Almighty – Ch. 916

Small Divine Herb

With five Great Divine Realm cultivators among their ranks, the devil race still dominated Sun Continent. Hence, the demise of one palace master shook them up. Eastern Alliance, to the contrary, celebrated the accomplishment.

Yang Tian was on his way to an ocean he almost died at when visiting Eastern Sea back in the day. The dragon tortoise emerged from it, causing tidal waves to rise, and spat out a book for Yang Tian called Luo Book, which was a component of River Diagram.

Xiaojiao descended and asked, “Who are you?”

“I have other business I need to attend to. Xiaojiao, you stay here for a while,” said Yang Tian.

Yang Tian raced off and saw Yang Xiao in the middle of an epic fight with a palace master. Yuan Xia was still her old self. Her Bloodline informed her Yang Tian was back. She turned to look in his direction. It was not hard for Xiaoyue to figure out what their relationship with when she noticed their gazes; hence, she curled her lips.

Shi Ziqing: “What are you all standing around for? Let’s go help Shimu out!”

Yang Tian’s disciples charged into the battlefield. Yuan Xia went the opposite direction and showed up with tears in her eyes. She remarked, “You’re finally back.”

“Sorry for being late. Lots of things happened these past few years.”

“You little brat, giving your wife attention before your mother, huh?” teased Xin Yu, pinching Yang Tian’s ear cheerfully.

“What are you talking about, Mother?” Yang Tian chuckled.

Yuan Xia blushed.

Yang Xiao came over with tears in his eyes, too. “Haha, Tian.”

Yang Tian scratched his head and sighed. “Uncle Xiao.”

Boom! Devils were sent flying. A palace master was brutally murdered. The prison opened. Adepts raced out of their enclosures.

Xin Yu trembled. “Your father is inside. Go.”

Yang Tian: “What?!”

Yang Tian headed deep into the prison and saw his father.

Yang Xiao laughed. “Haha, what are you crying for? I’m alive, aren’t I?”

Zhou An: “Haha, you not going to visit me?”

“Haha, Father, Elder.”

Xin Yu wailed.

Three of the devil race’s bases were turned upside down within a single day, and countless adepts were rescued. Eastern Alliance’s reputation skyrocketed as a subsequence.

“Why are you leaving right after our family is reunited?” grumbled Xin Yu.

Yang Xiao laughed. “What’s wrong with a couple taking a stroll after being separated for so long?”

Yuan Xia blushed. Yang Tian scratched his head. Yang Tian said “Head back first. Ziqing, I’m leaving it in your hands.”

Shi Ziqing nodded excitedly. “Yes, Shizun! I will see Heaven is established!”

Yuan Xia was wowed when Yang Tian filled her in on everything that happened. From his embrace, she quietly asked, “Where are we going?”

Yang Tian smiled. “I wonder how the small divine herb is doing. I’m worried the divine devil will harm her.”

Pill Valley was dragged into the fighting. The herb deities’ formations were still in once piece. Yang Tian easily passed by the formations and headed straight in.

First Elder: “Y-you’re Yang Tian!”

Third Elder: “Yang Tian, it really is you. Where is our princess? Where is she?”

Yang Tian: “Hmph, shouldn’t you be asking yourselves? Why did you close the doors on us?”

Even though they had no choice but to close it back then, First Elder wore an awkward look.

When they arrived at the sealed location, Yang Tian blew open a pathway with a single punch. He sensed the divine devil’s Qi again when he entered. He strutted up to the devil and slashed the latter with Celestial Emperor Sword without a word prior. He strutted over to Ancestral Well and peered inside using his third eye – Eye of the Sky.

Yang Tian saw the small divine herb within a light barrier. She weakly asked, “Is that you, Brother Yang Tian?”

“It is me.”

The small divine herb exited the well. “You’re finally back, Brother Yang Tian.”

It was a happy reunion for both of them.

“Haha, it’s all good now. Let’s go,” said Yang Tian, leaving the valley instantly because he did not want to let the divine herb stay there.

Once outside the valley, Yang Tian summoned Divine Drum and headed to Chubby’s clan.


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