Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 90

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Having known each other for so long, Luo Ming and Emperor Yuansheng knew what the other’s style was and how competent they were. As such, Emperor Yuansheng knew how big the gap between them was, let alone when he was injured.

Emperor Yuansheng flicked his sword and commenced the fight, trying to sting Luo Ming in four different locations as fast as he could.

Dragon Ritual Swordplay is Li Clan’s signature style that the founding Emperor modified for the better, placing it side by side with Mount Lu Sword Sanctuary’s Sword Immortal Grasshouse in terms of prestige.

Emperor Yuansheng’s internal energy was superior to his swordplay, but he chose to go out on his sword if he had to choose because his martial arts quest started from swordplay.

“Your swordplay is decent, but you have sealed your fate. Have you ever seen a monarch with his head screwed on sideways and carrying himself frenetically?” Luo Ming’s verbal jab from his wheelchair wasn’t just knock at Emperor Yuansheng’s character but also at the flaws of the latter’s swordplay.

Emperor Yuansheng adopted a defensive strategy after his third failed strike. Luo Ming assumed the offence role, casually pressing Emperor Yuansheng to a corner of the room. In no time at all, Luo Ming disarmed Emperor Yuansheng and had his sword at the latter’s neck.

“Why didn’t you employ a hit-and-run strategy? … You wouldn’t have lost so fast.”

“You’re hurt, and your legs are hampering you. If I take advantage of your injuries and legs, I’m just asking to be denounced. I’m not a coward or someone who refuses to admit to things. As long as I am a monarch, I must do my throne justice.”

“… I held back thirty percent. I could’ve killed you within seven strikes if you tried to hit and run.”

“A loss is a loss. Do as you see fit.”

“… The more upright you are, the more of a scoundrel I am. You wanted a fair fight to provoke me, forcing me to keep my word, correct?”

Luo Ming received silence for an answer.

“Y-Your Majesty, wh-what…” Su Xiao briskly arrived on the scene. “I saw the mess outside, so I thought there was an attack and came in… Patriarch Luo, y-”

“Run!” Emperor Yuansheng was glad it wasn’t Shen Yiren who came back, but he didn’t want to see Su Xiao die, either.

Su Xiao brandished his blade and took aim: “You won’t hurt my master.”

Luo Ming turned around nice and slow. “The flurry of swift strikes was your last opportunity, but you let it slip through your hands. You’ll regret not dying sooner.”

Emperor Yuansheng didn’t have the foggiest idea what that was supposed to mean.

Stunning Emperor Yuansheng and Luo Ming with his markedly-improved speed, Su Xiao grazed Luo Ming’s neck. Luo Ming knew how he was caught; he had time to analyse the swing from start to finish. Su Xiao’s swing demystified the one swing that he could never make sense of since falling prey to it.

In the blink of an eye, the roles reversed as Su Xiao hit an invisible barrier that not only stopped his swing advancing but also sent him reeling back.

Like a patient suffering a seizure, Luo Ming’s limbs trembled, while his face performed contortions. The only difference between his state and qi deviation was that his disrupted qi was flowing in a particular direction. As his chest inflated, he cried, “Aah, hah!” and jumped to his feet, discharging qi from his right arm.

The room fell into silence for a brief second as though the black qi devoured sound. A series of rumbling started from the walls, and then the ceiling blew off.

Translator note

I don’t know what compelled the author to break character on the next chapter for him to go on a verbose repeat of what’s been mentioned already some more than once – almost like a recap chapter of environmental notes. There’s no way it isn’t word padding, and I don’t want to cheat you. Instead of copy and pasting, and making you read it all over a second or third time, I’ve made the call to cull the repetition. Instead of giving you a super-short chapter tomorrow – a result of the purging – I’m releasing the next chapter today, as well.


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