Almighty – Ch. 27

Shocking the Entire Venue

“The old man sure has a lot of underhanded tricks up his sleeve.”

Yang Tian was bleeding from several wounds. Wang Long wasn’t much better off than Yang Tian. His clothing was in tatters, hair was messy, bleeding from the mouth and had a palm mark on his chest that caught everyone’s attention.

Wang Long: How is his body so tough? He’s almost on par with an Ultimate Beast.

“They do say heroes are cultivated from a young age. Yang Tian will have left everybody in awe even if he is defeated.” Hua Qi and the other patriarch exchanged eye contact.

Wang Long drew Azure Energy Sword into his hands using a vacuum technique.

“Shameless old man. He’s fighting a junior with a weapon.”

Wang Long wasn’t the type to compromise his priorities for appearances. A win is a win.

“Young Tian isn’t the type to boldly challenge somebody unless he knows he can win, right?” wondered Lin Yuan, feeling on edge.

“He’ll win, right?” Hua Die focused in on Yang Tian, fists clenched. Yang Tian’s splendid performance convinced her he would win, but she couldn’t explain why.

“Brother Hua Qi, you think our city lord will intervene? If he doesn’t, I think you’ll have to go,” mocked the individual next to Hua Qi.

“I think so. He wouldn’t allow someone of Yang Tian’s calibre to die,” answered Hua Qi, nodding. He looked at the individual next to him feeling confused. “I’m not friends with him or something; why should I offend that old man?”

“Tsk, tsk,” the other speaker replied, pointing to Hua Die.

“Ugh… don’t tell me my girl has fallen for him.”

Back in the ring, Yang Tian took in a big breath of air and murmured, “Shameless old fart. I suppose I have to resort to my ace.”

“Yang Tian, you’re dead!” Wang Long wildly imbued Azure Energy Sword with his qi and blood, lighting up the aura on the sword.  “Mountain Splitting Sword Skill!”

The aura formed an arc in the sky, disturbing the heaven and earth vital essence around and attracting it to the centre of the arc.

“Tsk, tsk, you need to get ready to go to his rescue, Brother Hua Qi. Your daughter will be heartbroken otherwise.”

“You don’t need to prove you’re not mute,” irritably retorted Hua Qi, with a glare. Truth be told, however, he was looking forward to Yang Tian winning. Yang Tian definitely passed his requirements of his son-in-law.

Yang Tian’s qi and blood river roiled and gradually transformed into a scorching sun, subsequently raising the temperature around rapidly. The rampaging energy had Azure Energy Sword tremble loudly.

“What’s that Martial Technique?” queried Wang Long, observing the scorching sun floating above Yang Tian. “Whatever it is that you have up your sleeve, you’re still dead!” Wang Long powered Mountain Splitting Sword Technique, the sword technique he once killed a Half-step Warrior with, to its max.

Yang Tian released his punch, shooting out stars. Scorching Sun spun up above. The air crackled similarly to boiling water.

“Take this!” Wang Long, swung his sword a in an arc toward Yang Tian.

When the dust settled, there was a crater in the ring. The repercussions of their exchange quickly spread to the entire ring, sending both of them flying back dozens of metres.

Wang Long staggered to his feet. “Yang Tian, you’re dead!”

Yang Tian slammed his hands on the ground to bounce up. “You almost killed my foster father. It’s time for you to pay with your life!” Yang Tian roared toward the sky and clenched his fists. His black hair splayed and danced.

“Third, remember to prepare my Single Scale Jade Beast!” The man in white laughed.

“My Lord, I surrender,” declared Wang Long had the courage to muster up against Yang Tian, whose fighting spirit still burnt brightly when he had expended his qi and blood.

“Surrender? Did you ask for my permission yet?” Yang Tian continued discharging his aura from his eyes. With a lunge, he kicked up fragments in the ring.

“You scoundrel!” Wang Long shouted continuously.

Kuang Lang clearly didn’t care about Wang Long’s life since he left the ring.

Yang Tian bent his wrist and moulded energy into his hand. Behind him was a trail of fragments swirling about. Suddenly, Wang Long’s body sluggishly wobbled. Yang Tian then shifted to Wang Long’s side and slammed the latter down as if Wang Long was a rag doll by the arm.

“Haha, Third, you owe me now. This old one…” The man in white’s sentence gradually tapered off as he spoke. The three inspectors peered up at the sky in the distance.

“Primordial Clan – Li Clan!”


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