Almighty – Ch. 913

Collecting Celestial Domain

A punch wiped out stars and damaged the universe nine hundred and fifty years later, blasting Fortune Gate open. Yang Tian opened his eyes. He was surprised his punch was so powerful. That was his newly invented technique – Six Paths Divine Fist!

Xiaoyu: “How is it, Shizun?”

Yang Tian performed a divination, then nodded. “It’s coming soon. We just need to return to Sun Continent.”

The children knelt down to greet Yang Tian when he stepped out. He nodded and flicked his sleeve. He laughed heartily and said, “It’s time to leave. Go out into the world to gain experience. There’s a stipulation, though: do not use your divine skills. Come back in ten days. Remember to spread the secret cultivation techniques!”

Yang Tian’s three thousand plus disciples sped off across the sky. His disciples passed down their skills and recruited disciples.

Yang Tian went to pack up. Peering at Nine Sacred Mountains from up in the sky, he punched. The Six Paths collapsed. The cycle activated. The entire world changed. Nine Vitality Wheel Eyes activated. Vital essence dispersed. The ill instantly recovered from their ailments. The world was restored to how it was supposed to be. He laughed. Heaven Restoration Divine Cauldron transformed thanks to an influx of Merit thanks to him blessing the world.

Yang Tian called the nine ancient swords from the mountains out. The swords lined up to form a phrase that put a smile on his face. It read, “Nine unites as one,” meaning that, once the nine swords combined into a single sword, it would become Celestial Monarch Sword! Indeed, they fused into a normal-length sword and hovered by his side.

Shi Ziqing came back five days later. He was somewhat melancholic about leaving the world he was familiar with. Yang Tian shook his head and told his disciple he could easily go back and forth between the stars at his cultivation level. He also added he never told Shi Ziqing to forego his seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, which Shi Ziqing was glad to hear.

Yang Tian went to Mount Tai by himself and entered the jade emperor’s stone statue. There was a dense energy within. He said, “Heaven Supervisor Seal, come out.”

A small golden seal dropped into Yang Tian’s hand. He reactivated the seal. He collected the dense energy into the seal. He visited various dao palaces and collected their energy, powering up the seal at ten times the usual speed.

Yang Tian arrived at Ancient Mount Kunlun the next day and left with Jiang Ruyu. They took the entire mountain with them to turn it into Heaven’s foundation down the road.

Yang Tian’s disciples returned on the tenth day. Informing them he was taking them to Sun Continent with him, he flicked his sleeve and took a step. They sped past the stars. Half a day later, he spotted a ruined celestial domain, indicating he was too late.

Celestial Domain was the ruins of Heaven. Yang Tian was surprised to see over a hundred people nearby. He did not recognise which faction they were with. The others were in his sleeve. His disciples saw creatures they never saw before for the first time. One of Three Eyes Clan’s members looked at them and coldly said, “Who are you with? This is our place now. No humans are allowed.”

Xiaoyu: “Says who?!”

“Hmph, how dare you?!” responded the Three Eyes Clan member.

Another member of Three Eyes Clan appeared and laughed upon seeing Yang Tian. “Yang Tian? Haha, die!”

Shi Ziqing activated his third eye. “How dare you?!”

Three Eyes Clan: “What? Eye in the Sky? Good. Thanks for the gift, Yang Tian, haha.”

Shi Ziqing: “Hmph, how dare you insult Shizun. Die, freak!”

Three Eyes Clan’s holy ancestor: “What impudence! Die!”

Xiaoyu stepped forth. “Let me take him, Shizun.”

“Insolence!” Three Eyes Clan’s holy ancestor attacked.

“Hmph, you’re too weak.” Xiaoyu fanned the holy ancestor into ashes with a single swipe of her small yellow flag.

An elder shakily walked over and greeted Yang Tian courteously, referring to him as “Senior”. He explained Yang Tian rescued him when the latter attacked the devils. The elder joined Eastern Alliance thereafter. Yang Tian asked if anyone else from the alliance was there. Qing Xin’er and Qing Yuan were there fighting Three Eyes Clan to Yang Tian’s joy.

Yang Tian headed to the battlefield. Qing Yuan was still his old self but had a girl fighting alongside him. Qing Xin’er was locked in a tough fight. Qing Yuan glanced over and exclaimed, “Yang Tian! Bro, you’re finally here.”

Qing Xin’er looked over and began to cry. “Brother Yang Tian. Brother Yang Tian.”

Yang Tian laughed.

“You’re Yang Tian? Hmph, you’re finally here.” One of Three Eyes Clan’s members lunged at Yang Tian.

One of Yang Tian’s disciples covered his back and sent the attacker blasting off with a palm strike.

Qing Xin’er cried in Yang Tian’s arms. He patted her shoulder to put her at ease. Qing Yuan thumped Yang Tian on the shoulder and pulled over the girl. “This is your sister-in-law.”

Qing Yuan’s girl was none other than the fiend lord’s daughter. She politely greeted Yang Tian. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Brother Yang Tian.”

Shi Ziqing was so powerful that his aura brought people to their knees. “Shizun, their eyes seem to have problems. I shall check on them.”

Qing Yuan: “Is he your disciple?”

Yang Tian: “He is.”

Yang Tian told his disciples to take the opportunity to gain some practical experience. Qing Yuan was thoroughly impressed after watching them dispatch Immortal Cave Realm adepts without even trying.

Qing Xin’er dragged Qing Xiaoyue and Xiaoyu aside to talk about Yang Tian’s recent exploits.

Yang Tian: “Where is my mother, by the way?”

Qing Yuan told Yang Tian his mother was at home and everything that took place after Yang Tian departed. They managed to hang on thanks to the people Yang Tian rescued joining their ranks. He also told Yang Tian about Meng Yunxi’s disappearance. Yang Tian performed a divination, then informed Qing Yuan she was fine and would regroup with them soon.

Qing Yuan: “Don’t tell me you’re a deity now!”

“I am; it’s a long story. I’ll tell you the details later. Where are Xiaobai and Xiaoqing?”

Yang Tian pulled the one million people fighting inside Celestial Domain out with a wave of his hand, rendering everyone baffled. At first, they thought the domain shut. When they saw Yang Tian, they found the correct and astonishing truth.

“Big Brother? Is that you?!”

“You are?” Yang Tian felt the seventeen-year-old girl looked familiar.

“It’s me, Tingting. Tingting…”

“Tingting, hahaha, Tingting.”

“Who are you to take Celestial Domain?!” exclaimed someone aggravated.

Random: “Yeah, you treating us as if we don’t exist?”


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