Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 81

Wind, Rain, Lightning, Fire

Luo Siming spun around in astonishment after faintly hearing what his father uttered, but his father ordered, “You can leave now.”

“But, Father, she said you are h-”

“I said, scram!” Luo Ming’s stifling tone gave the connotation that Yu Feiyuan hit the hail on the head.

“F-Father, y-”


Luo Siming shut the door behind him on the way out.

Luo Ming stared and stared at Fool when, suddenly, he gasped up blood. “Damn monster…”

Although Luo Siming rescued Luo Ming from Ming Feizhen, Luo Ming did not get out of his self-produced realm unscathed. The positive news was that he gleaned a weakness of Repository Sword Theory, galvanising him to start training as soon as possible to compensate for said weakness.

Owing to the convoluted background of Luo Ming’s true qi, forceful consolidation and injuries, forcing himself to practice something advanced would result in qi deviation. Even beginners knew that. Consequently, he aggravated his internal injuries to a degree worse than when Luo Yan fought him.

The last time his true qi spiralled out of control was because of him trying to refine too much ice and fire poisons in a short window, unbalancing yin and yang. This blunt-force injury would take him one to five years to recover from.

“If I could see that slash again… Just one more time…”

Analyse as extensively as he may, Luo Ming couldn’t find any other outcome, besides death, if Ming Feizhen were to throw the same attack again. He believed he only needed to experience near death again to figure out Repository Sword Theory. Alas, he couldn’t reproduce the moment in his mind.

Give Luo Ming ten years, and he’d perfect Repository Sword Theory thanks to Ming Feizhen. Unfortunately, he couldn’t wait. Even a beginner would fathom it’d take more than days, let alone a moment of inspiration, to completely comprehend something so profound, yet this genius failed to realise it.


“… Come in.”

Four swordsmen clad in black from head to toe – minus their eyes – came through via a secret path behind the left wall of Sword Spirit House. The tallest, largest man did a lap around Luo Ming’s blood and Fool as a safety inspection prior to helping Luo Ming regulate his qi. When he touched Luo Ming’s back, though, he felt a wild energy fight back that required him to exert more internal energy to suppress.

Keeping his eyes closed, Luo Ming remarked, “Welcome.”

The Four Samuume Swordsmen were the bodyguards for Luo Clan’s patriarch in every generation. Luo Ming chose four more swordsmen to personally train and named them literally after Wind, Rain, Lightning and Fire, respectively.

Feng Jian, the tallest man with one eye and the inheritor of ‘Wind’, was the top swordsman among the four and Luo Ming’s closed-door disciple for the last decade.

“Shifu, are you all right?”

“I’m fine.”

Suffice to say, the four could tell that wasn’t the case. Nonetheless, they, too, knew there was a tight window to operate in. For the same reason, Luo Ming wanted to get rid of Yu Feiyuan when she pointed out he was injured based purely off his voice.

Though confident I can defeat Yu Feiyuan as a Divine Realm swordsman, there’s no telling how far she is away from Divine Realm. Judging from her gaze back there, she is probably a lot closer than I predict.


“Have you brought the sword I asked for?”

Feng Jian unstrapped a golden case from his back: “I have not let you down.”

Luo Ming just bobbed his head instead of taking the case sheathing the ancient sword: “Mount Lu Sword Sanctuary’s ‘Five Elders’. Wulao Song forged his undefeated record and Mount Lu Sword Sanctuary with it in his generation. Now… it’s mine. How is Ling Fengxing?”

“Skilled. I almost lost to him.”

“That’s fine… A win is a win… I need you to assassinate someone.”


“Yiren, you’ve finally come to rescue m-, argh!”

While Ming Feizhen blew on the blade of his hand, Shen Yiren hurried over to check on Song Ou, who the former just chopped out cold.

“What did you hit him for?”

“I didn’t want to do it, but more and more people are swarming this place. If I don’t knock him out, we won’t escape,” Ming Feizhen answered.

Shen Yiren continued further into the dungeon with Ming Feizhen, understanding what he meant.

Among the group swamping a man with a black and purple face, one of them threatened, “St-stay back, or we’ll kill this panda!”

“Leader! Save me!”


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