Almighty – Ch. 14

Qi and Blood River

Yang Tian mercilessly killed his hunters over the course of ten days. He had always been a man of principle. If someone showed him respect, he’d return it ten times over. Cross him, however, and you were bound to pay more than ten times over.

Star Martial Arts Academy crossed over the boundary line and deep into forbidden territory. Family was Yang Tian’s top priority, yet they went after his foster father. Having said all that, he didn’t let his resentment and hatred get the better of him; he didn’t rush back to Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy. He believed he could thoroughly crush Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy in a short space of time.

Yang Tian took out the interspatial rings he collected in the day and poured out a mountain of items. When he saw the jade vials, his glee showed. Besides a few pills for healing, he also had a Blood Pill.

“I’ve finally got three pills.” Yang Tian took out another two pills one by one. He had an extreme desire to kill as he stared at the three pills. “Wang Xing, we’ll be meeting again… very soon…”

The three Blood Pills stimulated Yang Tian’s blood upon consumption. The potent qi and blood cleansed his body. His pores sealed themselves shut.  There were almost one hundred drops of Blood Pearl in his body. Thanks to a never ending supply of qi and blood, the drops expanded in size through tempering.

Inside Ancestral Dragon Ring, the natural essence in the area collected above Yang Tian’s head in the form of a small-scale whirlpool. The refined natural energy seeped into all of his pores then gathered at his qihai. Leveraging natural essence to increase the rate of refinement meant the potion’s effect would gradually reduce. The hundred or so drops of Blood Pearl continued to grow in size and began a trend of fusing together.

Yang Tian’s qihai began to rumble out of the blue. The hundred or so Blood Pearls started to crack, inducing a painful ripping sensation.

“Break through!” roared Yang Tian, voice stifled.

Yang Tian’s qihai jolted, leading to the Blood Pearls exploding. The potent qi and blood instantaneously fused together. At the same time, the essence whirlpool overhead expanded again to devour everything similarly to a black hole. Thanks to the Blood Pearls imploding, the qi and blood in his qihai began to rampage, refusing to be reined in.

“Qi and Blood River, refine!” The collected essence overhead expanded yet again after Yang Tian’s exclamation. Owing to the infinite supply of essence, the riot in his qihai was eventually quelled.

After a day of cultivation, a long river of qi and blood was akin to an formed in Yang Tian’s qihai, thereby augmenting his previous strength by three times. Every drop provided him with fifty kilograms of might. As the river moved, the wind gently whistled.

“Finally.” Yang Tian’s eyes glowed red. “Hargh!”

Yang Tian’s punch sliced through the air with a five-foot crimson aura. “I never thought I could manifest my qi and blood as a physical entity once I reached the Sixth Layer of Blood Refinement. Heavens Conqueror Manual really is profound.”

Physically manifesting qi and blood was normally attainable only once one reached the Ninth of Blood Refinement – if going by normal cultivation methods. The quality of the cultivator’s qi and blood would improve as a consequence. That was also how Blood Refinement levels were split. Someone in the Ninth Layer would possess combat prowess far superior to someone in the Eighth Layer.

“Wang Xing, get ready for what’s coming!” Yang Tian’s rage that he had supressed for days brewed again. Every single day he delayed was another day Lin Yuan would suffer.

When Yang Tian stomped his foot, his potent qi and blood cracked the floor and vanished from the cave by the time the cracking stopped. He was five hundred metres away from Wild Cloud City’s fortress, where several disciples from Star Martial Arts Academy were on patrol duty along the only path to Wild Cloud City.

“Hey, did you hear that Old Wang and the new elite disciple died? They couldn’t even put up a fight,” claimed a big man, checking left and right as he spoke in a stifled voice.

“I bet Master is still throwing a fit back at the Academy. Losing two elite disciples means losing a lot of the resources used to nurture them. In saying that, I can’t help but feel there’s something peculiar about the whole story. Yang Tian can’t be that strong, can he?”

“A miracle might’ve befallen him and Master found out. That’d explain why Master sent men to capture him,” expressed a crafty man.

“Liuzi, if Master catches wind of you saying that, he’ll skin you.”

Unless the cultivator hailed from a family with incredible heritage, it would be impossible to cultivate so far in a single year. Moreover, Yang Tian was just an orphan. What they didn’t know was how many brushes he had with death to achieve what he had.

During the disciples’ conversation, Yang Tian jumped out from the bushes behind them, closing a gap of fifteen metres in the blink of an eye to crush the crafty man’s chest. With another leaping punch, he crushed the man’s organs.

“Yang Tian!”

The large man dressed in fitted clothing and the man next to him with a long nose pulled out their weapons. The instant they attacked with the metal spear and copper broadsword, they vaulted through the air with two bursts to jump at Yang Tian.

Yang Tian manifested two physical fists to demolish the powerful qis hurled his way. The shockwave that occurred as a result of his might sent the two men back several steps.

“Qi and Blood Manifestation? Ninth Layer of Blood Refinement? That can’t be real!” yelled the large man, fear showing in his eyes. It took him several steps to steady himself on his feet.

“What, you want to run?” sarcastically queried Yang Tian.

Yang Tian vanished again, only to appear right in the man with the long nose’s face. Yang Tian planned to attack, but he felt a gust of wind heading toward him from the rear. Thus, he bounced up and away.

Wang Xing, adorned in green, watched Yang Tian utilise the blast of energy from the attack to tread through the sky and land over thirty metres away.

“That’s superb control,” remarked an elder with white hair.


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