Almighty – Ch. 888

Divine Blood

The statue’s golden radiance dimmed, restoring it to the state of a normal statue after glowing for a while – not that it was actually ordinary, far from it. Three days later, the entire planet heard of the legend. Lots of people understandably did not believe it. The administrators of the nation were furious and wanted to do away with the statue, but the mountain stream swept away teams they sent to excavate it. Someone did witness soldiers swept away.

Yang Tian learnt he could instantly teleport himself to the mountain using the statue as a save point. The Power of Belief the statue absorbed was transferred straight to him and vice versa. It was only a matter of time before the energy erased the curse on him.

Thanks to the cult leader, Yang Tian found some more precious artefacts but had yet to find special ones. The places that believers of the religion assembled to find hardly anyone was there. He detected Power of Belief Energy from the stone statue there.

Yang Tian shut his eyes to travel to a dimension where the air and energy was holy. Down below was Power of Belief Energy. Up ahead was a statue of a deity staring back. The Power of Belief Energy formed the statue. The statue did not do what it was supposed to when people offered things to it. He decided to materialise his big golden hand and crush it.

The statue instinctively retaliated; however, Yang Tian overpowered it. He took the Power of Belief Energy for himself, boosting his Vitality. His injuries healed. More of the curse was erased. He repeated the process with the other statues he came across. At the same time, it upgraded his golden statue; all wishes not considered ridiculous were granted.

Yang Tian returned to China after his seven-day pilgrimage. He could not find Power of Belief Energy in China to his dismay. Any copper statue was superior to foreign stone statues.

Yang Tian walked up to a statue. A crowd was there thanking him for saving their lives.

The cult leader used his immense wealth to build a courtyard for people and worked there as repentance. Yang Tian felt he was too lenient on the cult leader.

The cult leader did not imagine Yang Tian would arrive when he just called for the latter. He expounded, “Esteemed god, the auction will soon start. All of the world’s black market is running this auction. It is the biggest auction of the year. You will see lots of ancient items. Lots of wealthy and influential people will be here”

Yang Tian nodded. Qing Xiaoyue was also present. Yang Tian wanted all of the precious items.

The auction was held on a luxury yacht out on the ocean. It was easy for the cult leader to reserve a few places for them due to his notorious reputation. They were led to a luxury room as soon as they boarded the yacht. There was enough to squeeze a thousand people into the quiet hall. The auction soon commenced.

A sensual woman with blonde hair stepped up to the platform. She unveiled a porcelain item covered using a red piece of cloth. Yang Tian shut his eyes. Porcelain items several thousands of years old were worthless to him when he could pull out a mountain of porcelain items dozens of thousands of years old.

The auction was calm. There were lots of bidders. Yang Tian kept silent until a piece of jade was revealed. Someone stated explosions would not even leave a mark on it. Though it was tough, people were not willing to bid when they did not know what era it came from.

“Three million!” offered a Chinese youth.

“Four million,” offered an old daoist.

It quickly reached ten thousand million.

“Shifu, is it that valuable?” asked the daoist’s disciple.

“I heard a voice. I believe a skilled elder left it behind There might be an ancient technique within,” answered the old daoist, voice muffled.

Yang Tian’s mind: Hmm, a Warrior Realm cultivator can see that?

Yang Tian could discern the dao voice within. The jade was useless to him.

The youth won the bid for thirty million.

The blonde woman unveiled a nephrite cup. A dark red object was placed within. Yang Tian sensed dormant energy in the blood! He sensed a divine attribute! The blood was divine blood!


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