The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 56

So-called Betrayal

I think that was I was the first individual to officially set foot on their continent – minus the explorers. As soon as my feet touched their soil, I had several sharp curved sabres at my neck, convincing me to stand still and raise both hands to indicate I was unarmed. I realised that my elder generation might’ve had weapons at their necks – courtesy of the same group of people – back then when I saw their armour and the strange flag on their back.

With his arms around their shoulders, the boy they retrieved from the ship revealed the smile of a victor, forgetting what happened before: “Our places have been reversed now, huh? I was the punished on our continent, but here, you’re the captive, aren’t you? You’re always planning, but did you plan this? You didn’t consider the possibility of me defying you once we arrived here, did you? Why are you always so confident, acting as if you control everything? I haven’t failed; I just need to kill you now to complete my mission.”

I lowered my sore arms and calmly replied, “You’re not killing me. They are. You don’t have a hand to kill me with? An assassin who can’t kill his target and requires assistance from others… so you’ve failed as an assassin, and your pride is as non-existent as your skillset?”

“I see you’re quite the brave one, ridiculing me in this situation.”

“Accepting kind gestures and magnanimity from another, then turning around and returning the favours with ingratitude. I guess you don’t have honour or a conscience, either.”

I guess our personalities just clashed. I couldn’t get along with a seventeen year old brat who didn’t know squat. If Veirya and my child turned out to be a boy, I wanted to be a father who could communicate with him and his friends, not like with the young boy.

The young girl ran over as fast as she could and thumped the men’s arms. Unfortunately, she could only shoot them angry glares due to being mute. She tried to force them to move their weapons away from my neck, but she lacked the strength and status was evidently far inferior from the boy’s, so it was futile. At that point, I questioned if she was truly the boy’s sister.

She ran up to the boy and glared at him. Flustered, her face turned red. She waved her hands, pointed at me and herself and his leg. Despite not uttering a word, her point was comprehendible.

Leah, who was next to me, manifested fear in her eyes. Nobody was impregnable against a child, especially a succubus child, when they cried; they and the boy eventually found themselves in a dilemma. The young man feigned ignorance; however, the girl persisted. Though I didn’t know what they were saying, I did comprehend that our lives rested on her shoulders.

While the girl tried to dissuade the boy, a horse galloped over, albeit looking as if it was stumbling, from the city. The rider, who wore different armour to the soldiers and carried a different flag on his back, yelled something that eluded me. In any case, the soldiers holding me up appeared surprised. When the soldiers heard him shout, they lowered their weapons, although hesitantly. His cavalry eyed me as he approached me. He spoke in a weird language – which I presumed was their native language. I didn’t understand a word that rolled of his tongue.

Notwithstanding his surprise, the boy translated, “He is Sir Shishiang’s envoy. He asks that you follow him to Sir Shishiang’s place as a guest.”

“Ah…” I nodded. Yeah, I knew the guy. Not.

It was my first time being treated with courtesy instead of blades. That meant that he had to be a bright and hearty individual. My question was how much influence he had on the continent.

The rider bowed to me. I looked to the boy and coldly snorted, but he nodded. He immediately bowed again to thank me, though he kept his grumpy look and scoffed, “Consider yourself lucky. We’ll meet again, though.”

“Will we? I do hope you learn how to use your conscience by the time we meet again.”

“I hope you can be a man instead of hiding behind women next time.”

The boy and I snorted at each other then he left with help.

The rider tried to converse with me. Unfortunate, I didn’t have the faintest idea where Sir Shiang or whatever was, but we didn’t travel too far before turning a corner to arrive at what resembled a tavern. Two women approached us to welcome us as they did with every other customer, only for Leah to deter them using her scarlet eyes.

The room we were led to on the second floor was adorned rendered me nostalgic. In saying that, the interior was completely different. There were no chairs; there was only one small table. I assumed Sir Shishiang was an elder. Nevertheless, the man watching a woman dance was was around my age. Maybe young people understand each other better?

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