle this teeny amount of power of mine, I’ll spare you for today. If you can’t handle it, then die!”

“Li Xuan, what are trying to do?” Li Qingxue was puzzled over Yang Tian’s cultivation.

“Qingxue, bear in mind who you are. Bear in mind your status and his. You think the elders would spare him if I don’t kill him? He ruined our clan’s fame.” Li Xuan reminded just loud enough for him and Li Qingxue to hear.

Yang Tian glanced at the jade slip in Ancestral Dragon Ring then let out a breath of relief.

“Status.” Li Qingxue worriedly peered at the young man doing his best to resist.

Li Xuan: The wench still likes him. Yang Tian, you’re dying today!

Li Xuan’s increased his output, discharging more overpowering aura. Yang Tian saw towering mountains sprouting from the ground bit by bit. The power of the blast didn’t stop intensifying. Frightened, the people around fled to avoid getting caught in the crossfire.

Li Xuan dark-blue aura had almost taken on the form of a waterfall over Yang Tian’s head. With each and every step he took, his qi and blood distorted space. “Eh? He can still hang in there?”

“Pfft.” Yang Tian finally bean coughing blood as his skin split. Yang Tian’s bones cracked. He gritted his teeth and resisted. His persistence startled Li Xuan.

“You’re only going to add to the problem. Stay here,” asserted the man in black holding Lin Yuan down.

Lin Yuan recalled what Yang Tian just said, so he stopped fighting back. He knelt on the ground. He wrestled with his own hopelessness as he prayed for Yang Tian in silence.

“You can never be a martial artist… You can never be a martial artist. You can never…” Li Xuan’s voice resonated in Yang Tian’s head. His gaze suddenly looked lifeless. Unexpectedly, he muttered, “You can never be a martial artist…”

“I suppose this will be fine. Being ordinary is better than being a corpse. Some things are just things you can’t have. Moreover, our statuses are now…” Li Qingxue lowered her eyelids when she realised Li Xuan used a secret art. She was Li Clan’s Holy Daughter, proud and exalted; she couldn’t lower herself!

Several figures zipped past in Yang Tian’s mind and watched him. One of them was his kind and beautiful mother. She scrubbed his head. “Tian, don’t come back. Never come back.”

“Mother, I will avenge you. I will find them, and make them pay. I won’t give up.” He was only eight at the time, but Yang Tian’s resentment filled every fibre of his being.

“Good,” praised Yang Tian’s valiant father. “You’re a boy from Yang Clan. Yang Clan’s boys must take down their enemy even if they must die doing so. Your clansmen’s vengeance can only be erased with your enemy’s blood!”

“Father, I’ll do it. Trust me. I’ll do it…”

“Remember this: if you can’t activate Ancestral Dragon Ring, then never seek them out. You and your brother are the final members of Yang Clan. You must activate it. As long as our souls remain, we are still alive.”

“Let’s do it: awaken, Ancestral Dragon Ring!” Yang Tian’s consciousness began to spin, back soaking through his shirt. “Li Xuan, you destroyed my belief. You can’t shake my determination. Give me your best shot! I remember you. Even if you’re from a primordial aristocratic family, I’m still killing you!”

“Fine, fine, you’re dead now!”  Li Xuan imploded qi bombs.

“It took so much effort to find a treasure, but I’m going to need to use it today.” Yang Tian heaved a disappointed breath. The moment Yang Tian was going to crush the Jade Slip, an abrasive sound rang out.

“Ancient Li Clan, your insolence knows no bounds. You think you can run rampant in Green Sun Empire now?” A dark figure dashed over five kilometres through the air in a single breath. He discharged a purple beam from his eyes.

“Walking on air? A Battle King cultivator!”


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