Almighty – Ch. 914

What Goes Around Comes Around

One of Yang Tian’s female disciples crushed a Divine Realm adept to everyone’s shock.

“It’s time to go back.” Yang Tian travelled through the universe.

The people left behind lauded Yang Tian and his disciples.

Yang Tian’s disciples were all smiles when they saw all the foreign things.

Checking out Yang Tian’s female disciples, Qing Yuan asked, “Yang Tian, where did you kidnap so many disciples from?”

Yang Tian glared at Qing Yuan. “What do you mean kidnapped? They started out as ordinary humans.”

“You the man, hehe. Teach me how you reached Great Divine Realm someday.”

Yang Tian smiled. “Sure. Once I set up my school, I’ll give you a stack of stuff, including cultivation methods and martial techniques.”


Yang Tian used Great Void Formation to reach Sun Continent in five days. He was astounded when he sensed the mass of Vitality reactivated. He flashed to Central State. Qing Yuan guided him to Yuan Clan. They heard a large-scale battle taking place when they were nearby. Yang Tian spotted a devil.

“Die!” Xiaobai put on a valiant display.

Qing Yuan: “Xiaobai just went to inherit an Inheritance. He’s so close to reaching Divine Realm now!”

Xiaoqing blasted Qi breakers from his wings. Each breaker whistled loudly.

A pair of hands sneaked up behind Xiaobai using Dimensional Travel, which Qing Xiaoyue recognised. Yang Tian smiled and summoned the Black and Yellow Pagoda fragment. He said to Qing Xiaoyue, “Xiaoyue, this can help your younger brother.”

“My younger brother?” Qing Xiaoyue smiled and used Dimensional Travel to intercept the pair of hands sneaking up behind Xiaobai. “Bugger off! How dare you try to hit my younger brother? I’ll knock your socks off!”

Qing Xiaoyue instantly sent the Celestial Devil girl reeling.

Xiaobai glared at Qing Xiaoyue. “Who you calling your brother?”

“Want it?” Qing Xiaoyue waved the pagoda fragment whilst giggling.

“Where did you get that from?” cheerfully asked Xiaobai. Realising Qing Xiaoyue was a stranger, he raised his guard. “Who are you? Why do you have Yang Tian’s aura on you?!”

Qing Xiaoyue pinched Xiaobai’s face. “Hehe, you have a keen sense of smell, huh?”

Celestial Devil girl: “Damn it! Who are you?!”

The devil summoned Impaling Empyreans Sword.

“Hmph, acting like you’re the only one with a sword.” Qing Xiaoyue summoned an identical Impaling Empyreans Sword much to the devil’s shock. Qing Xiaoyue exclaimed, “You bullied my brother, so you must pay the price!”

Qing Xiaoyue unleashed a great divine technique, distorting the void up ahead. Red lights flashed back and forth. Xiaobai wiped his blood off his face and picked up the Impaling Empyreans Sword.

Using Celestial Dao Voice, Shi Ziqing belted, “Die! How dare you curse my shishu?!”

The devil staggered back. She looked aside to see Yang Tian, so she shouted, “Yang Tian!”

She was still vindictive about having her clone sealed in a latrine. She only found out she was sealed there after pleading the devil race’s deity to perform a divination to locate the clone.

Xiaobai and Xiaoqing raced over to Yang Tian and snuggled up on his shoulder.

Yang Tian pointed to Xiaoyu and wore on a cold expression. “Xiaoyu, you handle her.”

The devil was going to have to face off against another Yin Divine Body owner after she stole Yun’er’s. What goes around comes around, they say.

Xiaoyu nodded. Although she only saw Yang Tian so frigid for the first time, she, in her childish voice, said, “Shizun, I will capture her.”

Devil: “What?! Know your place! I killed your girl, and I’m going to kill you next!”


Shishu – your shifu’s male junior(s).


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