Almighty – Ch. 16

Martial Arts’ Will

“Fight! Fight!” belted an individual with a husky voice.

In response to the voice, Yang Tian sobered up instantly. His incessant Fighting Spirit rose higher and higher as the voice called out. His eyes turned crimson. “Fight!” he yelled at the sky. Yang Tian’s Fighting Spirit was so intense that his enemies struggled to breathe. As if their body refused to fight, their qi and blood wouldn’t gather. Meanwhile, panic began to seize every fibre of their being.

“You enjoyed hitting me, didn’t you?” asked Yang Tian, raising his head up to shoot Wang Feng with a piercing glare. With a furious expression holding up his exhausted body, Yang Tian vaulted up and swung Wang Feng by the arm before finally slamming him into the ground in similar fashion to swinging a hammer. Dust rose and blood sprayed in similar manner to a blooming flower.

“Stop him! Stop him!” Wang Xing recollected himself and closed the distance while attempting to fly kick Yang Tian.

Yang Tian’s arm bones broke as he took Wang Xing’s kick head on.

“Kill him! Kill him!” Wang Feng’s face looked totally contorted. The pain throbbed throughout his entire body and hammered his mind. His femur was totalled. The extremely sudden table flip was too much for him to process, leading to dizzy spells.

“Go to hell!”  In a whipping motion, Yang Tian hurled Wang Feng into the air then pursued him. While Wang Feng had the living daylights scared out of him, Yang Tian splattered his brains.

Wang Feng’s corpse dropped to the ground with a thud while the symphony of raining blood continued.

“Assistant Master is dead.” It took the disciples of Star Martial Arts Academy a second to process Wang Feng’s death. In fact, they stuttered when they finally came to. Their legs quivered beneath them when they saw the headless corpse on the ground. Fifteen disciples jumped Yang Tian, only for their assistant master to die, while they didn’t have as much as a scratch. They didn’t even dare to imagine what punishment they had coming.

Yang Tian sent a kick to Wang Feng’s gut, turning him over.

“Senior Uncle is dead. What do we do? What do we do?” Wang Xing shook his head vigorously as he plopped onto his bottom. At the top of his lungs, he belted, “Yang Tian… Yang Tian must die!”

Wang Feng was the second strongest fighter at Star Martial Arts Academy and was on the verge of breaking through to Half-Step Warrior Realm. With him dead, their academy’s prestige at Wild Cloud City and could very well drop to a B-grade martial arts academy.

When Wang Xing shifted his sights back to the front, Yang Tian was gone. “Chase him! You must kill him! Kill him!”  Wang Xing’s handsome face looked unflattering for a change. His eyes followed the trail of blood on the ground. Immediately after he finished yelling, he jumped to his feet and gave chase.

The leader of the disciples, a large man, finally returned to reality when he saw Wang Xing vanish with the demeanour of a mad man. “What are you all day dreaming for? Go after them.”

With pursuers hot on his trail, Yang Tian dashed through the underbrush. Despite running on fumes, but his spiritual sense was particularly keen; he was careful to avoid slipping into the beasts’ boundary, which stretched fifty kilometres, while running deeper into the forest for the beasts that rested during the day were coming out from their dens to hunt for food.

Yang Tian sped through a stony area littered with pits whilst still dealing with blood coming out of his mouth, yet he had run for two hours without a break. His life force faded by the step. He barely had any blood left to bleed. He eventually came to a small river.

During his escape, Yang Tian left behind a trail of blood, meaning that he left directions for Wang Xing to track him. He couldn’t compete physically owing to his serious wounds. He kept trying to squeeze power out of himself, but he was nearly out of qi and blood. He ran forward and dove into the river, allowing the strong current to take him along for the ride. He already went through all of his healing pills during his escape, so he could only smile bitterly.

Father, Mother, Foster Father, Big Brother, I might not live to see tomorrow. It’s all in fate’s hands now.

About half an hour later, Wang Xing’s group gloomily arrived where the traces of Yang Tian’s blood ended. Wang Xing followed the traces of blood by the shore, rubbing his hands together in an attempt to alleviate his unease.

“A-Long, take a team and search along the shore. You must capture him. I want him alive if not his corpse,” commanded Wang Xing, after spinning around to face his group.

“Yes, Young Master,” replied A-Long, hands in a palm and fist salute.

“We must find him,” grunted Wang Xing, hammering a large tree with his fist.

As Wang Feng was close to Wang Xing’s father, the latter was doomed to bear harsh punishment from this enraged father once he returned.


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