Almighty – Ch. 886

Ancient Mirror

It would take a one-of-a-kind adept, but it was possible to restore the Rule to the precious ancient sword; it was only a matter of time.

Yang Tian kept fumbling and found a copper mirror that was broken. He fired a golden light into it from his finger, reactivating it. Its energy shook the castle. The mirror levitated. Yang Tian took in a deep breath and coughed up blood as a result of the two energies he utilised clashing with each other, consequently inflicting damage to his body.

Qing Xiaoyue walked over to Yang Tian. “What’s the matter, Brother Yang Tian?”

“I’m fine. My old wound is just opening up.” Yang Tian shook his head.

After resuming his search, Yang Tian found a jade cup for drinking wine.

The cult leader was amazed Yang Tian was so amazing – three precious artefacts with just a glance. Yang Tian asked, “How did you obtain these?”

Owing to the cult leader’s foggy memories, Yang Tian did not find all the information he wanted from the cult leader when the Yang Tian searched his memories.

“Esteemed God, people gave them to me as gifts. I only purchased a small number of them from auctions. Esteemed God, please erase my sins.”

Yang Tian: “Hmph, you need to repent for your mistakes. You know how many people you killed.”

Qing Xiaoyue chimed in. “Hmph, old fart, these things belong to our nation. You robbed us!”

“Esteemed Chinese Gods, this sinner does not need them anymore. Please take them back.”

Qing Xiaoyue: “Good. We’ll go search for other items, then, to erase alleviate some of your sins!”

“That is fine. I shall lead the way.”

The cult leader’s slaves were panic-stricken. They had a hunch something happened but were too scared to enter and be sentenced to death. They lined up properly. They were surprised to see the cult leader come out because he practically locked himself up inside all the time.

The cult leader led Yang Tian and Qing Xiaoyue along. Yang Tian showed his sagacity, being able to discern the castle had existed for a long time. Past divinations suggested there was an era that buried the world of cultivation on the planet and buried most records, making cultivation impossible and finding out more of a challenge. The artefacts proved there was a period of time where cultivation flourished on the planet, nonetheless.

Whether or not a supreme cultivator could recreate the world was unknown due to the difficulty involved.

The planet was changing. The planet was linked to a destructive history. Yang Tian was getting closer. Perhaps his true Dao was found on this very planet.

Meanwhile, three people watched the cult leader lead Yang Tian and Qing Xiaoyue out of the castle. They were enraged Yang Tian was still alive.

“I’m going to nuke them!”

“Are you crazy? You’ll wipe out the entire city and over thirty thousand people!”

“I’m not crazy! He’s looking down on us! He must die!”

“I agree! He’s threatening our national safety! Nobody will know it was us if we’re stealthy enough!”

“I object! That’s a big sin! I object!”

“Objection denied! I’ve launched it using the highest authority! The cult leader will die with them!”

“Damn it! Karma will come back to you! God won’t forgive you!”


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