Almighty – Ch. 15


“Haha, still nothing compared to you,” Yang Tian said. From a distance, he swept his cold gaze over the violent people.

“Tell me: how would you like to die for killing so many members of my Academy?” jibed Elder Wang Feng. “I’d like to see how many legs you have.”

“You’re not qualified to kill me!” Yang Tian began to release his dormant qi and blood, firing droplets from his red river in every direction while simultaneously launching himself backward.

“You think you’d actually escape in this old one’s presence?” Leaping into the air, Wang Feng threw several palm strikes, unleashing blasts of qi and blood. He immediately advanced another fifteen or so metres, leaving behind several afterimages, to arrive in front of Yang Tian.

Yang Tian suddenly snickered. When he fled, he had condensed Scorching Sun on his fist, turning up the temperature in the air. “If you like to stick so closely, come catch this.” Yang Tian threw a Scorching Sun with several times more force than the last one.

What the? What skill is that? The experienced elder reacted instinctively as fast as he could, bending his wrist and blasting qi and blood after hastily collecting some.

The gust of wind resulting from their exchange sliced multiple trees and generated a small tornado of dirt. The explosive sound from their clash lasted a while as a miniature crater began to form beneath the clash.

Scorching Sun stopping Wang Feng’s attack, and Yang Tian’s breathing wasn’t as heavy as last time. Yang Tian followed up with a palm strike in mid-air, giving Scorching Sun a push. As a result, Scorching Sun burnt through the air and struck Wang Feng in the chest blazing fast.

Wang Feng was forced back dozens of heavy steps that left deep etches in the ground and required a tree to stop him. A trace of blood began to course down from his mouth. A golden light shone from the patch of the burnt clothing on his chest, his hair undone. Had he not worn the sturdy armour, he might very well have suffered a severe injury.

“Damn geezer was wearing armour. What a waste,” muttered Yang Tian. He had used up the majority of his qi and blood for his last move. If they continued to fight, his chances at winning were slim at best.

“Kill him. He doesn’t have much qi and blood left. Take him out while he’s out of energy!” yelled Wang Feng. He ripped his outer garment off, revealing his golden armour. At the chest region was a concave mark, albeit not too noticeable. “Assail him. He won’t last long,”

Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy’s treasure was insignificant compared to Yang Tian from Wang Xing’s perspective. He decided that Yang Tian had to go since one could only enjoy a treasure if he was alive.

The disciples from Star Martial Arts Academy tightened their grip on their weapons and charged toward Yang Tian.

With enemies approaching, Yang Tian consumed a couple of Healing Pills, replenishing his almost empty stores. “Let’s do this!”

Yang Tian threw the first punch. Like a galloping horse, his crimson qi and blood blast roared as it batted the large man at the forefront out of sight. Like a raging bull charging into enemy camp, Yang Tian threw one punch after another, leading to a barely-detectable power growing.


sequential punch was faster. His roar toward the sky spurred on his qi that then spread.

Perhaps the profoundness of Heavens Conqueror Manual is that it was made to conquer.

“What are you scared of? Kill him. He’s out of energy. He’s dead even if his condensation takes him to Power!” Wang Feng commanded.

If Yang Tian was already at the door of Power, his senses would inevitably develop a reasonable bit in the near future. That meant Yang Tian’s entry into the Warrior Realm was set in stone. In an attempt to nip it in the bud before it becomes a greater threat, Wang Feng attempted to slam his palm on Yang Tian’s back.

With a punch, Yang Tian shot out stars. Unfortunately, Wang Feng sent him through several large trees. With dust covering the sky, he fell to the ground. Since Yang Tian was down, several people rushed over to attack, aiming for his vitals.

“The kid has a tough body,” Wang Feng noted of Yang Tian’s perseverance despite his bloody body. If Wang Feng was in Yang Tian’s skin, he wouldn’t have been any better off.

Yang Tian swept his indifferent gaze across the people in front. Slamming his hand into the ground to propel himself up, he struck out with two punches. Striking as fast as lightning strike, Yang Tian crushed the head of the man at the forefront.

“Little Yang, you deserve to die,” raged Wang Feng.

Holding nothing back, Wang Feng took off, leaving behind afterimages in his wake. By the time Yang Tian saw his afterimage in front of him, he was already bleeding from another wound.

As more shockwaves assaulted Yang Tian, his clothing ripped. The blood on ground was almost a condensed paste.

“Am I fated to die here?” Yang Tian roared in his mind. His parents were waiting for him. Lin Yuan was waiting to be rescued.  “I can’t die here.” Yang Tian repetitively roared at his own heart to keep beating. His desire to live spread throughout his entire body.


Dozens of men in black clothing, with the words “Devil Slayer” were sewn onto their chests moved about on a mountain peak, where the green canopies barricaded the sun from reaching the dark depths. The leader, a man with his hands behind his back, furrowed his brows. “What in the world?”

“Leader, they have arrived,” informed a genuflecting man behind him, voice quiet.

“Finally.” Aforementioned leader forced himself to get over his uneasy feeling. He waved his hands and switched to a cold expression. His murderous aura was enough to give the man on his knees a jolt. “Where is Devil Slayer army??” The voice was muffled; however, dark figures revealed themselves from within the shadows. The leader turned around and coldly commanded, “Spare none!”

A blood-red glow lit up the dark chain of mountains.


Yang Tian’s blood was seemingly on fire. The countless “conquer” words in his knowledge base lit up.  He could hear people of an ancient race slaughter another group. The battle cries were sonorous enough to reach the sky. His ancestors were killing their enemy in a battle. Their heroic blood dyed the sky. They slaughtered hundreds of races to create a future. The blood-stained sky was the Fighting Spirit reaching the sky. The scene beyond the bloody field was a scene of an army massacre. The blood on their bodies was alight. The cluster of the word “conquer” rapidly bounced.


Power – It’s just a really abstract concept that you don’t need to pay too much attention to because the author pretty much abandons it.


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