The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 65

Home’s Cosiness

Sisi and I had great chemistry that night. She said she wouldn’t partake in the banquet but still showed up for a short while. The boy wanted to confirm the alliance and reinforcements in addition to taking Sisi’s signed documents back. Unfortunately, Sisi and I wouldn’t mention it regardless of how anxious he was for Sisi and I were of two minds.

I didn’t drink much so that I could meet Sisi at night with a sober mind. The ladies-in-waiting sprayed some fragrance on me before giving me two pills I was familiar with.

I think you ladies have mistaken something…

I took the two pills I bet Sisi would’ve liked with me.

Sisi, who felt she deserved land and wealth for her triumph, stood by the table and silently scanned the peace treaty I signed with the Empress until she saw me come in and shut the door, prompting her to point to a chair: “Sit. Dongqing, explain this to me. I’ve read the peace treaty. We won, but we didn’t gain anything. Are you saying that I have to even pay for their fallen soldiers and cover their repairs?”

“You don’t need to cover the expenses, Sisi. Let the businesses pay it. The South suffered a blow during this fiasco. That was the businesses’ original gathering place. Let our businessmen from the North converge there and take over the assets. They’ll fix the place out of their own pockets and so forth. All you have to do is repair the roads. Also, I discovered something important when I went there: it’ll be painfully difficult for us to control them. Their beliefs and lifestyle are totally different to ours. We can’t communicate, either. If we occupy their land, we’ll incite resistance. Sisi, you’ll end up needing to spend an exorbitant amount to bring the situation under control. Most importantly, grudges will become a blade pointed at us. One fire and all of our efforts will be for naught.”

Sisi processed it in her mind then queried, “So, what’s your aim with the peace treaty you signed? What can we gain from it?”


Sisi, smart enough to comprehend without me being explicit lowered her head to deliberate. “I think I understand what you’re thinking. You want them to depend on us, correct?”

“Exactly. Think about the South. Their culture and religions resemble ours to a certain extent; however, they’re constantly thinking about revolt today, revolt tomorrow. The South is closer to us than the new colony, isn’t it? You get it, don’t you? Given we can’t even control the South, how can we solidify our control over foreign territory? All we need to do is hook them in with our money and goods so that they become dependent on us. Once they have developed the dependency, their citizens will protest against any rebellious ideas they might have.”

“I understand now. It seems that my reach isn’t long enough.” Sisi, dimpling, elongated her arm to pull the tension out of her muscles and then clung to my arm. “Hehe, that said, it’s enough to hug you. The day is finally over, and I finally have the chance to tell you this… I’ve… been really lonely recently. I missed you.”

The two of us reactively stood up and walked to the bed. Sisi got on top of me and licked her lips. “How about you stay here for the night?”

“I… I can’t do that…”I rubbed Sisi’s cleavage and then sat up, forcing a smile. “I promised Veirya that I’d be back, so I have to go back… Sorry, Sisi, I’ll come back next time.”

Sisi got off me after sighing. I stood up and gently dusted myself, checking to ensure none of Sisi’s traces were left. Sisi hugged me gently from behind. “When will you become my Dongqing…? When will I be able to see you by my side when I wake up? Dongqing, when will you truly be by my side?”

I turned around and hopelessly smiled.

I assume you knew I wouldn’t be your husband when you stepped on my head.

Nevertheless, I gave Sisi a peck on the cheek and left without a word.

The ladies-in-waiting froze when they saw me. They probably didn’t think I’d leave so soon. It was my first day back, so I had to reserve my first night for my wife, Veirya. I knew that we’d have a cosy night.

When I returned home, my family was sitting in the family room despite it being late at night. Leah quietly snored in Veirya’s arms. Angelina was reading a strange book over a cup of tea. Anna was busy taking care of a group of people. When I opened the door, Veirya was the first one to regard me from her chair.

I handed my cape to our steward and gave my family a smile. Veirya placed Leah aside and came up to hug me… Yes, it warmed my heart. First I felt myself dying and losing vision… because it was frightening… I still couldn’t tell you if it was Veirya’s affection or punishment. Basically, she nearly snapped me in half…

Can we hit pause for a moment…? No, seriously… I’d rather die in enemy territory than in my wife’s embrace!

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